7 You have changed!

    When Mia started her system upgrade, Hannah and Emma slept beside her. They were enjoying their sweet dreams when a disgusting smell woke them up. When they opened their eyes, they saw Mia, covered in a black jelly-like substance. It was the smell of that black jelly-like substance that woke them up.

    As they were thinking how to Woke Mia up, Suddenly Mia opened her eyes. Her eyes were shining silver and if you looked closely enough, you would see some shades of red in it. It was mesmerizing. Mia stood up and with a towel went for the bathroom without saying anything. The smell was killing her.

    Hannah couldn't stop herself and asked "was it successful? Did your system consumption reduce?"

    Mia answered "successful? It is awesome. The system takes fifty years for consumption hehehe"

    Hannah and Emma shouted "WHAT?!"

    Their mind was processing what Mia had said when the sound of bathroom door woke them up. They wanted to go to the bathroom and ask Mia what did she mean but they realized the mess they made last night. They decided to call the hotel servant to come for cleaning. Hannah also ordered breakfast for themselves. The two were waiting for Mia to come out so they could all go back to their normal lives after a night full of worries, pain and pleasure.

    Mia, behind the door of the bathroom, was standing under the shower, lost in a thousand thoughts.  All of these changes should have made her happy or even angry and frustrated but she was calm, even calmer than usual.

    Her body was too perfect now. Her boobs were now big enough to fit in any hand but small enough to not ruin her daily life. Not even a single thread of hair was on her body. Shining like a diamond, Mia was wondering about something else.

    "How the hell did I change this much and how can I go to college with this body?" Mia thought loudly under the shower.

    Her changes were too much to not get noticed. She was wondering how her friends would react. She didn't have many friends but those she had would ask about her. How could she answer them? It wasn't logical even with magic.

    Magic could keep you young or it could improve your body but it couldn't change your body permanently. Although systems had many abilities but they were just a 'tool' for humans to use magic. All skills, all quests  and all points were a price to pay so that they could use magic. Now, Mia, had access to some magic that humans had never heard about.

    Beside all of this, was her new personality. Mia wasn't the same person she used to be and she could feel it. She was calm, seductive and more open. She knew everything about anything. She knew how she could seduce others with just a look or how to kill a person with just a slap. The creepy thing was that it should have scared or even amazed her but she was calm now.

    "I should act like before even in front of my family and friends, it is for their own good but I should always be ready if anything happens. I should plan for my quests or I will die in just three days if I get three quests every 48 hours." Mia thought to herself.

    Half an hour later, Mia came out of the bathroom with a towel around her body and another around her hair.

    Slowly, Mia went for her chair and sat on it. She then grabbed some bread to put honey on it and eat. While eating eggs and sausages, Hannah said "Just tell me, is it better?"

    Mia stopped eating her honey bread and after a moment of silence and thinking, she said "it is better somehow. I should be fine"

    -I should tell them, at least about my personality. I didn't know it would be this bad to not feel.

    Mia drank a gulp of milk and said "I have changed. Just know that I'm not that shy and idiot girl anymore. But I'm still Mia. Your daughter and your sister. I hope you understand"

    Hannah stopped her tears from falling as hard as she could and said "How could I not understand? You are my daughter."

    "I completely understood you last night, completely from your bottom to your top.By the way sis, you have hit puberty so hard. Whats up with these packages? Huh?" Emma said with a chuckle while rubbing Mia's tits.

    "You will get a VIP ticket when they ripe. Don't worry big sis." Mia said with a dazzling smile while pinching Emma's cheek.

    "Oh **, you really have changed." Emma stared at her breakfast and said slowly. Never ever before, Mia answered her teasing. Mia would just blush or said something like 'stop' but now things had changed.

    Hannah, who was drinking milk on the other side of table, saw them and the shock choked her out. After some coughing, she regained her cool and cleared her throat then said "eat fast, we have to go back to our lives. Hurry"


    After coming back from the brothel near 12 o'clock, the three couldn't get to their work so they decided to go back home and just chill. Hannah made one of her tasty lunch as fast as she could. When they ate, it was evening. Emma and Mia went to their room while Hannah went to her work room and started to work.

    Mia was now lying on her bed thinking about her situation. She got so many skills and upgrades that she didn't know about like 'Lust'

    Mia was thinking about the effect of 'Lust' when she heard knock knock. After a moment, Emma opened the door and came in. She then went and sat beside Mia.

    "How can I help you sir? Hehehe" Mia asked Emma with a chuckle.

    "Oh I came here to ask if you are free tomorrow night? I need you. To be honest, i need your skill." Emma said with an awkward expression. She was playing with her fingers out of awkwardness.

    "What do you mean? Please continue sir" Mia sat down in front Emma and said.

    "Don't mess with me idiot. There is a big party tomorrow night and I don't have a boyfriend. Yes Micheal is my boyfriend but our relationship is a bit **ed up right now so...would you?" Emma said.

    "Yeah why not, I need to complete some quests' too hehe. Oh and Gender swap is limitless now I can be your boyfriend as long as you want" Mia answered.

    "Oh really that is awesome. Ok, I see you tomorrow. I have a movie to watch" Emma stood up from the bed and turned to go.

    Suddenly Mia asked "sis I have a favor to ask Would you help me?"

    Emma turned around and said sarcastically "anything as long as I don't have to get **ed up in my both holes, actually three. I forgot my mouth"

    "Shut up. I won't ask for something like that. There is a new skill I've got and I don't know if it is safe or not. Do you let me test it on you?" Mia said seriously.

    "Ok, go on" Emma answered almost immediately. Almost.

    Mia looked in Emma's eyes and said 'Lust'. Some moments passed but nothing happened. Seconds turned to minutes and Emma lost her patience and said "is it gonna change you or me? Cause I don't feel anything"

    Mia didn't answer her but she opened her info window.


    [Name: Mia]

    [Level: 4/unlimited]

    [Age: 18 (virgin) ]

    [Sex: female]

    [Lifespan: 500 years]

    [Points: 0]



    [Skills; Active: Lust (1/2)]




    [Reward System]

    [Warning: if you don't complete the quests by the given time, fifty* years of your lifespan will be given to system as compensation] --------

    "Nothing is wrong with my system and it says that 'Lust' is active. Lets sit and see what will happen. You don't have something to do anyway" Mia told Emma what she was thinking. Emma sat on the bed and just waited.

    Around fifteen minutes had passed when Emma said "sis, I feel hot. Something is going on."

    Mia grabbed Emma's hand to see how she was felling but the moment Mia touched Emma, Emma moaned like crazy and started to touch herself.
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