1 Ch1 Death or More?

    "Do you wish for death or something more?"

    This was the question presented to myself, a question that was rather unexpected given my current profession and the profession of the one standing over me, golden flame in one hand and a shining spear in the other.

    All around us were the remains of my workplace, now in a state of what could only be called a paradox. Ice shards covered the walls while fire had long since burned the rooftop resulting in a scene akin to what would happen if someone was trying to freeze hell. And in the center were the two culprits.

    One, whose eyes glowed gold like the morning sun and wore light kevlar gear, with jet black hair flowing in the air with flame in and and spear in the floorboard. And the other one, who's eyes were bluish-white akin to ice and had silver hair, his eyes showing wisdom long past his age. He had a raging bull revolver in his hand, which was currently being stepped on, and a single edged blade made of ice cast off to the side. He wore a white fur hoodie which was  currently missing a sleeve and smokey-grey pants. Fighting could be heard in the background but it wasn't clear what they were yelling.

    "I ask once more, Kiri ni kakure, do you choose death or something more?" She spoke slowly this time and even addressed me by the name the Japanese gave me, kiri ni kakure, a name I never expected to hear outside of that country, and so I chose to respond. "Well...there's a name I never expected to here outside of Japan, if you know that name then I'm guessing you know much more about me than I thought, that would explain how you got this location...but please enlighten me on what you mean by something more, Celestial judge?"

    She straightened her back and put more pressure on the foot on my hand then placed the edge of her spear, now coated in golden flame, at my throat. She said, "I will only tell you my meaning once you make your decision."

    I couldn't understand her meaning, did she want me to do a job for her? Did she want me to give her something? Or did she want me to kill someone? None of these would make much sense to have me do though, she has hundreds of thousands of judges under her command, many of which were fully willing to do whatever was necessary to achieve her commands. I had nothing of value as I traveled lightly at all times. Sure, she may have enemies but she should be more than capable of handling them. I may be called a gambler, but I don't exactly have a good hand here, looks like I'll just have to go along with this, for now. I said, " I don't exactly feel like dying right now, so I'll have to pick the other option." The pressure on my hand decreased and the spear lost it's heat but it was still glowing, she then nipped my neck making it bleed all while saying the words that would come to be forever etched on to my soul. "I, as a celestial judge with the power of the law, invested in me by this world and its people, hereby proclaim henceforth that the one whose blood has been placed on my will, shall be bonded to me by contract, as a judge.

    My blood slowly slid down my throat and and moved to my arm where It began to form a tattoo of a 3 headed dog, a Cerberus. It's three heads represented judge, jury, and executioner, the three aspects of the judges and was the means used to identify a judge, as every judge's Cerberus was slightly different and emitted a pulse frequency specific only to the owner. My Cerberus had white spikes going from it's paws it's head like it was shooting icicles out of it's body.

    The celestial judge said, "Welcome to the Judges, Cairn." "Fuck you too, Sicily." I said. "Is that any way to treat your new superior?" she said. I sighed and said, "Fuck you...Boss." I saw her flash an evil grin and say,

    "Much better." And that was the day I, the 'kiri ni kakure, got a new job.
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