25 Phobos

    Among the darkness of space, a figure stood tiredly. Mia was now soaking wet and panting like a horse after a race. Amon was hovering in front of Mia looking relaxed.

    [I told you not to use all of your magic. Now look at yourself.]

    -I need...to make another...skill.

    Mia answered while breathing heavily between her words. She wanted to use her chance and get a skill that would help her restore magic power inside her body without her concentration. Like a automatic fuel, when she used only a bit of magic, her body would restore that immediately. she didn't count how many times she had tried to do that and every time she would run out of magic and no pop up would appeared. Mia even tried asking Amon but he said he wouldn't answer without points.

    Mia didn't know how long has she been flying toward the direction that Amon told her but she was getting bored. Although she didn't eat or drink anything, she had magic! All of her muscles were now working under magic fuel. Mia even asked Amon about time but he said Points first!

    Frustrated, Mia stopped to restore her magic. By stopping and focusing on all type magic and making them circle inside her body, her magic would restore. Although it didn't make sense, it was the only way that Mia had learned herself.

    Because she wanted to make the skill she wanted, She didn't practice or used any other form of magic. She only used jumpo-jet till she could no longer continue then she would rest and restore her magic.

    [If you continue, at this pace, we would reach Phobos in a week.]

    -oh finally I can see some human faces. I would die for a tasty dinner.

    [And don't forget about sex! Im hungry, you **ing cruel woman.]

    -oh...sex...I mean yeah but not because of you, you **ing useless system. Even when you answer a simple question, you charge me points with that small tiny dick of yours.

    Amon didn't know what to say and with a snap he vanished. Mia on the other hand looked sad because her only companion left her. Although Amon was just a system and not a real creature, Mia couldn't stop herself from talking to him and Amon would chat with her as long as she didn't ask about system.

    Angrily, Mia used Jumpo-Jet and flew as fast as she could. Since she got out of that alien ship, she could control magic better. Mia didn't know how long she was flying but she guessed that it might be around 3 or 4 months. In this time, her magic power got stronger, in her opinion, but the system showed nothing.

    Mia was now using all sort of magic to power her Jumpo-Jet and she was flying like a meteor in space.


    Phobos, a black moon of planet **I-666. It was big round and without any atmosphere or life but around this moon, many ships hovered. They were waiting for permission to land and deliver things to the planet.

    Seven days had past since Mia shouted at Amon and made him disappear. In these seven days Mia tried to create another simple skill to make Amon appear but only a pop up appeared not Amon. Eventually Mia got tired and just flew and flew till she reached Phobos.

    She saw many ships and other unknown things. They were big, colorful and fascinating. In between those ships, some were damaged while some looked destroyed. Mia wanted to stop and take a look at them but she was so tired and frustrated that she just wanted to sleep for a week!

    Without anything she just went for Phobos. From afar you could se buildings and ports so Mia chose one randomly and went for it. After ten minutes or so she was in front of a port.

    It was a building made with yellow metals and all of its walls were made of glass. You could see the workers and people working or walking everywhere. Mia didn't know where the door was so she decided to look at the windows and see inside first.

    When she got close, a worker suddenly looked at her. His eyes opened wide and his mouth fell to the floor. A naked goddess hovering in space in front of him. Even with just a look he got hard down there. He wanted to say something but no voice came out of his mouth. He just pressed a button on his arm unconsciously.

    Alarms rang in all around the building!

    Red lights shone on the building while little circular robots surrounded Mia. They prisoned her in a sphere while Mia was standing still. Mia didn't move and just looked at those little robots with curiosity. When they circled her one of those balls came toward Mia and it lighted up. A holographic figure appeared standing in front of Mia. A man in his fifty with a military uniform appeared. He looked super handsome and even through this hologram, Mia could feel his charm.

    "Who are you and what business do you have, Lady?" The man in military uniform asked. He looked undisturbed by Mia's naked body but deep down, he was amazed.

    Mia smiled like a flower "I am a human called Mia. My ship destroyed and I had to travel through space for a year or so to reach here." She lied because traveling in space without a ship would take much more time.

    "Give me your finger" The military man said. A ball went to Mia and she put her finger on it. She felt a tingling on her finger and took her hand back.

    "Thanks for your cooperation. You will be in the waiting section till we verify your race. Follow the robots please." The man said and then disappeared
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