28 Another human

    Mia was running away as fast as she could. The red dot had disappeared the moment She heard the alam sound because she only told Amon to take her out of that building. She was half naked right now and she was looking for a place where she could hide and think about what to do next.

    Everything was new to her in this so called 'city', even the language was different. The building looked like the buildings of a game that Mia played, future time and super modern. The most surprising thing about this city was it's sky! When Mia looked at the sky, she saw some glass reflections. It seemed that the sky was made out of glass and based on the time of that planet or moon, it would change color.

    Mia was mesmerized by the things she was seeing and she wasn't paying attention to where she was going. Suddenly she hit something hardly.


    "Ouch, watch where you are going dude." The only thing that Mia heard after she opened her eyes. She saw a boy in front of her on the floor. The boy looked 18-19 and with thick glasses on his face and books around him, he looked like a nerd but kinda cute!

    Mia didn't know how she could understand what the boy was saying so she asked Amon but Amon answered before Mia even asked.

    [I am a God. it is because of me that you can understand any language you hear and even you can talk in that language] Amon had a serious expression while standing straight and looking at horizon.

    "God? With that tiny dick of yours?!" Mia giggled

    [You would only be a sex toy if I didn't sa...] Amon got angry and was cursing Mia but Mia wasn't paying any attention to him. She was trying to understand what the boy in front of her was saying.

    "Oh Im sorry, I didn't mean it. it was my fault. Im sorry." The boy's face looked red and he couldn't look at Mia. He was standing up and scratching his head while trying hard to not look at Mia.

    Mia, who was now sitting on the floor with her hands behind her back, didn't know what to say. She was confused about the boy's actions.

    'Why is his face red? Is he hurt? Why isn't he looking at me? Am I ugly?' Mia thought.

    [No Idiot. You are just naked and it seems that boy is a virgin. Oh you can have extra points by taking someone's virginity]Amon giggled and snapped.

    A Pop up appeared:

    [Take John van bore virginity

    Reward: 1000exp points, level up!

    Penalty: nothing]

    If Mia could, she would rip apart Amon's head. It wasn't even an hour ago that Mia had sex but she got another quest to have sex right now! It was frustrating for her. She even thought 'what if they can't satisfy me?'

    Mia didn't say anything and just grabbed the books around her. She stood up with books that John dropped and looked at him. John was a little taller than Mia but he had a babyface and thin figure. He had dark brown eyes and wavy dark brown hair.

    "Don't you like my tits? Am I not attractive?" Mia asked with a seductive smile on her face.

    Mia decided to give it a shot. If she could complete the quest, she would get many things and if she couldn't, she wouldn't lose anything. It was a first time for her that she was seducing a person without her system skills so she was excited and scared at the same time.

    "Oh...it, it's not that...you are really beautiful... b...but" John said.

    "But what?" Mia giggled.

    "But Im not...allowed. I can't look at a girl naked body if she is not my woman." John said while turning bright red

    Mia giggled but didn't continue to tease John. She then asked John "so where were you going, handsome?" Mia was now standing without covering her tits. John could feel her body heat as he was only a hand away from Mia. He was trying so hard to concentrate and not embarrass himself.

    "Today is my ceremony day. Im going to have my system today." John answered in a shy voice.

    'System ceremony? He doesn't look like a 16 year old boy and he is even human.' Mia thought.

    [hey forget about the sex, follow the boy. He may get a good system.] Amon suddenly appeared and when he said that he disappeared again!

    'Why should I care? Why do you care?' Mia asked in her mind but she didn't get any response.

    "Oh thats good. By the way can you tell me where I can buy some clothes? As you can see Im a little naked right now." Mia asked John seductively. Even if Mia didn't want to seduce John, her body had done it's magic already. For a virgin like John, seeing a goddess in daylight was like a dream. How could he not get seduced?

    "Oh there is a store on my way, you can follow me if you want to but..." John couldn't complete his sentence. He was looking like a shy girl right now.

    "But what, cutie?" Mia said with a smirk.

    "Can you at least cover those? People might see and...and get the wrong idea." John tried to stay calm and say what he wanted to say without stuttering. He was trying his hardest not to look at those heavenly melons but he couldn't, he took a peek every chance he got.

    Mia laughed loud and she slowly rose on her toes and grabbed John's head. Mia then kissed John on his cheek and whispered in his ear"ok cutie whatever you desire.", Mia turned around and started to walk. She was covering her tits with her right arm.

    John woke up from his thoughts and ran to Mia, he then slowed down and walked beside Mia. An awkward silence happened between the two but suddenly Amon reappeared.

    [what the ** are you doing? Talk to him. Dont let him feel awkward for so long or he might leave.] Amon explained.

    'What do you expect me to say? I only met him now and i acted like a whore. Who would, in their right mind, do what I did?' Mia told Amon in her mind.

    [it is because of me, God of Lust, that you did that and i liked it. Just follow the boy to see what system he will get. And Whores are not bad] Amon explained.

    Mia just rolled her eyes at Amon and asked John in a seductive tone "I'm Mia what is your name?"

    "J-...John" John answered.

    "Nice to meet you John, how old are you?" Mia tried so hard to keep the conversation going. She was thinking about the reward all the time.

    "Im 18. You?" John asked Mia. He didn't know but he was hoping that this attractive goddess was as old as himself.

    "Oh I'm 16. I just got my system half a year ago." Mia giggled and said.

    "What system did you get? Is it strong? Have you leveled up?" John seemed excited and asked whatever came to his mind. He was happy about Mia's age and he was excited about systems too. He didn't even think that asking about someone system was a crime!

    "Tha-...That's secret." Mia blushed and didn't know what to say for a moment. How could she say she had a sex system? After a moment of silence Mia asked "Why are you applying for system ceremony this late? Shouldn't you have done it sooner?"

    "I couldn't, I was sick since I remembered. I got out of hospital last month. My parents died last year in a hover car crash so my aunt is taking care of me since that time" John explained. It seemed that he had a much miserable life than Mia.

    Mia didn't say anything for moments as she recalled what she had been through since she got her system. Everything had changed for her, even her personality had changed. She didn't know if it was good or not but she knew that she can't lose hope. She must find a way back, back to her family and friends.

    Mia was deep in her thoughts that John called her name "Hey Mia, we reached the store."
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