24 Escape

    Mia turned around and saw a dozen of alien soldiers surrounding her. They all had guns and they were aiming her. Amon suddenly appeared on her shoulder and with a smile snapped.

    [Killer Mode: active]

    Suddenly a red halo appeared above her head and her nails grew a little larger and sharper. Her body got so hot that steam rose from her body and veins popped all over it. A red color outlined her pupils. Slowly a smile appeared on her red lips.


    She vanished from her spot and appeared in front of the closest alien. With a swipe of her nails, blood splashed everywhere then she vanished again. Four bloody swipe marks appeared on the alien neck.


    Every time she vanished, a neck would be ripped opened or a head flew to air. After just a few seconds Mia finished killing all of the soldiers. The door was still open and Mia had the option to wander in the alien ship or just break the window again and free herself. Amon suddenly appeared beside her, looking at the door while hovering in the air with his wings.

    [you know, you are strong enough to even kill that woman with your bare hands now. Just wanted to inform you. After all 32 Strength is not a joke] Amon said as he was holding her hands behind her back.

    Every cell in her body wanted to avenge what had happened to her in the last month. Although sex was sex and Mia didn't lose anything, that feeling of helplessness and being trapped in a room wasn't something that she could forget easily.

    Amon looked surprised because he expected Mia to go for revenge but Mia didn't. She calmed herself and rushed to the window. Before reaching the window, She thought -Thunder Punch.

    Because of their linked mind, Mia didn't need to think or say the name of the skill she wanted to use because Amon now knew her intentions but Mia said that just to be sure.

    In a flash, those feelings that Mia felt when activating Thunder Punch happened in her body automatically and she just threw her punch at the window again.

    The punch was reaching the window, a millimeter away from the window, a lightening that was cracking around Mia's hand touched the window.


    The window shattered immediately and Mia didn't stop and with the momentum she got from her throwing her punch, she pushed forward. She flew toward the empty space. When she left the ship, she understood what a mistake she made!

    Although she could withstand the pressure of space, She forgot about the weapon system of the ship. It could kill her on sight, fortunately, it didn't happen. Mia was now flying forward without slowing down, she couldn't slow down even if she wanted to!

    In a room on top of the ship a Woman sat on a chair with a mesmerizing hair that danced like smoke. There were numerous monitors around her and they were all showing the situation of the ship. On a single monitor, Mia was flying away at a fast pace. In a matter of seconds, she turned to a dot and vanished from the sight of the ship's sensors and cameras.

    The Woman was drinking a red liquid. After a sip, she smiled "Interesting"

    Mia was flying and she couldn't even move. If she moved even a little, she would then start to roll and she would die of rolling. Right now she was thinking why she had not died because of the pressure, suddenly Amon appeared.

    He flapped his wings and flew with Mia, relaxed. Mia couldn't help herself and opened her mouth to talk. She talked! But now she discovered something that was practically impossible. You couldn't talk or make any voice in space because there was no air. Without the molecules of air, no sound could be used in space.

    [What? Why are you surprised? You are way powerful than those **y laws] Amon said this as he was lying on his back while one of his foot was on his another, he flapped his wings slowly and was flying alongside Mia.

    Mia had many questions but she tried to calm herself and ask the most important question right now.

    -where the ** am I?

    [You mean where you are going? A planet called **I-666]

    -Wha...Why? How do you know?

    [idiot I got 50 points from you to save you. Why are you like this? It wouldn't take a long for us to reach the planet's moon so be prepared.]

    Mia took deep breaths and tried to calm herself. Although it was impossible to even stay in space without a suit let alone breathing, she did that as normally as she always did. Amon didn't say anything because he knew her mind was in chaos, everything happened so fast.

    Suddenly Amin snapped!

    A black card appeared in front of her

    [Cell Breathing acquired.]

    [using wind magic passively, you can breathe in every environment.]

    Her biggest question was now answered! It was all because of magic! Although humans knew about magic, only a thousand or so knew how to use it properly so normal humans always thought that breathing underwater or in space was impossible.

    Mia suddenly had an Idea. If she could use magic for breathing, she could use it for other things too. Amon got surprised and stood up, still while flapping his wings. He knew what she wanted to do because he could read her mind.

    Mia focused and tried to use wind magic on her feet. She wanted to use wind magic on her feet and hands so she can move in space freely. It was hard at first because directing the wind magic to her feet was a thing and releasing it was something else. After some hours of trying, she got the hang of it.

    When her eyes were closed, a power pushed her forward faster. She knew she succeeded because she heard Amon snapped. It seemed that every time Amon snapped, a pop up would appear.

    [so what do you want to name it?] at first Amon was surprised because thinking about magic and doing was completely different. After some hours Amon understood why. Mia had complete control over her body and magic! He knew it wasn't an effect of evolving, It must be her talent.

    As Mia also could read Amon's mind, she knew what he was talking about.

    -jumbo - jet.

    A black card appeared in front of her.

    [Jumpo-Jet created.]

    [Jumpo-Jet would allow you to use magic and generate power on your palms and soles of your feet to fly in space. LvL1]

    Mia got super happy but she realized something after this pop-up. There were two kinds of skills! She could create or acquire and those skills that were auto or passive didn't have levels, she guessed.

    She activated the skill and played in space like a little bird. After some rolling and some actions, she decided to see how fast she can go. Mia asked Amon about the direction and focused all her magic on Jumbo-Jet. At first, she was as fast as a jet but soon she reached a higher speed.

    It didn't satisfy her so she used all the magic in her body and use them on Jumbo-Jet. She was moving so fast that she appeared she was teleporting constantly. As fast as she went, a streak of light left behind by her, it was a mesmerizing thing to watch in a colorful space.
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