23 Thunder Punch

    -I feel way stronger now. I'm thinking that getting raped by aliens wasn't a bad thing at all!

    [Of course, it wasn't, or else you couldn't have evolved. You couldn't have been able to make me a real thing either. Moron]

    -where the hell did those points go? I mean the leftover?

    [oh, I mutated your gene and now you can do everything with all types of magic. If you use one specific action many times, it will become a skill and basically, you don't need store anymore]

    -Oh...thats perfect but the question is how is it going to help me escape? I don't even know where the door is.

    [I'll take 50 points and take you out of this alien ship.] the little demon said with a smile, a scary smile that showed his fangs.

    Mia got scared and gulped -I didn't think that you would need points.

    [why not? I'm a system and need points to live or else I will feed on your life]

    Mia now understood what that warning was for or that consumption rate. It all made sense! Systems needed fuel and points were the fuels for their engines. After coming to this conclusion, Mia accepted.

    The little devil vanished and appeared on Mia's shoulder [Now you should do as I tell you. First, we make a skill called 'thunder punch' then we break the window and will fly to space.]

    -hey little Idiot. I will die in space, I'm a human remember?

    The little demon spanked his bald head and shook his head.

    [You won't die. You have me by your side. Now start or the women will come. They are disgusting hurry I don't want to see them.]

    The women on the ship weren't human-like. They had dark blue skin and didn't have lips, Just a nose, and two eyes! Their pussies had some little tentacles, so small that you couldn't grab them but when they reached another genital, they would become long and play with that genital. It was like getting through hell and back for Mia, and the system knew it.

    -before starting, what should I call you?

    [whatever you like but others called me Amon.]

    -okay, Amon. Teach me.

    Mia wanted to ask who were others but decided not to because they didn't have time. Amon already knew her question as he could read her mind but he didn't say anything and just tutored Mia.

    [Im just gonna say this once so listen. You have to use wind and water magic to feel lightning in your body and fuse that magic with your punch. It may sound difficult but it is not. Just memorize the feeling as I show it to you and practice it] Amon was now in front of Mia, hovering. He was walking back and forth while holding his hands behind his back.

    After he described it completely, Amon vanished. Suddenly Mia felt something changed in her body. Her heart changed its rhythm and pumped in reverse. First water magic got activated from her stomach and reached her heart. Second wind magic got activated from her lungs and went for her heart. When both magic collided, they made lightenings. Lightenings blinked on Mia's skin and her eyes were shining blue because of lightenings.

    Suddenly her arm moved and became a punch. When she hit the air, kaboom! beautiful lightenings spread through the air while a power of wind rushed forward. After some moments, Amon appeared again.

    [Now try and break the window] Amon was hovering again in front of Mia while holding his hand behind his back and looking at Mia with disdain.

    Mia couldn't hold it and slapped Amon angrily.

    -how the hell do you expect me to run my blood in reverse? Idiot.

    Mia didn't say anything and just closed her eyes because she knew she couldn't do anything except doing as he told. She tried to imagine water running through her veins from her stomach and amazingly she felt that feeling of blood going in reverse again then she imagined wind going to his heart and merge with water magic.

    It happened again. She was wondering if it was all real or not when lightenings cracked on her skin but they were yellow! Mia didn't pay attention to those changes and moved her arm into a punch and she hit the air. Amon's little dark eyes saw this and he got surprised. It was Mia's first time after all.


    When Mia hit the air, instead of lightening and wind power, a little yellow ball of light exploded in front of her punch with puff sound! There was silence in the room for a moment before Amon laughed so hard that he lost his balance and fall on the floor, still laughing. Mia got very angry, turning her hand into a punch. She then tried to clear her mind because it was her only chance to leave this place and suddenly everything around her became dark.

    In this dark world, she was standing alone. Her heartbeat loudly


    Her blood went in reverse.


    A blue ball of water magic went for her heart and when it reached it, it exploded and merged with her heart. Her heart now looked like a blue engine! It was running at maximum capacity.


    It beat so loud that she heard it but it didn't make Her lose focus. A white ball of wind magic went for her thumping heart fast! When it got near her heart, lightening surrounded her veins around her heart and when it reached her heart, it became blue lightning that turned her heart blue with energy and electricity. It was at this time that Amon stopped laughing. He was looking at Mia while his jaw dropped to the floor. Lightenings were sparkling around Mia. They were thick and bright, showing how powerful they were!


    Suddenly, Mia opened her eyes. Her grey pupils were now shining brightly as lightning cracked around it. She looked at the window and threw her punch on the window without thinking of any consequences. When her hand was flying through the air, you could see powerful magic moving under her skin to reach her fingers.


    The punch reached the window. There was no lightening nor any explosion sound. Mia was standing still. The lightening had left her body a long time ago and her eyes were normal now and she was thinking about why nothing had happened.


    Slowly cracks started to form on the window around Mia's punch and growing and soon covered the whole window. As it grew, lightning-sparked between the cracks. Although the window didn't break, it was on the verge. Now Mia understood how powerful her magic power was.

    Amon on the other hand had forgotten to show the new card in his hands to Mia. His jaw was still on the floor and her eyes were out of their socket with a black card beside him, he looked strange. Automatically he snapped and the card in his hands vanished and appeared in front of Mia.

    [Thunder Punch learned successfully.]

    [Thunder Punch: a punch infused with lightening Magic. LvL1]

    As Mia wanted to shout and express her joy, all the lights in her room turned red and an alarm rang in her room. The door of her room opened and a group of alien soldiers came into her room like ants, surrounding her.
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