1 Mia

    It was the third month of year 3585 and Mia was getting ready to go to ceremony tower. In Aragon, every human could sign for a system after they turned 18 and it was her birthday month. Her mother, Hannah, always told her about the benefits that system would bring her. Longer lifespan, access to magic and many other tales but Mia didn't care about any of those.

    Mia was an introvert unlike her sister who was an extrovert always looking for fun. Her older sister, Emma, always told Mia lets fun the world or you are too pretty to be an introvert and many other things. The only thing that Mia didn't like was that she was pretty, too pretty even. With a round face and a pair of big silver eyes, full red lips, she looked like super models but Emma always called her 'nerd'. The thing which made her sister, Emma, to call her nerd was her round and frame-less glasses.

    They didn't make her ugly, on the other hand they made her look cute, more than she was. Although she wasn't that shortsighted, she used them because they were a gift from her father. These glasses was her father's and on her 17 birthday her mother gave her these. Although the lenses were useless, the frame was something that she adored. Mia's father, Ben, died nineteen years ago. Although people didn't talk about their systems as it was their only weakness in a world full of magic, Ben had one of the strongest systems. Because of his system, Ben joined the Galaxy troops and went on missions. It was his last mission before his retirement, that his spaceship exploded for no logical reason. The day of his death was the birth day of Mia.

    Mia always hated her birthday and always thought if she wasn't born on that day, would her father still be alive? And many other questions but today she had to go to the ceremony and hold her hopes high and up. Mia always tried to be like her father, a man of power and respect and although she didn't like this so called 'system', she had to try and wish for some strong system to make her dream come true.

    An hour later, when the sound of cars and birds filled the world, she came out of her room and went down stairs. She was wearing a silver hoodie with a black jeans and All-Star shoes. Their house was two stories high, the above floor were their rooms and the bottom floor were the hall and kitchen. Every room had their own bathrooms and another bathroom was beside kitchen. It was more than enough for a family of three. Her mother, Hannah, was making breakfast. The smell of tea and bread had filled the kitchen. Mia couldn't help herself and rushed to the kitchen.

    Hannah with a light smile said "it seems little M is up and hungry"

    "I am not little anymore. Today I'm going to make my dad proud" Mia said with a bright smile that could even melt the coldest hearts and continued " I don't like to be late, bring me the food please! "

    Another voice shouted from upstairs "WAIT for me" and seconds after Emma ran to the kitchen. Although Emma wasn't as beautiful as Mia, She was beautiful in her own way. Two buns each side of her blond head made her look like Harley Quinn, a comic villain from their past times. Too old to remember but for comic fans old meant gold and Emma was a fan, even more than one.

    "Good morning, little flowers. Its for you and you, don't eat fast and nag me later" Hannah put two plates of cheese and some nuts with bread and a cup of tea in front of them.

    "So its your ceremony day Sis, huh?" Emma said while stirring her tea.

    "Yup" Mia answered.

    "I hope you get one that makes you hang out with me for points hehe" Emma said sarcastically.

    "We shouldn't exploit the system Emma even to our family, you know that right? Or do I need to remind you? " Hannah coldly said while looking at her sharply. Emma, who was drinking her tea peacefully, choked on it.

    With a laugh Mia stood up and said " I'm going Mom, Wish me luck! "

    And then went for the door.

    Hannah said "be careful and come back soon, We're waiting" and Emma said "I wish you get a system to make you human not a robot. Father please make her human, please! please! "

    While Mia was closing the door she could still hear them. With a deep breath she went for the ceremony. The ceremony only happened once a month and on Friday. On Fridays every official building was closed and people would often go outside the city for picnic or some little adventure. With systems and magic, there were many things that people could do on their free time.

    Mia got to the ceremony building around half an hour later. She straight went to the receptionist and signed her name and the receptionist gave her a plastic card. There was number 58 on the plastic card and behind card was her name 'Mia Reed'. When receptionist was signing Mia's papers she looked at her with curiosity as if she wanted to make head and tails out of something. Mia didn't like it and smiled awkwardly whenever the receptionist looked at her.

    After her signing, Mia sat down on one of the chair in the building. The ceremony building was a round tower and had many floors. Its name was from the old days when it was just a two stories high building. The round glass hall was full of people, there wasn't even an empty chair. On other normal days this building was a normal 10 star interracial and between-space hotel.

    Minutes turned to hours and it was noon before Mia could realize. From the moment she sat on her chair, she thought about her father and how she could become like her father. It was noon and many few was in the building when a sound woke her from her thoughts. The receptionist was calling her name and her number.

    Mia stood up and went to the receptionist. She was excited yet scared. Her big silver eyes was shining but her feet shaking. When she reached the receptionist, the receptionist not knowing about Mia's feeling coldly said "Go to room 312 on fifteenth floor"

    With a nod Mia went toward the elevator and pressed the '15' button. It took her only seconds when she reached 15th floor. When the elevator door opened a long hall appeared with a wooden door at the end of it. The wall and floor were designed with red carpet and on walls were the names and pictures of men and women with strongest systems. Along those pictures, Mia found her father. Under his picture was a golden plate with a written on it. "Ben, the third strongest also known as 'The Wolf' "

    Mia wanted to stay a little longer when she realized what she had to do. She opened the wooden door, a round glass room and people with doctor covers and masks came to her view.

    "Welcome Miss, can I have your plastic card?" A doctor asked Mia. Only the doctor's eyes were visible and they were bright blue, her hair blond. Mia didn't know what to say and gave her plastic card and awkwardly said "Hi"

    The doctor only smiled and said "this way please" and pointed toward the glass room. Mia didn't say anything and without even blinking, walked toward the glass room. The door of that room opened and the doctor said "go in please and get naked. " Mia blushed when she heard the word 'naked' but slowly went in and undressed till only her skin was visible. Her body was so-so as she didn't do any exercise and stayed home most of the time to play games but her body wasn't that bad.

    "Put your dress in the box in that corner. And your glasses too" the doctor's voice echoed in the room with a speaker.

    "Are you sure about the glasses?" Mia hoped that  the only thing that was left from her father could be with her in an important situation like this.

    "No darling, be sure to remove everything that is not part of your body like glasses, hair tie, wrist band, necklace, etc. You should be completely naked." The doctor's voice filled the room again.

    Mia was now completely naked, literally. The floor beneath the box opened and the box went down before it closed again. The doctor instructed Mia to what to do and what not to do.  Then Mia did as she said.

    She stood in the middle of the room and closed her eyes. Then she felt she was floating and everything inside and outside her was boiling. She couldn't even open her eyes at this moment nor move her body. Slowly that burning sensation came to an end and she got on her feet again. The moment she opened her eyes she saw some text in front of her.


    [Name: Mia]

    [Level: 0/unlimited]

    [Age: 18 (not fully grown) ]

    [Sex: female]

    [Lifespan: 100 years]

    [Skills: Gender Swap]

    [Magic: not available]

    [Points: 0]

    [Points needed for next level:1000]

    [Points needed for transformation: 10000 ]

    [For help say "help"]

    [Quests: have sex. 0/3. 7000 Points. 23:59.57]

    [Warning: if you don't complete the quests by the given time, five years of your lifespan will be given to system as compensation]


    -What the FUCK?
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