22 Little Demon

    Ding! Ding!

    [Wake up...Wake up]

    Mia slowly opened her eyes after hearing that alarm sound. Her head hurt and she felt her body was on the verge of falling apart.

    -What the hell is this sound? There wasn't a clock on the shi...

    She couldn't complete her sentence. When she tried to see what was happening, she was so shocked that she forgot everything. In front of her was a red creature on the bed. It had a small humanoid body. A tail on its back with its end looking like an arrow. Two bat-like wings on its back, Two small horns on its head, and a little tiny dick between his legs. The most eye-catching thing about it was the little fire between its horns.

    It was holding a card, a black card as big as it's size. On it was written 'Your System has Evolved'. Mia had a feeling that this creature that looked like a demon wasn't one of those horny aliens. As Mia was thinking about how to react to this situation, the Demon flew to her face and BANG! In the next second, the card was on her face.

    [I couldn't be more unlucky to be with a host like her, sigh! May Satan help me]

    -Shit, it can talk in my language!?

    [Of course, I can, what did you expect? A deaf-mute demon? Idiot]

    Mia's mind was in chaos now. She didn't say those words loud, she just said them to herself but the little demon now could hear her thoughts.

    [What? You were waiting for this? Here. You are free to use me how you like. You **ing idiot whore]

    The little demon threw the big card on the bed in front of Mia.

    After some silence and thinking, Mia thought to herself that this little demon might be her system that had evolved into a creature only she could talk to.

    [Of course, I am your system. But I am a Fairy can't you see?] the little demon opened his hands. It looked like the demon was pissed about something.

    -you mean you are a fairy with that little tiny thing between your legs?

    Mia didn't say out loud and tried to test her theory again.

    The demon looked down as he was standing with open arms and saw a little tiny dick!

    [Holy Moly! WTF? I thought it couldn't be worse!]

    Mia thought that this little demon was funny and cute and it lighted her mood a little but it didn't last long. She was still in the same room and in the same place. She didn't know how much time had past but she was sure that five or six women would come to ** her soon, again!

    -Mister System, how can I leave this place?

    [how the ** should I know? You have hundreds of points. Use them and escape] the demon said with disdain.

    Mia couldn't help it and shouted "I'm Free!?"

    Without waiting for an answer, she thought of 'Status', The same way she always interacted with the system, to see if it had been fixed.

    But it didn't work!

    The little demon was in front of her and looking at her. WTF was written all over his face.

    [how can this much stupidity gather inside your **ing small skull?!] the demon then raised his hand and out of thin air, another big black appeared. It was way bigger than the last.

    They were the stats that Mia was looking for. The demon then threw it in front of Mia.

    [Name: Mia]

    [Level: 20/unlimited]

    [Points: 100000p]

    [Inventory: 0/25]

    [Strength: 5]

    [Intelligence: 62]

    [Speed: 3]

    [Stamina: 8]

    [Charm: 2]

    [Fire: 9]*

    [Wind: 2]*

    [Water: 99]*

    [Earth: 0]*

    [Available Points: 152]

    [Available Magic Points: 236]*

    Mia didn't know what to say. It appeared that her system had been fixed. She always thought about what she wanted to do when her system got fixed but right now she was lost! She couldn't think of anything.

    The demon slowly went to pick up the card. He grew with every step he took and when he reached the card it was a head taller than it so he rest his arm on the card and with his other hand showed the details on the card.

    [look you have this much point and this much magic point. I have some suggestions but whatever you say] right now his eyes were looking like real gold dollars, staring at Mia.

    When he moved his hand, his balls and dick swayed left and right which made Mia looking at them. She was wondering if it could grow larger. The demon saw where Mia was looking at.

    [You have been raped for a whole month 24/7 and now you are looking at my dick like a hungry beast? What is wrong with you whore?]

    Mia blushed but cleared her throat and said -do as you please. I just want to get out of this hell.

    The little demon smiled and vanished with the black card. Mia wanted to call for him but suddenly she felt power! It wasn't just some illusion but in reality, a black light rose from her body and circled around her. The more it circled her body, the more Mia felt invincible.

    After some more circles, the blacklight turned to that little demon again and sat on Mia's lap.

    [for an idiot you have a good body. So how do you feel?] the demon chuckled and played with his feet, up and down, like a child.

    -I feel...Powerful. Show me what you did with all those points?

    The Demon snapped and suddenly a black card hovered in front of Mia.

    [Name: Mia]

    [Level: 20/unlimited]

    [Points: 58p]

    [Inventory: 0/25]

    [Strength: 36]

    [Intelligence: 92]

    [Speed: 33]

    [Stamina: 37]

    [Charm: 32]

    [Fire: 68]*

    [Wind: 61]*

    [Water: 158]*

    [Earth: 59]*

    [Available Points: 0]

    [Available Magic Points: 0]*
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