29 Stealing!

Mia looked up and saw a clothing store. It wasn't big nor magnificent but Mia could buy her needs for now. She went inside and rows of clothes and pants were visible to her. she started to walk around the store and looking around to see if something could catch her eyes or not. Mia didn't see that behind the desk of the store a man in his thirties was looking at Mia like he had seen ghosts.

From the moment Mia set foot in the store, she forgot to cover her tits and John was too amazed by Mia's body to say anything. Mia didn't really care because there was no written law for those who wanted to be naked but nobody liked to walk around naked.

As Mia was looking around, she saw a jacket that caught her eyes. It was a black jacket with neon lights decorating it. There were three lines of neon light on its Collar and a line on its zip.

She grabbed the jacket and started to set an outfit with it. She grabbed a red crop top and creamy cargo pants. When the set was complete suddenly Mia remembered something, she didn't have any money!

[You can always pay with your body. It's a win-win actually if you ask me.] Amon appeared beside Mia and said casually.

Mia didn't say anything but she had an idea! She grabbed her clothes and went toward the man behind the desk without even covering her tits! Her tits were jumping up and down with every step she took. It looked like the man was hypnotized while looking at them because Mia called him and he didn't answer.

Mia raised her voice a little "Mister!..."

"Ahh ahm... how can I help you miss?" The man got scared and looked at Mia. He was scared that he got caught while looking at this woman tits but he was so shameful that he was still looking at her tits even while he talked.

Mia didn't mind that, she was even happy because that was part of her plan from the beginning. She then leaned forward and with that her tits glued together. The man looked so happy and surprised, his eyes were popping out of their sockets but Mia didn't say anything and just smiled.

She seductively fixed those hairs on her face with her finger and pushed it behind her ears "You see mister, I am a lonely girl and poor. I don't have any money nor any food to eat. Can you help me like a prince as you are and let me borrow these clothes? I promise I would bring them back."

The man didn't even bother to hide his boner as he was looking at Mia and her tits. He was controlling himself so hard that he didn't even hear anything that Mia said.

[ 'Hypno-Tits' skill unlocked!]

[You can hypnotize with your tits. The power of this skill is dependent on your Charm stat. The higher the Charm stat you have, The stronger this skill gets.]

Mia was so happy that if she could, she would fly to the moon and back! She used this opportunity "So mister can I borrow them. If you let me, I would let you touch my tits hehe!"

"Of...Of course. Take whatever you want...just...just let me..." The man didn't even look at Mia. All of his attention was on her tits. When Mia heard what she needed to she grabbed those dress and ran saying" thank you, mister, I knew you were a good man from the start!"

As she was getting out of the door of the shop, she turned around and blinked for the man behind the desk. And before the man could say anything, Mia left that area as fast as she could.

[ 'Phase' skill unlocked!]

[by gathering magic in your feet, you can teleport yourself to a 100-meter radius and back in 0,01 second. Level1]

John was following Mia from the beginning and he was completely speechless!

'How could this girl buy something without paying for it. I know her tits are beautiful but this robbery was too good to be true. Is it her system?' John thought. He didn't say anything and just followed Mia but surprisingly Mia was too fast. He was running behind Mia but Mia suddenly went into a small alley, John followed her.

When he reached Mia, he saw her panting hardly and was trying to catch her breath. John walked and stood beside her.

"Just...take...this for.. a... moment...till I catch my breath" Mia put all the dress in John's hands and stood up and breathed heavily. Her tits were shining because of the sweat of that little running.

The reason Mia was so out of breath was because of a mask she stole on her way out of the store. She used all of her magic just to steal that mask. When she was getting out of the store, she saw a black mask on her right attached to the wall. It had neon lights on it and it matched her outfit so she gathered all of her air magic in her feet and an explosive motion, she reached the mask and took it and then turned back to where she was.

She blinked toward the man to see if he noticed or not, fortunately, he didn't! So Mia ran as fast as she could but because of the amount of magic she used earlier, she couldn't run as fast as she normally did. She was now running like a normal human.

"Why are you so worn out? It wasn't like you ran ten miles." John asked Mia, confused.

"I...Took this...Sunshine" Mia looked at John and showed him the mask she had stolen from the store.

John looked amazed by the mask that Mia was showing! he could tell straight away that it was some good stuff but John didn't know why would Mia bother and steal it? She could just take it with those clothes.

Mia didn't bother to explain that right now she was a criminal so she started to get naked! she needed to change that was why she choose a small alley.

John wanted to ask but his eyes suddenly popped out of their sockets and his mouth fell to the floor. He has seen a woman's private part for the first time in his life! It was hairless, smelled like honey, and because of the sweating, it was shining. John slowly looked at Mia from top to bottom and for a second he wished if Mia was his. Mia didn't wait for John and took the clothes from John's hands and wore them.

First Mia wore the crazy cargo pants But in John's eyes, Mia was wearing her cargo pants in slow motion! Slowly the cargo pants went up to her long and slender legs and then around her hips, the cargo got stuck! She tried a few time and finally the cargo pants was in its right place.

Second, it was the crop top. She grabbed the crop top and put it on but in John's eyes, all of this happened in slow-motion! Slowly her tits jiggled and the crop top reached them, slowly they pushed the nipples down and Mia fixed it.

John was still thinking about the things he had seen when Mia slapped him a little hard. John woke up from his dream and saw Mia completely in her new outfit, it looked mesmerizing. Mia had her mask on and it was smoking a little from the Side of it. Everything was perfect!

"Why.. why did you slap me?" John still felt a little out of this world but he asked, he still had some dignity he needed to protect.

"Because you looked cute" Mia answered with a dazzling smile. "Don't you have a system ceremony? Let's go cutie!" Mi reminded John and started to walk as nothing had happened. John just looked at Mia with thirsty eyes.

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