26 A Quest!

    Mia didn't say anything and followed the robots, she was so tired to think about anything. While following robots, Mia reached the main door of that port, it was a big metallic door. The door automatically opened and Mia went in.

    Inside the building looked like a big city. People of all raves could be seen, walking here and there, it was a trading place after all. While following robots, Mia didn't land and used her magic to fly a little above the ground. Mia was an introvert but after everything she had experienced, she was a completely different person. She did it only to show of her magic power.

    People nowadays could have everything and in a world where everyone could have anything they wished, only those with power could rule over people. At first, when Mia was a normal person, she didn't understand why people fought if they could have anything they wished. Now she was different, why would you stay a snake when you could fly high as a dragon?

    The robots guided Mia to a room. The room was empty with only a table and two chair on side of it. It was obvious that they wanted to ask her questions. Without waiting for anything, Mia chose one of the chairs and sat on it and closed her eyes. She started to restore her magic.

    Her naked body was so mesmerizing and with her every breath, her breasts would go up and down gracefully. Although she had not washed her body for half a year or so, Mia looked clean as possible and even her smell was like a deodorant.

    As Mia was restoring her magic power, she heard the clicking sound of the door. After that, the sound of footsteps echoed in the room. Mia didn't need to open her eyes to see who had come to the room. The power and the heavy sound of footsteps made her guess. The footsteps stopped and with it the sound of moving a chair echoed. The person sat down in front of Mia.

    "If I am nit mistaken, you are Mia. Im General Ludwreck, answer a few questions of mine and you are free to go." It was the sound of that man, The military man. He had deep and strong voice that matched his body and power.

    Mia didn't answer, she slowly opened her eyes and stared back at the man with her mesmerizing grey eyes. She put her hands on the table and slightly tilted her head and with a smile said "I'm all ears."

    When Mia finished her sentence, a pop up appeared in front of her.

    [New Quest: Have sex with General Max Ludwreck.

    Reward: +1 point.]

    The General was talking but Mia's mind was focused on the pop up. It was the first time that she had seen this pop up after her evolution. The reward was perfect and the Quest was rather easy but the problem was that General didn't even look affected by her body or look. There was no lust or any emotion in his eyes. He didn't even look at Mia's body, he was just staring in her eyes while talking.

    Mia was deep in her thoughts when she heard a loud noise. The General punched the table and said "If you don't answer my questions, I have to send you to court, immediately. So answe..."

    Mia didn't let Him to finish his sentence and said "Does my body look beautiful? It's free just to take a look" Slowly she stood up from her chair and walked toward the General. She reached out her hand and placed it on his shoulder and went behind his back. When she was in the right position, she bent forward to whisper in his ears "It's been so long since I had a rest and I would appreciate if you could let me go." When she was whispering, her boobs were touching General's shoulder. Even if General was an enuch, he would at least react.

    But surprisingly, General didn't react or said anything. After a second he went on and said "I will not give you another chance, so please answer my questions young lady."

    Mia had a plan and now it seemed that her plan might not work so she didn't wait to see what would happen and activated her 'Lust' skill. If she was the same Mia from before, she wouldn't even think about it but now it was different. Her stats was high and her body had evolved so she wanted to try her new powers and test her limits. Even if it didn't work, she would answer those questions and would get out but she wanted the reward of her new Quest.

    The General wanted to say something but suddenly his mouth dried and he could feel his heartbeat in his chest. "What did you do to me...?" General stood up and turned around to see Mia but something had changed! He wasn't the same person anymore!

    His eyes were glowing with lust and down there, his pants bulged out. It was obvious that the skill worked but the effect was perfect! Mia looked down and smiled. 'That thing down there most be huge!' Mia thought.

    Now, she was just standing in front of the General and deep in her thoughts but suddenly something caught her off guard! General's hand moved unconsciously when Mia was thinking and he grabbed her breasts and started playing with it.

    Mia was shocked for a second but didn't let it continue. She grabbed the General's head with her both hands and kissed him deeply. The kiss turned into a french kiss and they both continued fighting with their tongue and tasting each other.

    For Mia, it was a completely new experience as the man in front of her had beard and it was tickling her face. She was enjoying this so much! The General didn't stand there and with his hands, he started to play with Mia's butt.

    [you little whore! You better make him cum or the quest won't get completed. Come on Harder!] Amon appeared beside Mia and started to cheer for her suddenly.
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