9 University

    Around thirty minutes later, Mia was in front of her University. There was a small wall with "Green Hill university" written on it beside the road. The university looked like a park. Full of tress and grass and beside these it had a lake at the center of it. In a holographic world, this university looked like a diamond.

    Mia rode her hover board till she reached the  main building. It was a spherical glass building. Mia stood on the ground and tapped on her wrist then the hover board turned to a pen and flew on her hand.

    Mia knew that she had to feel excited but she didn't. She was calm more than ever but Mia didn't want others to suspect anything. Mia looked excited but deep down, she knew she must look for her new prey.

    She started to walk toward the main building as her classes were getting started. Mia was thinking about how she could tell her only friend about her changes when someone hugged her from behind.

    "Where have you been my dearest fri--oh you've got some packages up here. Girl what did you do? You must have hit puberty pretty hard" It was her only friend. Her friend hugged her and grabbed Mia's tits as usual. With a surprise on her face, she slowly came in front of Mia.

    "I don't know, Rebecca. They just keep growing." After a moment of silence between the two, they both laughed.

    Rebecca was a teenager girl like Mia but she wasn't like her at all. She had two horns on her head that looked like a crown. Her skin was purple and she had two little black wings on her back. With long legs and watermelon tits and a full package thigh, Rebecca was the crush of all the boy and even some girls in university. With her personality, always laughing and always looking for fun, Rebecca did whatever her heart desired.

    Because of magic and interstellar travels, human understood that they weren't lonely in this vast universe. Although many governments and many organizations tried to hide this fact, the truth showed itself. Mia was human but Rebecca was from a race called 'Mafels' or in human language 'Little Angels' . After the great war the society turned upside down. Every human knew the truth. Humans were weaker than any other race in any aspect so instead of changing others, they changed themselves.

    From then, every society in the universe accepted interracial society and made it a rule. It is why that Rebecca is a mafel and Mia is a human and they live in the same society, in peace.

    The they continued their walk toward the class. "Where have been? You didn't attend any of your classes yesterday. How did your ceremony go? Did you get an awesome system? Can you try your skill? I promise I would tell you about mine if you tell me about yours." Rebecca bombed Mia with many many questions.

    Rebecca was Mia's only friend. At first, Mia was an introvert and didn't even talk to anyone, Mia always sat in the corner of the room. Rebecca, on the other hand, befriended every living creature the moment she came to Green Hill. Rebecca tried to befriend Mia too but Mia didn't know how to respond. Everyone called Mia a weirdo but Rebecca still did what she desired. Every day she sat beside Mia in classes, she accompanied Mia in cafeteria and talked about her adventures and misadventures. After god-knows how long Mia started to ask about her. From then on they became friends and all the university knew it.

    "You really want to know? Why?" Mia asked

    "You are my friend idiot. Why shouldn't I?" Rebecca answered.

    "I have a sex system. And my consumption rate is fifty years for any quests" Mia said normally like it was nothing.

    Rebecca was humming but when she heard Mia, she started to cough out of surprise. And the first thing she said after regaining her cool was "What the FUCk? Are they real?"

    "I'm **ed up Rebecca. I'm **ed up. You know how hard is it for me to have a system like this?" Mia wasn't as joyful as Rebecca.

    "Come. Lets talk somewhere more private." Rebecca didn't answer and grabbed Mia's hand. They went in the main building and after some walking they reached maintenance room.

    Maintenance room was empty most of the time because in this kind of age, no human power were needed in a building, Everything worked automatically.

    "It is my secret space in university, although I'm your friend, I didn't know you that long to consider telling you my deepest secrets but it's different now." Rebecca stood in front of Mia and proudly presented.

    Mia, on the other hand, said nothing and just stared at Rebecca. Rebecca saw her face "Come on, isn't it awesome to have a private space? So what were we talking about? Huh YOU"

    "Look I don't have time for this. We have a class that we need to attend." Mia turned around and pointed at the door they came in.

    "Hey hey wait. We need to talk. It is about both of us. At least listen. I lied and I need you. Help me Friend" Rebecca cupped her hands and begged with a pretty smile on her face.

    "It is your second lie today. What is it now?" Mia was like 'meh' but Rebecca was her friend so she tried her best to not go back the way she came.

    "Look we don't have system like humans. Actually no race does in this universe. When it was made for humans, other races tried to build such things for themselves but nothing worked."

    Mia's eyes turned white from rage as she was looking at Rebecca. "You didn't tell me something this important?"

    "Come on! Important? You are a human. You don't need to know this. After all you can use magic now." Rebecca answered.

    "Oh yeah, sorry go on." Mia's expression turned back to normal.

    "Every other race has some secret techniques that they practice and at some level they can finally have access to magic. Do you get it? " Rebecca said impatiently.

    "Get what? Augh just say what you need. Damn it" Mia shouted.

    "Does your system have Store?" Rebecca said.

    "Yes why?" Mia answered.

    "Does your system have some lucky thing? " Rebecca said.

    "Yes why?"

    "Did you buy anything from the store? " Rebecca asked again.

    "No why? " Mia said but it didn't take long for her to say "hey how do you know all this?" With a question mark on her face.

    "It's a long story. I will tell you later. Just buy an skill for me ok? Please? It is cheap. I promise I would help you get points." Rebecca again cupped her hand and with a sweet smile begged Mia.

    "Skill for you? You don't need skills. Why do you want one? " Mia got more confused.

    "Look, Store would get unlock at level 4 for humans but most of them can't reach level 4 or they don't need to. As you said you have Store, you are level 4 right?" Rebecca said

    "Yes, I leveled up the day before yesterday." Mia said

    "Girl your system is legendary. You leveled up to four after you got your system?" Rebecca said

    "No, I had to ** to reach that level. Don't you remember? I have a sex system and it gave me so much points after completing my first quest." Mia said.

    "Lets forget about your cool system. Go to Store and buy Skill Transmission." Rebecca said joyfully.

    "Why? What is that?" Mia said.

    "JUST DO IT" Rebecca.

    Mia opened her info then went to Store. She chose Skills but this time another pop up opened. It looked like a holographic store. Skills were there with pictures and their prices under it. It even had a search button. Mia tried to say what she wanted but it didn't work.

    "Oh it even has a search button. And it doesn't work. It doesn't respond to my command." Mia said

    "That's because you should use your finger idiot" Rebecca said.

    Mia tried using her finger and it worked. She tapped the search button and typed 'Skill Transmission'. Only one skill showed up and under its name was its price.

    "Hey I found it but it is so expensive. It is 6500 points and I only have 525 points." Mia said. She was thinking about how she got 525 points. Last time when she used lust on Emma, she got 175p. But nothing showed up after that. She used Lust yesterday on her mother too, it must have been that but why this much.

    Mia was deep in her thoughts when Rebecca said " Hey sleepy head. Wake up!"

    "What do we do now? I don't have enough points." Mia said.

    "Fufufu. Lets just have Sex then" Rebecca said with a devilish smile.
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