3 Quest 1

    -How the hell should I knew this would happen? Augh idiot body, how can I look at my Mother and Sister now? What should I do? -

    Mia used 'Gender Swap' again and turned to her natural self the moment she turned away. Her clothes were deformed but she wasn't embarrassed as her mother and sister were 'female' too. After Mia changed her dress, she then sat on the bed. She wanted to ask them about her skill and system but she couldn't find the courage to do so. Mia was just playin with her bedsheet while her face was bright red.

    "Ehm...Lets just put the formalities aside, Its about your life. About your skill, I think you can use it to seduce girls and get yourself women to complete quests. It is so good to be honest, Ehm...I mean it is not that bad as you thought." Hannah talked first. She couldn't help herself to not think about what happened but as a mom it was her responsibility to help her kids.

    "And I can use you as my boyfriend when I go to parties, Hehe. you don't even have to seduce others, you can go to brothels too." Emma added with a chuckle after clearing her throat.

    "EMMA?!" when Hannah heard the 'brothel', she shouted at Emma.

    "What? You, yourself, said put the formalities aside and it is the easiest way for her too" Emma answered.

    "Mia is just 18 years old, how could she- "

    "STOP !" Mia shouted before Hannah could finish her sentence.

    "Tomorrow I have to go to college till evening and after that I have classes. I have to finish this quest tonight. Yeah mom I can find a girlfriend with that skill or even a celebrity at that but it takes time and the quest will change. It is best to go to a brothel."

    "But you are just a gi-"

    "No 'but' mom. I'll find the best brothel in city. Lets complete this quest and your system compensation may reduce after level up." Emma said before Hannah could finish her sentence. Hannah was worried about her daughter and wanted the best for her but how could she save her from this situation.

    With a nod, Mia, agreed. she was depressed and sad at the moment. She should have sex not with just one but three person. Although she didn't think much about sex in her life, she wanted to have sex with someone special to her. Tears flowed from her eyes unconsciously. Hannah and Emma saw her crying but they left Mia alone to get ready.

    When Emma shut the door behind them, Hannah said seriously " Find the best brothel and don't think about the money. If anything happens to Mia you are responsible for it."

    "I have my ways, Don't worry. Lets get ready and plan what to do." Emma said expressionlessly.


    two hours later, Mia came out of her room with a black set of clothes. She wore a black jean and a black shirt with its sleeves up. "I'm ready" Mia said while walking down the stairs. she looked more mature than cute.

    "Are you sure? You don't want to think about it?" Hannah asked worriedly.

    "What can be worse than losing five years of my life? Besides, the sooner I get used to it, the better. It is 9 pm we should get going." Mia answered with an awkward smile.

    "Ok. So now we should get you some clothes. You can't go with these clothes or you might get your cock disabled by your short and pants Hehe" Emma said while walking down the stairs. She wore a white shirt with a blue jean. She looked cute and dazzling.

    "Stop your stupid jokes and get going. We have a lot to do" Hannah said coldly. She couldn't stop herself from imagining the cock of her 'daughter'. It was something unforgettable.

    Hannah, Emma and Mia went to the parking and with their hover car, they went for the clothe store. On the way, Emma the master mind, explained everything to her mom and sister.

    First they would go in Mall for clothes. From the clothe store in Mall, they would buy an oversized jean and an oversized shirt first then Mia should go to the restroom of the Mall and use her skill. After she wore the clothes they would go and buy Mia a perfect set of clothes.

    Their plan seemed perfect as they didn't have to worry about money. Because of their father and Hannah's job, they had almost an infinite amount of money. Hannah was the most successful designer of Makra country. She was famous and had her own company. Ben, on the other hand, had many merits that made government to back his family.

    Minutes later, They reached the store. It was a big Mall that every brand which was famous in Makra and even Aragon was there. Many holograms were advertising brands in front of the Mall. Hannah parked her car in front of the mall and passed the switch to a worker and paid him to park her hover car in parking. They went in and bought an oversized jean and shirt from the first clothing shop they saw.

    Then they went and found the restroom of the Mall. When they Reached the doors they saw the loophole in their plan. Which restroom should Mia go in? Men or women?

    "The Men restroom is better but the men in there may stop you or harass you but the women one is better if you change your clothes fast. So which one would you choose?" Hannah explained.

    "The women one. I'll try my best to come out fast." Mia said while walking in the women rest room.

    There were no one in the rest room except a beautiful and dazzling woman who were fixing her make up in the mirror. Mia went to the last room and locked the door behind her. she started to get naked as fast as she could. When she was completely naked, she used 'Gender Swap' and her figure completely changed then she started to wear those new clothes they bought and put those old ones in the bag. The clothes had only one problem: they were too oversized. Mia had to keep her pants with one of her hands to not let it fall. She didn't have any new short as the only one she had was a female one. She had to be careful.

    -calm down, calm down. There should be no one out there, sigh. - Mia calmed herself and opened the door slowly to look if any one was in the rest room or not. There really was no one and Mia started to walk toward the door with bags in her one hand and her jean in her other hand. She walked half the way when the handle of the bags tore apart. She turned back to fix the handle of the bag and when she stood up, there was that dazzling woman in front of her looking at her cock.

    Mia looked down and saw that her jeans were down and her penis was dancing in air with her balls. Mia put her pants on and ran toward the door as the woman started to scream. Although her penis wasn't erect, Mia's penis was huge but not as her huge balls.

    Mia ran out of the restroom and went for a store. Hannah and Emma could guess from that scream what might have happened and followed her. When everything calmed down and Mia took her breath, they went for the real shopping. The shop Emma wanted to take her was in the middle of the mall and on the way men and women alike looked at Mia with eyes full of hate, lust or curiosity. Finally they reached the store and bought a perfect set of dress that could take any women heart with Mia's perfect body. A pair of white shoes, a blue jean with a jean shirt and a white T-shirt under it.

    They went back to the cars and went for the brothel. on the way Hannah and Emma told her their experience. It was a bit awkward when Emma was advising Mia. Hannah was confused that how could she be this experienced!

    "Don't do anything and just let the girls take the lead. As a man you might finish faster but ask for some pills to be able to finish the quest in time" Hannah advised Mia the best she could and Emma only laughed at those words. It was so funny that her mom was teaching them how to have sex!

    Half an hour later they reached the brothel. It looked like a hotel and the people in there looked rich. The lobby was like a 5 star hotel if not better. All  of the receptionists were beautiful girls with some bunny outfit. The group of three went to the receptionist.

    Hannah said " please give us a room with three of your most beautiful girls for my son. Don't worry about the money, just book it fast"

    The receptionist eyes bulged out. How could a mother take her son to a brothel? But her expression didn't last long and she calmed herself and started to check the hologram in front of her.

    After a minute the receptionist said "Sorry Mam, there is only one girl available, all of our girls are out for a ceremony."

    Hannah didn't expect this and didn't know what to do. She was thinking when Emma said "We take it. Can you book a room for us too? A normal room please and it would be the best if it is beside my brother's room."

    The receptionist expression once again changed. How could they ask for this? Are they even human? With that frozen expression, the receptionist booked them two rooms and told them were to go.

    After they finished paying and stuff, Hannah said seriously "why did you book two rooms? I don't want to hear them moaning and screaming. Its disgusting."

    "You think I like that too? What if anything happen after the sex or Mia's skill run out of time or many other possibilities? What can we do? This way, we might be able to do something." Emma answered.

    "Mom I think it is better too, it is my first time being a boy and my first time having sex too." Mia said with her new and manly voice.

    When they reached their rooms it was exactly beside each other and they went in their own rooms.

    When Hannah and Emma went in they saw that the wall of their rooms were  see-through. They could see what Mia was doing like a TV. Hannah and Emma both said "FUCK" simultaneously.
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