6 Level Up


    [Skill Summery: 'Gender Swap' Time is up!]



    [Quest Summery: 3 out of 3 is done. 'Have Sex' is completed, 7000 Points earned]


    Pop up after pop up showed up in front of Mia but Mia was feeling high so much right now that she couldn't see them. Her godlike cock was in Her mom's pussy with cum dripping from it. Emma was licking every drop with moans and pleasure when Mia's body started to change.

    Mia's muscular figure changed to a teenager girl, her real self. Hannah was still hugging Mia with her feet locked around Mia's waist. This time, Mia's skill took longer to reverse. Mia was full of sweet, she looked like she had went through hell. Hannah released Mia as fast as she could and hugged Mia then took her to the bed with Emma.

    "I'm...hungry...augh why does my abdomen feel so weird..." slowly Mia opened her eyes and said with husky voice.

    "Oh honey, I just order dinner now. How do you feel beside those? Did you complete your quest?" Hannah said while kissing Mia's forehead.

    Emma was sitting beside Mia. With a creepy smile she said "Sis, tell me. How did it feel? Should we do it again?"

    "Shut up don't you see she is resting? She is not your boyfriend. She is your family for god's sake" Hannah said with a groan. Emma answered while raising her hands "it was just a joke, just a joke hehe"

    Soon, someone knocked on their door, it was a boy. He had brought the dinner Hannah ordered. The three of them were now wearing a white night dress. Mia was still dizzy from all those actions, her skill and the pill, She was sitting on the bed while holding her head with her hands. The boy came and prepared a table for them and after that he went.

    The three of them sat on their chair and started to eat. The moment Mia sat on her spot, she wolfed down everything in front of her. It was at this moment she realized her mother and sister are watching her in shock. With a awkward smile, she slowed down and became her usual self but  was still munching on everything!

    After some minutes of eating and relaxing, Hannah asked "so did you check your quest? Is it complete?"

    "I don't know, I didn't check. I'll check after dinner." Mia said while eating stake. Hannah said ok and resumed eating.

    Half an hour later, the table was empty but their stomachs full. The three sat on the bed, waiting for Mia to finish. Mia was reading her info. It had changed so much that she didn't know what to say.


    [Name: Mia]

    [Level: 0/unlimited]

    [Age: 18 (not fully grown) ]

    [Sex: female]

    [Lifespan: 100 years]

    [Skills: Gender Swap (ready in 4:34.31)]

    [Magic: not available]

    [Points: 7000]

    [Points needed for next level:1000]

    [Points needed for transformation: 10000 ]

    [you have enough points to level up to 'level 4' do you agree? ]


    There was no quest, no information or help. Mia explained what she was seeing. Hannah and Emma looked at her with shock. They didn't expect this or anything so Hannah said "my little M, from this moment onwards, I can't help you anymore nor your sister can. It is for your own safety honey but it doesn't matter what you decide, I will be by your side forever."

    "Yes little sister. If anyone get to know that you have told us about your system, they will take you to a black hole in space or even kill you. I might help you with your quests hehehe, but more? I can't." Emma also explained.

    Mia took another look at her info and after some thinking she decided to upgrade her system so she said "Mom I've decided. Can you look after me while I upgrade my system?"

    "Don't worry we are safe here after all. Start it and lets see what will happen. It might take some hours at most." Hannah answered.

    With a nod Mia said to her self 'yes'

    Another pop up appeared in front of her.


    [Warning: you will lose consciousness for at least twelve hours, if something happens to you at that moment you die.]

    [Do you want to continue?]


    Mia took a deep breath and said 'yes' again.  The pop up in front of her glitched and everything went black!

    Mia woke up but she was somewhere else. She was floating and everything around her was dark, only her body visible. She wanted to move her body when she saw a pop up in front of her.


    [Welcome to system dimension. You are in the middle of upgrading your system. You wont feel anything here but you have access to your system. Consider it a dream with awareness. Would you like a summary of your new system? ]


    Her system now seemed more 'alive'. It's sentences were less computer-like. Mia didn't have anything to do and she was curious about her new system so she agreed .

    Another pop up appeared


    [Unlocked features:1.reward system unlocked.

    2.store unlocked.

    3.passive skills unlocked.

    4.beast mode unlocked.

    5.fairy mode unlocked.

    6.lucky-spin unlocked.

    7.inventory unlocked.

    8.Goddess body unlocked.

    9.Lust and Love unlocked.

    10.Power and slaughter unlocked.

    11.system dimension unlocked.]

    [Upgraded feature: 1. Gender swap.


    3.system consumption.

    4.quests section upgraded.]


    Mia was so happy and shocked at the same time. Every feature or upgrade was awesome. She was thinking that maybe if she tried so hard, she could achieve her dreams with this system. As she had read before, Ero system had the ability to become both a defensive and offensive system. It sure was awesome.

    Mia finished reading the pop up when another pop up appeared.


    [These Upgrades needs your permission:


    2.Goddess body.

    3.Lust and Love.

    4.Power and slaughter.

    Do you Agree?]


    Mia was so happy right now and said yes almost instantly, Almost.

    She felt her blood boiling and with her every breath she felt refreshed. Her body was normal as a teenager girl but now it was all changing. Her body was on fire now and her skin was wet with her sweat. Every second that passed, her skin become softer and hairless. After some minutes, her body was so beautiful that if she stood still you would think of it as a sculpture of a goddess. Her abs, her tits, her waist, everything was perfect.

    She was feeling powerful when a power feeling of lust and love took control of her body. Slowly her mind, become clear but the feeling wasn't gone. It was like she had become a lust machine but with a wisdom of a god. She was trying to understand her situation when another feeling ravaged her mind.

    She felt powerful, she felt an unstoppable bloodlust but in the midst of those feeling, She was calm like a machine. So calm that if eyes could kill, you would die thousands time with just a look.

    She was totally feeling like a goddess now. She was floating in the system dimension with her eyes closed. Space broke around her and then fixed it self again. Mia felt she had access to a room but it was in the deepest place of her mind. Like a word that you knew but couldn't say, she knew it's existence but couldn't reach it.

    She was lost in the middle of those feelings when a pop up appeared in front of her with a 'ding'.


    [your system upgraded successfully. Do you want to leave system dimension? ]


    Mia said 'no'. Her eyes now was full of wisdom and she knew what she was doing. Again, Mia said info and a pop up appeared in front her.


    [Name: Mia]

    [Level: 4/unlimited]

    [Age: 18 (virgin) ]

    [Sex: female]

    [Lifespan: 500 years]

    [Points: 0]







    [Reward System]

    [Warning: if you don't complete the quests by the given time, fifty* years of your lifespan will be given to system as compensation]


    System pop up had changed, it was now more organized. It had many new features and Mia choose those which she didn't knew. First she checked skills.



    1.Gender Swap (No Time limit).

    2.Lust (Twice a day)*

    3.beast mode (Auto)*

    4.fairy mode (Auto)*

    5.System dimension. (Twice a day)

    6.Lust and Love (Passive)*

    7.Power and Slaughter (Passive)*

    8.Goddess body (Passive)* ]

    *lust gives you the ability to make other fall for you and beg for sex. (Compatible with Gender Swap)

    *system will take control of your body when it feels threatened (Only compatible with Gender Swap)

    *system will take control of your body when it feels threatened (Only compatible with your natural body)

    *teleport you to a magical dimension only you can access.

    *lust and love gives you a lustful mind with lots of information mostly about sex. It also grants you complete control over your ejaculation and birth control.

    *power and slaughter gives you an almost infinite amount of muscle power and knowledge. It also grants you a perfectly balanced mind to help you decide in a dangerous situation.

    *goddess body makes your body immune to any disease. No scar or damage would leave on your skin. You won't get old and you have the energy of a goddess as long as this skill is active.


    "I've got many good skills. beside beast mode and fairy mode which I don't understand them, The goddess body and lust and love can help me a lot. Lets see the quests and then reward system." Mia said to herself. After she said quests, a pop up appeared in front of her.



    1.lose virginity (3475p) 48:58.32

    2.buy an skill from store (1000p) 48:58.32

    3.use lust on a male (2500p) 48:58.32]


    "At least I have time for these but the system consumption is a pain in the ass. They have high prices too. Lets see the reward system. " Mia thought to herself

    Reward system window popped up.


    [Welcome to Reward system.

    For every action you do while having sex, you will get points.

    Action list:

    Foreplay: 100 points

    Oral sex: 300 points

    Vaginal Sex:1200 points

    Anal sex: 2100 points

    Impregnate/impregnating: 10000 points.

    Threesome will double the points.

    Taking someone virginity gives you 5000 additional points.]


    "At least I can buy many skills when I finish my quests. Lets see what this store has for me." Mia thought to herself.

    Store window appeared with a thought of Mia.






    4.scrolls ]


    "I didn't expect this. It is too good to be true. Scrolls? Hell yeah, I can become a magician in no time." Mia was so happy about her system upgrade that she had forgot about Hannah and Emma. She was thinking what to check first when she heard Hannah's voice. With a thought, Mia closed the system dimension and returned to her real body.

    All of her body was drenched in sweat and smelt awful that Mia wanted to throw up. Hannah and Emma was in their dress and sun was touching every part of the room. Mia slowly stood up, her sculpture like body was now full of energy.

    Hannah couldn't stop herself and asked "was it successful? Did your system consumption reduce?"

    Mia answered while walking to shower "successful? It is awesome. The system takes fifty years for consumption hehehe"

    Hannah and Emma shouted "WHAT?!"
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