27 Getting Away

    The General was fingering Mia and kissing her at the same time. Amon was now encouraging Mia to do her best while clapping. Mia didn't pay anymore attention to Amon and with one of her hands, she unbuttoned The General's pants and slowly she slid her soft hand in his pants and grabbed his erect dick.

    'Oh its huge. Im gonna love it! ' Mia didn't know why she wanted his dick so much right now.

    After rubbing it for a while, Mia put his pants down and squatted down with it. She then grabbed her hair and tied it to a ponytail. With a lustful glance, Mia started to suck on The General's huge dick. It wasn't as big as those aliens but it was worthy of praise.

    Mia sucked on his dick like a professional. She sucked up and down while playing with his balls with her other hand. Her tongue would circle around his dick but the next moment, she was rubbing it on his dick head. Mia was doing so many things with her mouth and hands.

    Amon on the other hand was now jerking off. He looked a bit bigger in size, Almost as big as a child. He was floating beside Mia with his alien like dick in his hands. He was jerking with his two hands on his dick. His dick was almost as big as his body and if Mia could see Amon right, she would laugh till she died.

    Although Mia liked to have sex right now, she had to make The General cum because there were many bad things that could happen right now. She was trying so hard to make The General cum. She even used her fingers and fingered The General. Finally she could see his balls shaking a little so she sped up.

    Slurp! Slurp!

    "Augh" The General groweled and sprayed his cum on Mia's face. Mia giggled as she licked her lips and drank his cum. She didn't know but beside her, Amon had also sprayed his cum on her face! Without saying anything Amon snapped and vanished. Pop ups appeared in front of Mia.

    [Quest completed!

    Reward: +1 Point]

    [hidden Quest: drink cum. Completed!

    Hidden Reward: Weapon.]

    [ Congratulations you drank Amon's, God of lust, Cum. You have been given the title 'Godly drinker']

    Every pop up was new to her. She wanted to look at the hidden reward when a hand grabbed her ponytail.

    "You did something bad! You need to be punished heh" The General didn't look satisfied as his dick was even harder than before. He pulled Mia's ponytail and pushed her on the table, She was now lying on her back on the table. Mia didn't say anything and the look of surprised vanished as soon as it came. She lustfully opened her legs and with her index finger gestured The General 'Come'

    General didn't pay attention and just put his dick in front of Mia but he didn't shove it in. He looked at Mia and suddenly pushed it in all in one go! It was so painful and enjoyable at the same time that Mia shouted as loud as she could.

    The General started to move. At first, he was slow but slowly he sped up and with his speed, Mia's moaning got louder and more lustful.

    It had been so long since she had sex. Her body was craving sex and now that her desires were getting satisfied, Mia moaned as hard as she could.

    She was getting so close to an extreme orgasm, an orgasm that could shake her entire mind and body, but that didn't happen. The General suddenly took out his dick and sprayed his cum on Mia's stomach.

    The General lost all of his energy and fainted on Mia. He had dumb look of lust and happiness on his face. Mia pushed The General aside but The General fell on the floor from the table.

    'Augh what an idiot. I was reaching my orgasm. You selfish bastard.' Mia cursed inwardly.

    [don't worry. There are many men out there. You just need to open your legs and the will kill just to touch it] Amon was now hovering beside Mia. His dick was a little bit hard and there was some white liquid on its tip.

    Mia didn't say anything and just gave him a cold look. She stood up and grabbed The General coat and cleaned her body with it.

    "That's what you get when you don't satisfy your partner." Mia said as she cleaned herself angrily. She then dropped his coat and took out his pants.

    Mia wasn't wearing anything right now and if she got out of this room naked, every one would know something had happened. Besides, she couldn't wear the coat because it had many medals and things attached to it so she only grabbed his pants and wore it.

    "You must have many points now so give me directions." Mia told Amon.

    [Nope I didn't. The reward was only an ability point. Sorry] Amon shrugged his shoulders as he didn't care.

    Suddenly he saw himself flying toward the wall.

    "You...Made me...drink...your cum...to tell me that I don't have points? She me the way or I will kill you." Mia shouted as she slapped Amon.

    [what the ** is wrong with this person, bruh. I wasn't the one that couldn't satisfy you. Augh Ok] Amon said.

    He stood up and snapped. A little red shiny dot appeared and flew toward the door that The General came from. Mia didn't know it was that door because she was meditating that time.

    [don't you want to go?] Amon looked back at Mia.

    Mia didn't say anything and followed the dot. She reached the door knob and opened the door. Fortunately the door wasn't locked. When Mia opened the door she saw a hallway, the red dot was standing still in the middle of the hallway. Mia didn't hesitate and run behind it. The dot's speed was as fast as Mia.

    At the end of the hallway, there was two doors. The dot went through the right one. Mia didn't hesitate and followed. When she opened the door, she saw a room full of men and women looking at her, surprised!

    Mia didn't hesitate and run as fast as her legs could and followed the dot. She ran so fast that her figure seemed blurry.

    The dot went through two other rooms and Mia didn't stop at any of them, she just ran as fast as she could. The dot finally reached the entrance and Mia could finally see the door.

    She sped up and got out of that building. The moment she set foot out of that building,  alarms turned on.



    'Oh Fuck.' Mia cursed and followed the dot without stopping.
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