21 System Overload

    The Figure that came was a Woman, The Woman! She looked at Mia's unconscious body and sighed. With a weird sound, The woman called a dozen men. Those men were bald and had a dark cyan skin and the most disgusting thing about them was their dick!

    They were naked and all of them had a hell of a dick! Imagine a horse dick on a human body, even a horse dick looked a little bit small in comparison. The woman pointed at Mia's body and said something in an alien language then those men grabbed Mia and took her out of that teleporter.

    The Woman whispered "You are mine now" after they left, she also left the teleporter.

    Those men took Mia to a laboratory and dropped her to a pool of dark blue liquid. The water was heavy so Mia didn't drown immediately. After some hours Mia opened her eyes. She realized that she is in a dark blue liquid in a circular tube and although she could breathe, she couldn't move. She got panicked and tried everything she could but nothing happened. She wanted to scream but she couldn't, she wanted to move but she couldn't. She felt suffocating.

    Suddenly a pop up appeared in front of her.

    [You have evolved because of gene stabilizer liquid.]

    -What!? How!? Why!? Where the hell am I?

    Another pop up followed:

    [System will be unavailable temporarily.]

    And suddenly Mia lost consciousness again.

    One month passed since that pop-up appeared and Mia experienced a brutal and nasty life on this Alien ship. On the other hand, She couldn't do anything with her system, just some notifications showed up after getting raped every time by these Aliens. Her system interface changed dramatically the first time she opened her eyes after being in that dark blue liquid and after one month of sex it looked like this:

    [Name: Mia]

    [Level: 12/unlimited (evolved) ]

    [Age: 18]

    [Sex: female]

    [Lifespan: 500 years]

    [Points: 1999999p]

    [System tools]

    [Inventory: 0/25]

    [Strength: 5]

    [Intelligence: 62]

    [Speed: 3]

    [Stamina: 8]

    [Charm: 2]

    [Fire: 9]*

    [Wind: 2]*

    [Water: 99]*

    [Earth: 0]*

    [Available Points: 152]*

    [Available Magic Points: 236]*

    Quests, Store, and Skills were now in 'System Tools'. In this one month, Mia tried to find every change in her system to use them and free herself but nothing seemed to work. The Magic section, Reward System, Lucky-Spin, and the Warning of consumption were nowhere to be seen but it wasn't all, the scariest change was her skill tab.

    All of her Skill changed. Some were deleted while many upgraded now. She now only had 4 skills:

    [Gender Swap]


    [Beast mode]

    [Fairy mode]

    And for other skills, they just vanished. She thought that maybe those skills were now part of her body but the reality was different. They didn't completely merge with her body, only some part of those skills. Normally Mia's Strength should be 2 or 3 but it was 5 now. Or for the Skills, she transferred from her mother, sister, and friend to herself now were part of her body. Like Fire, Wind, Water, and lastly Intelligence. The fire was from Emma and wind was from Rebecca and Water from Hannah. For intelligence, Mia thought that it was because of the telekinesis ability of her mother. But these weren't completely what she transferred.

    It looked like the system randomly chose what it wanted. In all, it didn't help Mia at all because she couldn't do anything even if she had all the skills in the world. She was like a Sex doll now. Getting **ed every day, she couldn't kill herself or do anything. This kind of life doesn't worth living.

    Suddenly reality hit her and Mia woke up from her thoughts. She slowly stood up from the bed and went to the left side of the room. She touched the wall and from the floor, four glass walls prisoned her and a showerhead appeared on top of her head. She cleaned her sexy and perfect body slowly. Although her body was full of vitality, her eyes said a different story. After she got rid of all those semen and other things, she touched the wall again and stood still.

    The walls retracted to the floor and a drying system dried Mia of all water. Her hair danced in the air as her body shined again like a stallion. She slowly went and sat on her bed. When she was showering, her bed retracted to the floor and now there was a completely clean and new bed in front of her.

    When she sat on the bed, a table was raised from the floor in front of her feet. On the table, there was a bowl of cereal and a glass of water and another glass of milk.

    In this past month, it was all her routine. Getting **ed in the morning by men and then clean herself, eat and after some time getting **ed by women. The most surprising thing was the food because it gave Mia points randomly. At first, Mia was happy about gaining points but now it didn't matter because she couldn't do anything with them.

    She slowly ate the cereal and the milk and a pop up appeared in front of her which made her sigh.

    [you have gained 1 Point]

    She wanted to laugh at her destiny like a crazy person but another pop up stopped her.

    [System Overload, Restarting...]

    And suddenly Mia fainted on the bed.
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