10 Fairy Mode 1

    "Wait what?" Mia asked.

    "I will do anything for you to buy that skill. Please please please! " with a begging look on her face Rebecca said.

    "No. I won't get anything in return." It was obvious that Mia wouldn't agree. It was about her life, how could she just forget her life for some favors?

    "Look trust me and do it. It will benefit you more than it benefits me. There is something that I can't tell you but please trust me. " Rebecca knew why Mia didn't accept. Why would she? They knew each other for less than a year.

    Mia thought about it. Although she may not get anything in return, she may complete some of her quests. At least she wouldn't die. Besides, it would be fun to have sex and also help her only friend. Although Mia didn't like the concept of losing points, she accepted.

    Rebecca hugged Mia as hard as she could and shouted then she got naked as fast she could. She actually got naked in a second because of her clothes. Rebecca always wore loose clothes and most of the time she didn't wear underwear or bra at all. Her hard nipples poked through her dress all the time!

    "Now tell me your quests and their reward points. And please get naked. " Rebecca, who was now naked, said. With every movement of her hands, her boobs would jiggle.

    Mia told Rebecca about her quests and their reward points while getting naked. Her goddess body was now glowing in the dark with lustful glow. After some thinking they both decided to do the first one - lose virginity.

    But how? They both asked each other. Although they could do something, they weren't sure if that something would work. It didn't have any description so they weren't sure.

    They both looked in the eyes of each other for some moments and with a smile on her face, Mia hugged Rebecca and started to kiss her vigorously.

    Rebecca didn't let Her down and answered her kiss with a french kiss. Although the name was from ancient times, it didn't stop people to do it and feel its taste.

    Slowly Mia opened her mouth and let Rebecca wreck havoc in her mouth. Some times their mixed saliva would drip on their boobies and sometimes they would go for ears and neck to catch their breath.

    Their kissing sound and their moaning was echoing in the maintenance room. The maintenance room wasn't light but it wasn't dark either. It was a sight to behold watching two goddess wrecking havoc on each others body.

    As they were kissing each other, Rebecca whispered "What about your points? Do you really want to spend all of them for me?"

    While moaning, Mia said with a husky voice and shut eyes "I don't care just give me all the pleasu- Ahhhh"

    Mia was in the middle talking when she felt something on her pussy. Rebecca started to rub her and suck on her nipples with a devilish laugh.

    It was Mia's first time of enjoying this kind of pleasure. She didn't even think of having sex in the maintenance room in her wildest dream, and of course with a Woman!

    Suddenly Rebecca stopped. Mia who was reaching orgasm, opened her eyes out of disappointment. It was so cruel and inhuman.

    There, Mia saw Rebecca in front of her eyes looking hungrily at Mia. Mia was red out of pleasure but Rebecca looked cold with her purple skin. Rebecca looked at Mia and licked her lips like a hunter looking at its prey.

    Rebecca didn't touch Mia and just waited to let her body calm down. Then she grabbed Mia's ass and hugged her. Mia locked her legs around Rebecca's waist unconsciously and started to kiss and lick Rebecca's neck and boobies.

    Rebecca didn't stop there and with her purple middle finger started to massage Mia's ass hole. Mia's ass was wet like her pussy. Most of her juice would drip on her ass hole and make it wet too. Rebecca couldn't stop herself and pushed her middle finger in suddenly. Mia, who was kissing and sucking on Rebecca, suddenly moaned loudly as it was her first time that something was penetrating her body.

    "That's what I want. Moan, Moan as loudly as you can. You are mine now" Rebecca said loudly.

    After some finger-**ing Mia, Rebecca put Mia down got on top her. Mia was now lying on her back staring back at Rebecca.

    "Spread your leg love. I wanna see how much you can offer." Rebecca said

    With a chuckle Mia spread her legs and hold them with her hands. Rebecca started to lick on her boobies and slowly she went down till she reached her destination. It was a clean and beautiful sight to see. A pink and wet heaven was in front of her eyes. It smelt so good and Rebecca didn't stop herself and started to suck all of that juice and then sucking on Mia's pussy.

    Rebecca wanted to say it was sweet but it wasn't. It wasn't sour either. It was special. Mia on the other hand was in the middle of pleasure. Her eyes had been turned white and pleasure was all over her face.

    Rebecca again got on top of Mia and asked "Hey, are you ready for the main dish?"

    Mia, who was out of their mind and in a **ed up state moaned. Rebecca chuckled and said "I consider that as a yes."

    Rebecca didn't go for it right away. She started to suck on Mia's pussy again. She didn't drink her juice this time, it would ease the process when everything was wet down there.

    Again, the sound of pleasure and lust had filled the maintenance room.

    Rebecca stopped and lied beside Mia then with her right hand started to rub Mia's pussy and sucking on her boobies.

    With her ring finger and middle finger, Rebecca went in. It was hot and juicy. So hot that she felt her finger melting. Rebecca was rubbing Mia in and out, although she had find her hymen.

    Mia didn't care what was going as she was in the middle of pleasure. She didn't knew that she was this sensitive down there. Every touch, every lick would make Mia's body vibrate.

    Rebecca saw Mia's expression "good girl, don't forget I was the one who took your virginity" and with a thrust of her fingers, Rebecca tore her hymen and made Mia a woman.

    Mia didn't know exactly what happened but at that time she felt her body vibrating strongly and a power rising in her body.

    Rebecca didn't know what was happening and thought it was because of orgasm that she was vibrating. She looked at her fingers and saw blood on them. With a happy face, Rebecca started to finger ** Mia again.

    Mia couldn't se the pop up in front of her but she heard it.


    [lose virginity: Completed. 3475p]



    Another pop up appeared.


    [Fairy Mode : activated.]

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