5 Quest 3


    Mia was so angry at her system that she wanted to kill herself. How could she find two different person right now? Mia got dressed and went to say goodbye to Laila. It was fun but her life was more important. After saying goodbye behind the door of the bathroom, Mia went out of the room to find her mother and sister before Laila could come out of bathroom.

    Mia came out and knocked on the door beside her room. After some waiting, Emma opened the door. Her expression was like someone who had a heart attack. Her clothes were sloppy and her voice was  shallow.

    "Did something happened to you? Why do you look like this?" As Mia saw Emma's expression, she asked worriedly with her manly voice.

    "No...hehe...why do you ask?" Emma answered while trying to not look at Mia's eyes. Her voice was shaking as she talked and her face flushed more.

    "Im in trouble, I should talk to mom. Why don't you let me come in? What is wrong?" Mia was in a hurry and wanted to seek help but Emma's action was weird.

    "Oh...I mean...yeah..come in." Emma was reluctant to let Mia come in but it was about something important, Mia's life.

    Mia pushed Emma aside and went in. The moment she saw her room and the see-through wall, she shouted "YOU SAW ALL THE THINGS?" She was so embarrassed and angry that she forgot about her problem.

    Hannah, who was sitting on the couch while hiding, said "it was Emma's idea to have two rooms. we didn't watch you, we only watched a movie, right Emma?"

    "Yeah, Yeah. We just watched a movie, oh and the wall has a setting which you can turn it back to normal. We just turned it off to see how you were doing. By the way why did you come back? Don't tell me you finished three part just in half an hour?" Emma tried really hard to explain and then changed the subject.

    Mia wanted to ask them more question but she remembered she had something more important, her **ing Quest! As she realized this, Mia said "don't think I'm fool and yeah...something about my quest changed and it is driving me crazy."

    Hannah stood up from the couch and asked worriedly "what changed?"

    "I need to have sex with 3 different people not 1 and my skill has a time limit. What the hell am I gonna do? I just want everything to back to normal." Mia said, trying to stop crying with her manly face.

    "WHAT? Different people? Time limit?" Hannah and Emma said almost simultaneously.

    "Why didn't you check your info in home? Now what are we gonna do? You should have read the quest description. If you did, we would have gone to another brothel" Hannah said while holding her head and walking around the room.

    Emma locked the door without them noticing and came to Mia and asked "how much time do you have?"

    Mia answered "around 2 and half an hour. Why?"

    Emma said "is it not obvious? We are two women and you need two different people. Come on, get naked."

    Mia petrified while Hannah shouted "WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY? "

    "What? Do you have any better way? by the time we go to another brothel her skill time limit would go off for god knows how long. We both know that by tomorrow Mia is gonna lose five years of her life in college while you didn't do anything. Yeah it is disgusting but if you have something better say say now." Emma shouted.

    "SHE IS MY DAUGHTER. YOU ARE HER SISTER. DON'T YOU UNDERSTA-" Hannah was shouting when she saw Emma got naked.

    "There is no way, in this **ing universe, for extending ones lifespan even with magic so if you want to live longer, get naked!" Emma grabbed Mia's shirt and said to her.

    "But you ar-" Mia wanted to reason with Emma but Emma shouted "Do it or I would do it myself, sis"

    Mia looked at her mom, Hannah, to see her reaction but what she saw amazed her to the roof. Hannah was naked while tying her brown and soft hair.

    "What? Don't you want to live more? With us? Yeah you are family but I would do anything to keep you alive. So enjoy" Hannah chuckled while walking seductively to Mia. All of her actions had changed in a mere second.

    Mia was surprised and scared as her mouth opened to floor.

    -is she really my mom? How cou... - Mia was thinking how to stop them but she realized something soft and hot around her cock.

    in that brief moment, Emma had unzipped her pants and started sucking her not-erected cock and balls. "How could yo..." Mia tried to ask her how could she do it but her moms hand grabbed her head and Hannah's lips shut them tightly.

    Hannah slowly took out her shirt then her T-shirt while kissing her non-stop. Emma on the other hand, took down Mia's pants and revealed her full package. Mia's cock got erect almost instantly and Emma was sucking it like a professional pornstar. Mia's instincts got the best of her and her hand went for Hannah's pussy. It was already wet!

    Mia got surprised and wanted to ask how could they be wet but her lips were sealed by Hannah's.  Emma was deep throating Mia while rubbing her balls. Hannah, on the other hand, was kissing and touching every part of Mia's body. The stimulations of Hannah's touches and the perfect technique of her sister made her cum, Almost.


    Emma stood up and pointed at the bed behind them and said "lie on the bed sis." Mia lied down on the bed. Hannah and Emma, like two angels, started to suck her cock again. Mia didn't know why but she didn't feel close to cumming anymore.

    "When you want to cum, say! " Emma said with a chuckle.

    Mia's mind went blank from their perfect technique. Hannah sucked her like  a mature women, slow but deep. on the other hand, Emma was sucking her like a teenager, hungry for cock. when Mia was close to cum, she would tell them and Emma or Hannah would put their finger in her ass and stopped sucking just a moment for everything to turn back to normal and then all again. Only god knew how long they were sucking Mia's dick like hungry wolves when Emma said "so who should be the first? Me or you mom?"

    Hannah wanted to scold her but she saw Mia's cock in her hand so she said "YOU! " with a grunt. Emma chuckled and went on top of Mia and positioned Her cock then slowly, she sat down. Unlike Laila, she sat fast on her cock but Emma's pussy was so tight that made Mia to groan. Slowly, Emma started to take a step further with increasing her speed. Her breasts giggling and her face was red and her eyes white from pleasure.

    Hannah sat on Mia's face and said with devilish smile "lick me like I'm your lover"

    Hannah's pussy was now wide in front of Mia's eyes. Her smell was so fresh and nice that made Mia to lick it. It also tasted so sweat and perfect that made Mia's mind full of lust. When Hannah was sure that Mia was sucking her perfectly, she grabbed Emma's tits and started to lick them and suck on them.


    Laila got out of bathroom as fast as she could but couldn't find Mia. She then turned back and put her towel on and went out of the room to check. She couldn't find Mia and thought to herself "at least I got paid and it was fun and awesome."


    Mia was feeling so much pleasure right now that she wanted to cum fast. Mia pushed Hannah aside with her muscular body and then hugged Emma and locked her. Mia squeezed Emma's ass while banging it harder. Emma moaned and shouted while Mia banged her. Hannah was enjoying the view and was touching herself.

    Emma and Mia both shouted "Im cumming" and an amazing cream pie happened. Mia dick was released from its burden and Emma was feeling so high that she fainted on Mia's muscular chest.

    Mia was panting and breathing heavily and after she got some of her stamina back, she pushed Emma on the bed and stood up. In front of her eyes a pop up appeared:


    [Quest Summery: 2 out of 3 is done. 1 more different partner requires. Have Fun!]

    [Skill Summery: 'Gender Swap: 01:04,02 left' ]


    Mia didn't care about the pop up because she was sure it would be complete. "Looks like someone is ready for round two." Hannah said seductively as she saw Mia's still hard cock. She stood up from the bed and got a spray which was in a closet beside the bed and said "give me your cock, I want more of you. It has been a long, long time."

    Hannah sprayed Mia's cock and stood in front of her in a doggy style. Mia felt her cock had lost sensation but she didn't care and put it slowly in Hannah's pussy. Hannah slowly moaned as Mia's cock filled her pussy completely.

    Mia's speed slowly increased and with it Hannah's moaning also got louder. Emma, who was now up, sat in front of Hannah and opened her legs wide with seductive smile. Hannah understood what she meant and lowered her head to suck on Emma's pussy.  Emma's pussy was still full of Mia's cum and Hannah licked it with pleasure.

    With every thrust of Mia's dick, Hannah's mouth would push on Emma's pussy and make Emma go to heaven and back. Emma couldn't help herself and shouted "IM CUMMING" and her pussy erupted on Hannah's face.

    Hannah licked her lips and said with a giggle"I thought you were an amateur."

    Emma answered after she took her breath "I am your daughter after all"

    Mia didn't know why but she got furious that Hannah could talk and laugh while getting **ed by her cock. Mia took out her cock and said with her manly voice "so you still have the time to laugh mom? You asked for it"

    Mia spit on Hannah's ass and massaged it with her finger and said "you ready?" But before Hannah could answer, Mia positioned her dick on her ass hole and pushed it in fast. It was much tighter that Mia felt her cock's skin torn apart. With every breath that Hannah took, her ass would tighten more.

    Hannah was screaming because of pain, her hands were squeezing Emma's feet so hard that her feet changed color. Mia's speed didn't decrease but Hannah's pain changed to pleasure slowly.

    Emma stood and lied beneath Hannah like 69 position and she started to suck on Hannah's pussy vigorously while Mia's balls tapped on her nose and Hannah's pussy. Hannah was in heaven right now as she was getting **ed up and sucked at the same time. In all her life and her sex life, she had not even felt close to this.

    Mia saw Emma's cute face beneath her balls and took out her cock and pushed it in Emma's mouth. Emma's mouth welcomed her cock and started to suck on it. Mia would swap her cock between their holes, Hannah's ass and pussy and Emma's mouth.

    From this excessive **ing, Mia felt that she was close to cum but she didn't, only she got more excited and it was all because of the spray.

    Then they changed position and Hannah lied on her back and Emma sat on her face while Mia started to ** her pussy. Emma was kissing Mia while getting sucked by Hannah. Thrust after thrust, lick after lick, Emma got close to cumming again. This time she was empty and only her body fell on the bed motionlessly.

    Mia hugged Hannah and stood up. Hannah locked her legs around Mia's waist while Mia thrust fast and faster. Emma got up slowly and sat beneath them and started to lick on Hannah's ass while Mia's balls tapped on her chin. Mia was getting more close to cum with every thrust when a pop up appeared in front of her.


    [Skill summery: 'Gender Swap: 00:00,10 left' ]


    -Fuck, has already one hour passed? - Mia thought but this pop up didn't stop her from thrusting faster.

    With every thrust, one second passed.


    [Skill summery: 'Gender Swap: 00:00,09 left' ]


    "Oooh...FUCK ME HARDER" Hannah shouted


    [Skill summery: 'Gender Swap: 00:00,07 left' ]


    "Cum for your sister, hehe" Emma giggled and pushed her finger in Mia's ass to make her cum faster.


    [Skill summery: 'Gender Swap: 00:00,05 left' ]


    "Only five seconds left, hurry" Mia shouted while moaning.


    [Skill summery: 'Gender Swap: 00:00,03 left' ]


    "Cum for your mommy, little M" Hannah said.


    [Skill summery: 'Gender Swap: 00:00,01 left' ]

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