2 Ero System Sex System

    -What the FUCK?

    -what is this quests? What is this skill? Is there something wrong about my system ? Why is this about sex? Oh god - Mia thought while turning red from embarrassment.

    "Doctor did something go wrong in the process? " Mia asked worriedly with a red face. It was obvious that she was feeling embarrassed about her system.

    "No but if its about the skills and the quests, just watch the help section and for changing system I should say NO. It is not changeable. Please get dressed and leave the room Miss" the doctor explained with a bothered tone. Although Mia knew that systems weren't changeable and nothing would go wrong in the process, She asked to be sure.

    Mia got dressed and got out of the room with disappointment. When the doctor saw her red face, she said "Don't worry most of us don't like our systems but we are the one who make them stronger." The doctor thought that she was embarrassed because of her disappointment so she tried to encourage her.

    "Thank you Doctor, is there anything I should know or do?" Mia asked with a low voice. She was trying so hard to hold down her tears. All of her dreams and that tiny bit of hope crumbled in front of her eyes. Most disgusting of all was her system. Of all the systems, she should get a erotic one?

    "Just sign this paper and answer the questions then you are free to go" The doctor said.

    When Mia saw the questions, she got a little worried. How could she answer them? The questions were like this:

    1.How old are you?

    2.Is your system offensive or defensive or other?

    ( because of our DNA, our system will be picked randomly. Even government doesn't know anything about yours or others systems.)

    3.do you have access to magic?

    4.how many skills did you get?

    5.what is your level?

    6.what is your system name?

    *these are all because of yours and others safety. Don't forget to answer all questions *

    Mia thought about it a little and answered all the questions according to her system panel. But she couldn't answer one of them. Mia asked the doctor "Doctor how can I see my system name?"

    With an smile that you could see through her mask, she said "say help and it will appear. You don't have to say it out loud though" the doctor knew that Mia might embarrass herself more so she give her a little advice.

    When Mia said Help to herself a window with information appeared in front of her.




    [How to's]


    [Leveling up]

    To go back say 'back'


    Mia didn't ask the doctor about how to choose and did as earlier. She said 'about' to herself and another window popped up. The Information was so embarrassing that all of her face turned bright red and she felt her knees shaking.

    [The Ero-System (sex system)

    Ero-system is a pleasure system, Although it can later evolve and turn into a stronger offensive and defensive system it is just for the pleasure of the host. Though the system evolution is unlimited, it is unlikely for a human body to evolve for the third time. You are now in your second evolution of your body. The third will be for magic and you might not go further. The skill 'Gender Swap' will change your whole body to your opposite gender. It might help you to get points faster. You can still complete the quests without using any skill. After each level up you have to choose one skill out of three and eliminate the others or if you have enough points you can buy them.]

    Mia wrote the last question and put the paper down in front of the doctor as soon as possible and turned away to leave. She couldn't stop herself from crying and the moment she passed the paper to the doctor and turned away, she cried like a river while opening the door and leave.

    When the doctor saw the paper and the answers she felt awkward and said to herself "of all people and all men, why should this cute and little girl have this system? Be strong girl" with a sigh she put the paper away.

    Mia ran to elevator and started crying in that little seconds of privacy she had. She didn't even stop to look at her father or even shout at his picture. She cried and cried but the moment the elevator rang, she fixed herself before the door got open and then she walked as fast as possible out of the hotel. Her face was still red from embarrassment and crying. All those few people in the hall looked at her with sympathy. They could guess why Mia was like this, she might have gotten a weak system or an irrelevant one.

    Out side of the hotel, Mia was breathing heavily and crying. The only thing she did at that moment was taking a private taxi. The cars didn't have any tiers, they hovered in air. This private taxi was black and had an option that didn't allow the driver to see the passenger. Mia got in and cried all she could till she got home. The sky was dark now and the sun was setting. it seemed that the system installation took longer than Mia expected.

    Mia opened the house's door and went in with her watery eyes. That happy face when she left home had been replaced by a red an swollen one. Hannah an Emma were watching tv and when they turned back, they knew that something was wrong. In all of Mia's life, she never cried but once. It was when her mother, Hannah, told Mia about her father. And now was the second time that they saw her crying.

    Hannah and Emma guessed that her ceremony might have not been that good so they didn't ask anything and just hugged her. They knew about her dream and knew that she loved her father so much. The only thing that could upset her was Ben. After some minutes of crying Mia decided to tell them everything so she told them that they need to talk. They could guess what she was gonna talk about so they followed her upstairs to her room.

    Mia's room design was minimal. The walls were grey-ish and the room had a big and wide window on the left side and beneath the window was her bed. In front of her window was a black wooden desk. On the desk was a hologram that showed a desktop like interface.  Beside the desk was the door to bathroom and shower.

    When they came in, all of her rooms light turned to violet color and smoothly changed color after color. Mia set the color settings to white with her hologram on her desk then she sat on her bed and told Hannah and Emma to sit beside her. Then she told them everything, even about her system. Hannah and Emma turned bright red and then became shocked about the five years consumption of the system.

    After Mia finished everything, Hannah asked "your system is a little bit weird. Our system only takes two to three days and it depends on the quests. Did you use your skill in your way to home? "

    "No I just took a private cap and came home. " Mia answered.

    "Lets see what we are against. Use it now" Emma said with a serious tone.

    "I don't know" Mia told them. She had not read the help section completely.

    Hannah chuckled and said "of course you don't know. Say 'info' and the info page will appear. Then say 'help' "

    Mia did as Hannah told her and a window appeared in-front of her.




    [How to's]


    [Leveling up]

    To go back say 'back'


    Then one by one Mia read all of them and her face changed from white to red then bright red with her expression. The Ero System was a pleasure system and it could have many other options as well. When she wanted to use an skill she just had to think about it or say its name. As her level  was zero, not many options were available to Mia. Mia then explained for Hannah and Emma what she had read and saw.

    "So now use your skill, come on." Emma said excitedly. She could have a brother now, how could she not be excited?

    When Mia said 'Gender Swap' to herself, her boobs turned to muscles and her feminine figure turned into those of men bodybuilders. Her hair was now short and her face changed into a male face but the only thing that didn't change was her eyes, they were still silver and still mesmerizing. Her height changed from 5'4 to 6'3. Because she was wearing a oversized hoodie, she didn't feel anything unusual except the feeling of prison that her tight pants gave her.

    The moment her transformation finished she shouted with a deep and manly voice " it hurts, it hurts". Hannah and Emma thought she was talking about the transformation but Mia stood up and took his pants down and tried to take a breath. While Mia was gasping for air, Hannah and Emma's eyes bulged out. What they were seeing was so embarrassing that they couldn't say it out loud.

    The Mia turned toward them and said with an awkward smile"How do I look like?"

    Hannah and Emma was just looking at her oversized Cock. they couldn't believe what they were seeing. Mia saw where they were Looking and she did the same and looked at it. Mia shouted as she saw her cock and turned away to hide his God like penis as fast as possible.

    -How the hell should I knew that this would happen? Augh idiot body. How can I look at my Mother and Sister now? What should I do? -
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