4 Quest 2

    When Hannah and Emma went in they saw that the wall of their rooms were see-through. They could see what Mia was doing like a TV. Hannah and Emma both said "FUCK" simultaneously.

    "There is a TV and some board games. Lets just watch some movie. It is not gonna take long." Hannah said while looking at Emma.

    "Agree." Emma answered.


    The moment Mia went in the room, she saw a very minimal room design, It looked like her room. The temperature wasn't cold nor hot, it was perfect. The walls were white and Mia didn't see Emma and her mother. One side of the wall was a wide window. One could see the city through it.

    Mia started to search the room. A big bed in the middle and two closet beside it. Mia opened them one by one. In the first one, there were a complete set of BD** clothes and ropes, etc. in the second one, there were a complete set of dildos and other toys. Mia's manly face was bright red from embarrassment.

    While she was satisfying her curiosity, a gorgeous woman appeared behind her. Her hair was red, with a circular face and dazzling blue eyes, her lips were full and juicy. She was wearing a natural dress, her skin!

    "Hey!" The gorgeous woman said with a lustful voice.

    Mia got scared and turned around to see who was behind her.

    "Who are yo-" Mia couldn't complete her sentence. The moment she turned around, Mia saw the most beautiful woman in her life with her mouth still open.

    "It's your first time, huh! Hehe" The woman chuckled as she saw Mia's expression. "Im Laila but you can call me whatever you want." Laila said lustfully and slowly walked toward Mia and grabbed her shirt. Laila was only a breath away from Mia.

    "I...Im Ale..." Mia didn't know what to say and started to talk word by word. She tried to say my name is Alex. Not because she wanted to use another name but because she didn't want to explain her system to anyone again but she realized something before she could finish, her lips were touching something soft and juicy.

    Laila got close too fast for Mia to react. After a moment of kissing Laila whispered in Mia's ear "so I stole your first kiss too. This is going to be fun. Don't worry I'll make it a night that you won't forget" while Laila was talking she slowly moved her hands from Mia's chest to her pants.

    Mia's cock was trying to open everything and come out to welcome this beautiful woman. The moment Laila touched the head of her cock, Mia's feet shook from pleasure.

    "Someone is excited hohoho" Laila chuckled again and started to kiss Mia passionately again while rubbing Mia's cock and balls on his pants.

    Mia didn't know what to do and was too embarrassed to do anything. Slowly her body and instincts won over her logic. Mia started to kiss her back and grabbed Laila's round and full tits. With her other hand she started to rub her pussy. Laila's pussy was too juicy and hot that Mia felt her finger melting.

    Mia pushed Laila away and said "Just...l..et...me get na..ked". Her voice was full of lust and her breathing shallow.

    "Not a bad idea" Laila said devilishly.

    Mia started to get naked. She took of her shirt first and then her T-shirt. As she was taking out her T-shirt, she felt her jeans drop and her cock felt some fresh air.

    "You've got a big, big pocket of pleasure dude!" Laila voice rang in her ear. Mia couldn't see anything but she felt something hot and juicy around her cock. Mia took her T-shirt out as fast as she could and with her manly voice she said "Oh **, It feels too good"

    Laila chuckled and started to suck on her cock and playing with her balls vigorously . The sound of her sucking filled the room completely but Mia was in another world.

    Her knees were shaking and her eyes were white because of pleasure. Mia tried to warn Laila that she was cumming but she wasn't sure as she didn't knew how it would feel to cum.

    "Ough...**...aaaahhhh" Mia suddenly said while pumping her cum to Laila's mouth.

    Laila saw Mia's reaction and locked her hands on Mia's ass and pushed her cock completely in her mouth. Some minutes passed and Laila didn't let Mia go. She drank all of Mia's cum, drop by drop.

    Then she stood up and looked at Mia's sliver and dazzling eyes while licking her roses lips and said "It is just the beginning darling. Come, we have only this night to ourselves."

    Laila went and lied down on bed and opened her legs. It was like the gates of heaven had become open for Mia.

    "Come, it is your turn now. Lick me like you miss me" Laila said with a chuckle.

    Her pussy was pink and full of juice. She was so horny that her legs were wet from her juice. Laila was ready to be explored completely by Mia's cock but who would miss an oral sex? Only an idiot.

    Mia sat in front of Laila's pussy. it was her first time that she saw a pussy this close. although people had access to porn and even many more fun technologies, Mia wasn't interested in porn because of her personality. Now that she was seeing it this close, she was excited. Mia wasn't a lustful person but she had a pussy after all. She knew where tickled the most so she started rubbing Laila's clit.

    Mia didn't know why but she wanted to suck on it too. It was her instincts again and they were right. Mia started sucking on Laila's pussy while rubbing it. the moment she taste Laila's pussy she stopped and said with her manly voice "I didn't know you would taste like this. I like it, It is sweet."

    "Who wouldn't? I love it myself too. Keep going do not stop" Laila said while pushing Mia's head on her pussy and moaning.

    Mia licked slowly but the moment she got the hang of it, she licked like her life depended on it. She couldn't stop nor she wanted to. It was like that Mia had got addicted to Laila's juice. Mia was sucking on Laila's clit when her hand found its rightful place, Laila's tits!

    Mia rubbed them, pinched them and sometimes squeezed them. When she got full of Laila's honey juice, Mia started to lick Laila's body up to her tits. Mia started to suck on them like a hungry baby. Mia couldn't suck on both of them but she found something better, Laila's right tit was more sensitive. It was like Mia had hit the jackpot so she sucked on the right one while rubbing the left one.

    Slowly, Mia went for Laila's neck and her right ear. When Mia was licking Laila's neck, Laila whispered in her ears "I thought it was your first time." Then she grabbed Mia's head and started to kiss her like crazy. it was like the whole world was their bodies and if they stopped they would fall apart.

    Laila whispered to Mia "let the fun begins darling" and slowly grabbed Mia's cock and positioned it on her pussy.Mia understood what she meant and with a thrust Mia pushed her dick in her juicy heaven. Mia felt a feeling that she couldn't describe. It felt like getting reborn. Her eyes went white again and she couldn't stop thrusting. while Mia was enjoying herself, Laila got stuck between pain and pleasure. It was painful to have a cock suddenly in your pussy but the pleasure was more.

    Their moaning and thrusting sound had filled the room again, not only sound but scent too. Mia's speed got faster and Laila felt that Mia was close to cum so she locked her feet around Mia's waist. With a push, Laila changed position and got on top of Mia and said "Not this fast darling, I want more of your godlike cock"


    "ooh...She is a professional. 20 points for that move" Hannah said with a popcorn bowl in her hands. Hannah and Emma had turned their sofa toward the Mia's room and was watching them while eating snacks like it was a movie.

    "Yeah, but Im impressed by Mia's stamina. It is her first time after all. I wish I could be that woman." Emma said while eating popcorn. She couldn't see Hannah because all of her focus was on Mia and Laila, If she could she would surely burry herself.


    As this was Mia's first time, she didn't know that sex could finish even in a minute. Laila was now on top of her and kissing her and giving her dick a rest. some moments later Mia couldn't help and whisper in Laila's ear "I want more of you, please"

    "Ugh god if you ask me with those silver and shining eyes I can't say no." Laila grabbed Mia's 8 inches godlike cock and slowly sat on it. While sitting on it, she tightened her pussy again and again till it was completely in. Slowly she started to ride her cock like crazy.

    Mia, who was lying and moaning from time to time, grabbed Laila's tits and started to rub them. Some thrust later Mia said "Im close". Now that she had felt cumming once, she warned Laila but Mia had something else in her mind. Mia hugged Laila suddenly and stood up. Laila understood what Mia had in mind and locked her legs around her. Mia grabbed Laila's ass to make sure she wouldn't fall and started to thrust her like a mad person.

    Laila used this opportunity and started to kiss Mia. It just only took some thrust for Mia to cum but she didn't stop and thrust more vigorously. Laila's pussy was dripping with cum but she was in heaven. It was her first time that someone with an 8 inch cock had **ed her to this extent and cum in her. Although it wasn't her safe day, she was feeling so high that nothing didn't matter anymore.

    Mia's thrusting came to a stop and she hugged Laila and sat on the bed then she lied down and said "don't leave me now. It is my first time that I have hugged a woman like this in my life"

    Laila laughed and kissed Mia and said "I'm not gonna leave you and miss this giant dick for my whole life. I just want to take a shower and come back for another round. And don't beg me with that eyes, I can't say no"

    After some kissing, Laila stood up and went for the shower, it was a door on the right side of the bed.  Mia said info and system pop up showed up:


    [Name: Mia]

    [Level: 0/unlimited]

    [Age: 18 (not fully grown) ]

    [Sex: female]

    [Lifespan: 100 years]

    [Skills: Gender Swap (2 hours and 13 minutes left) ]

    [Magic: not available]

    [Points: 0]

    [Points needed for next level:1000]

    [Points needed for transformation: 10000 ]

    [For help say "help"]

    [Quests: have sex. 1/3. 7000 Points. 18:48.37]

    [Warning: if you don't complete the quests by the given time, five years of your lifespan will be given to system as compensation]


    Before Mia could say anything, another pop up appeared.


    [Quest Summery: 1 out of 3 is done. 2 more different partner require. Have Fun!]


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