2 Ch2 Best, worst, day ever Pt 1 of 2

    "The son shines brightly once more on Yurin! Today we have partial clouds but those will clear out by noon. We also have good news for all the gold folks watching at home! Recently the Yurin branch Judges led by Celestial judge Sicily Orname have managed to usher in good tidings for Yurin by defeating the  assassination group that had identified themselves by the name Nocturne. We have also received information that the judges have apprehended one of the group's most prominent members, though we have yet to know if the criminal is still alive. The criminal however, has been identified as the kiri ni kakure or one who hides in mist, responsible for the Saint bella silence. We will keep everyone up to date as we get more information this is your host Sinman inez signing off!"

    The TV was turn off afterwards and in it's reflection on could see Cairn staring at the screen blankly while sitting on a couch, wondering what to do at the moment. He had never expected that things would turn out this way, he was at first surprised that he was even allowed to live despite his past crimes let alone be given an upstanding job. "Jeez, just what possessed that crazy lady to go this far?" he said as he sighed and slouched in his couch. Slowly though, he noticed a problem and thought to himself, 'Has my room always been this bright?' he then heard the voice of the one that started this mess, "Well now, I wonder who this crazy lady could possibly be, after all she must be crazy if she can make even you cry like a little, maggot." said a female voice.

    Slowly, Cairn turned around, only to see a large golden flame in both of the female's hands. The most eye catching detail though, was the fact that something that could only be described as flames emitted from her eyes. The one standing before Cairn was the one and only Sicily, body fully basking in the flames of her unyielding rage. He looked up and saw a hole in the ceiling. Cairn proceeded to put on his most innocent smile and said, "You of course, you psychopath." Cairn ducked as he hid behind the couch, he was 1 second away from being decked by a flaming knuckle sandwich courtesy of the beautiful, and currently hysterical, Sicily. Cairn said, "Dammit boss! I can sue for abusing your power and hurting a coworker!" Sicily fired back by saying, "Workers rights don't apply to a lazy bastard like you! You were supposed to show up for your first day of work 3 minutes ago!" Cairn quickly said, "Fuck you! it's only 3 minutes! And why cant you knock on the door like a normal person rather than break in through my roof?" Sicily said, "You are my recommended judge, you represent me, I can drop in however I please, remember who won that little scuffle of ours. Also don't ruin my reputation or I will cook you in boiling oil and serve you with cheap wine! Now get going, or do you want me to start punching you up into the air all the way to the suppression department?" "Fine, you win, I'll go, and when you leave try not to let the door hit you on the way out. Cairn left shutting the door behind him.

    And so the beginning of best worst day ever came to a close.
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