11 Fairy mode 2


    [Fairy Mode : activated.]


    A white light engulfed Mia and a white halo appeared over her head. When the white light faded, Mia turned in to a an angel with a semi transparent glowing skin. Her immobile body floated in front of Rebecca and suddenly Mia's eyes opened. They were completely white and glowing. Her hair was dancing in air although there were no wind.

    "You...you can use magic! You have a king system...come...** me how you want" Rebecca couldn't take her eyes from Mia's glowing body. It was like she had been hypnotized and didn't know anything except sex!

    Rebecca wanted to lie down and spread her leg but before she could, Mia smiled and pushed Rebecca on the floor. Rebecca thought it would hurt her to hit the floor like that but it didn't! It even felt good, so good that made Rebecca moan and feel like thousand cock in all her holes. Her expression was like those ahegao in those ancient mangas.

    Mia was on top of Rebecca smiling like a devil. Mia was licking her lips while looking at Rebecca. Slowly she started to kiss Rebecca's neck while with her hands opened Rebecca's legs and started to rub herself on Her pussy.

    Mia didn't stop there and started to lick Rebecca's right ear too while playing with Rebecca's boobies. Rebecca wasn't her real self. That strong girl was now a toy in Mia's eyes and Rebecca was aware of it but the pleasure was too much for her to do anything. She was just enjoying everything.

    Mia suddenly stopped and looked at Rebecca's watery eyes. With smile Mia whispered with a soft and godlike voice "kiss me my dear"

    Uncontrollably, Rebecca grabbed Mia and kissed Mia's smiling lips madly. Rebecca locked her legs around Mia and rubbed her self on Mia's leg. It was an strange scene to see but sometimes strange is sexy.

    Mia hugged Rebecca and lied down. Rebecca was now on top of Mia, moaning and kissing every part of Mia's face while one of her hands was rubbing her pussy.

    Mia was enjoying the feeling that Rebecca was giving her then she whispered to Rebecca "69"

    Rebecca's eyes lit up when she heard that then she changed position and started to lick Mia. Mia didn't stop there and locked her hand around Rebecca's ass and started to lick her slowly. Mia's body was glowing more and more and that semitransparent body was turning pink out of pleasure.

    Rebecca on the other hand was shouting and vibrating now. Her moans were loud enough for everyone outside of maintenance room to hear. Although she had reached orgasm several times now but none if them was strong enough to make her like this. Mia was licking Rebecca deep and slowly. If her mother saw Mia, she would ask herself how my daughter knows these techniques?

    As Mia was licking, Rebecca arched her back and shook strongly but it was just the beginning. Mia's hand turned into a dildo like thing and the moment Rebecca reached orgasm, Mia pushed her dildo like hand inside her almost instantly.

    Rebecca's honey juice splashed on Mia's face and Mia accept it with pleasure. Mia's hand didn't stop and **ed Rebecca as hard as Rebecca could take it. Rebecca didn't moan anymore, she was just enjoying everything that Mia did.

    As she was dildoing Rebecca, Mia suddenly disappeared and appeared behind Rebecca and spanked her ass. Rebecca moaned as hard as she could. Her body was now wet and completely red out of pleasure. Somehow Mia could make Rebecca reach orgasm with a touch and that was why Rebecca had this intense orgasm this soon.

    Right Mia was behind Rebecca in a doggy style and was spanking her. With a devilish smile Mia's pussy turned into a long and thick dick. It was glowing white and looked semi transparent as other parts of Mia's body.

    Mia grabbed Rebecca waist strongly and put her magical dick on her cunt. Then with a strong and fast thrust pushed it in completely to her balls.

    Rebecca arched her back and her breathing stopped for a moment. Although she was bisexual and liked sex, she didn't do it with guys that much so her pussy was so tight and fresh. The way Mia treated her pussy made her body reset completely.

    Mia started to ** her slowly but deeply. She would take her cock out and then thrust it faster and harder again. The sound of their body echoed in the room.

    Tap! Tap! Tap!

    Mia speed up and Rebecca's moaning turned into screams of pleasure. Rebecca wanted all of Mia so she would tighten her pussy from time to time to make Mia cum. She was wondering how hot her cum might feel.

    With every thrust of Mia, she would spank Rebecca. Her spank didn't hurt or even make her skin red but it made Rebecca to feel like a fairy.

    Mia didn't stop there and started to play with Rebeccas boobies while **ing her. She even started to kiss her neck and lick her ears. Those little wings of Rebecca were shaking under Mia's belly and made her giggle. Although Mia wasn't her real self as she was under 'Fairy Mode' , she could feel everything that happened to her and happened around her.

    Although Mia didn't have a real cock now, she could feel her magic reaching it's peak and her self reaching orgasm. She didn't know how magic could make this kind of feeling but she couldn't do anything, her body wasn't in her control.

    Mia made her thrusting faster while she grabbed Rebecca's legs and opened them then she hugged her and stood up. Rebecca's back was against Mia's belly and her legs were wide open while Mia was **ing her like crazy.

    Every time that Mia thrust her dick in Rebecca, her body would become brighter and her halo turned smaller. Mia was reaching an orgasm and she felt like cumming although she didn't have a real dick. She grabbed Rebecca's legs and thrust strongly. She wanted to feel more in these last seconds of pleasure and she succeeded. Those strong thrusts reached Rebecca's womb and made Rebecca's body shiver under her thrusting.

    And finally Mia cum. It was so intense and amazing that made both of them lose consciousness. Mia fell down and her halo broke then slowly her body turned normal. Rebecca, on the other hand, was lying on top of Mia and breathing slowly. Her pussy was now full of white glowing liquid. It looked amazing.

    Mia was unconscious so she couldn't see the pop up in front her. If she could she would ** Rebecca again out of happiness.


    [Fairy mode: Deactivated.]

    [Rewards: Fairy mode 5000p.

    Using magic 1000p

    Reach orgasm 2x 2000p

    Foreplay 2000p ]

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