8 Testing!

    Emma couldn't stop herself. She was just moaning and rubbing her pussy like a mad person. Mia wanted to stop her skill now because she got some clue about it but suddenly Emma pushed Mia on the bed and got on top of her. She started to kiss Mia and rub her pussy on Mia's leg.

    Mia didn't stop her and kissed her back but she turned off 'Lust'. Mia didn't stop kissing her though because she felt Emma shaking on top of her. It didn't take long for Emma to reach orgasm. "ooohhhh...**...you have to try it on mother sis, you have to." then she fainted on Mia.

    -what a crazy skill. it can make someone aroused and it seems touching the target would amplify it's effect.

    it didn't take long for the system to show a pop up.


    [Rewarded Points: 1.foreplay: 100p

    2. Skills Usage: (Lust: 75p)

    Total Points: 175p]


    Mia pushed Emma aside without paying attention to the system pop up and sat on the bed. she was thinking about her idea. if she was correct, Mia could always seduce everyone she wanted. "it seems I have to try it one more time. thanks sis for helping me, twice."

    Mia put a sheet on Emma and and went down stair. Hannah was making dinner in the kitchen. she was wearing a loose white shirt with a black jean. Hannah was chopping cucumbers when Mia called her name. "Mom what are you doing? when is the dinner ready?"

    Without looking up, Hannah said "we have Green Salad. where is your sister? dinner would be ready soon."

    Mia took a slice of cucumber and activated 'Lust' without saying anything. Some moments passed but nothing happened. Mia wanted to go call Emma and turn of the skill but Hannah said "turn on the AC. It is a little bit hot here."

    Mia smiled and with her watch, she turned it on. She went in the kitchen with a chuckle "Mom, can I kiss you? You are the BEST Mom ever."

    Hannah, without paying any attention to Mia said "you always kiss me. Come on I have a job to do after dinner"

    Mia didn't hesitate and hugged Hannah from behind and kissed her on the neck. Then she stood back to observe Hannah. Hannah was holding a bowl of salad when Mia kissed her neck. She got goosebumps all over her body "why did you kiss my ne-" But Hannah couldn't complete her sentence completely.

    Hannah shouted like a mad old woman who had not seen or felt any cock in her life. She dropped the salad bowl and dropped down her jean and started touching herself in front of Mia.

    Emma slowly walked to the kitchen and stood beside Mia with a creepy smile on her face. "So you tested her too, huh? What a wonderful sister I have."

    "I think it's enough, right? I know how my skill work now" Hannah asked.

    "It would be rude to stop her. Mom is near one of her best orgasms in her entire life hehe" Emma answered.

    Hannah was there, in the middle of the kitchen. Sitting on floor with her legs wide open, glass and vegetables all around her but somehow she wasn't injured from those broken glasses. She was moaning and thrusting her fingers as fast as she could.

    Mia bent down and gave her mother a deep kiss. Hannah couldn't stop herself and erupted like a volcano. Her juice got on the floor, her jean, refrigerator and everything around. She was vibrating wildly while her eyes were white from pleasure.

    Mia turned her skill off then grabbed Emma's hand and pulled her out of the kitchen. Mia told Emma to just watch and not tell her anything. She wanted to know if Hannah could remember anything or not. Although she knew the possibility was low but Mia wanted to be sure.

    Hannah didn't faint like Emma but she just closed her eyes and breathed heavily. Her loose white shirt was now clinging to her body as it was completely wet. It looked like she had run through a marathon. Her cheeks red and her hair completely wet. Hannah opened her eyes and saw the mess around her. Suddenly she remembered something. "Mia, you...will...pay...for...this. We don't have dinner tonight and I'm gonna take a shower." She couldn't talk fast and she had to catch her breath before every word

    Slowly she stood up and put on her jean. "And thanks but don't ever do this without my permission ever again." Hannah touched her wrist and a hologram appeared then she tapped on 'kitchen cleaning' and went for her room.

    The floor of the kitchen went down for 10cm and it got flooded with water. Some moments passed and it turned back to normal. While the floor was getting washed by water the tools and foods in the kitchen got sprayed and dried with air. In a minute or two the kitchen was normal like always again.

    "It seems we have to order something tonight. You could have gone easy on her or at least warned her to not ruin the dinner. Idiot" Emma said.

    "It is the past now. Forget about it. At least I know that I can use my skills as a weapon now." Mia said.

    Mia and Emma went upstairs. With rock, paper, scissors, a game they found in their history books, they went in Mia's room and opened the window. Emma ordered a cheeseburger with her watch while Mia ordered pizza. Some minutes later, a drone delivered their food.

    Mia grabbed the food and paid with her watch. "Hurry and eat. I have university tomorrow and I have three quests to complete. I need to sleep early. "



    It was twilight and sun was just waking up. Mia was standing naked in front of mirror. Her hairless body was shining even with that little light in the sky. She was examining her body and checking the before and after.

    It was impossible to hide this magnificent body so she didn't think more and said to herself "whatever that wants to happen, will happen. Who am I to stop it?"

    She opened her closet. It was different from those ancient closets. It had hologram inside and so many bubble like things. Inside those bottles, something like a storm was running around. Sometimes it formed into a dress and sometimes it was formless. Mia chose University uniform and a bubble approached her. She grabbed the bubble and tapped it on her watch.

    Slowly, a uniform engulfed her, from her shoes to her hair tie. It was a black and white uniform with a black skirt. A pair of black sport shoes with knee-long black socks. Her top embraced her tits but her  belly was naked.

    After she tied her hair, she grabbed a grey pen and ran downstairs. Without saying goodbye, Mia opened the door and went out. Mia tapped the button on the pen and dropped it down. The pen was in the middle of the air when it turned into a skate hover board. Mia jumped on it and sped up for the university.
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