12 Failure

    "Why my head hurts so much? Why do I feel som numb? Augh what is this heavy thing on me I can't breath" Mia opened her eyes slowly while mumbling. The she saw Rebecca sleeping soundly on her belly, naked. Mia remembered that they were having sex and when Mia reached orgasm, a white light engulfed her body.

    What happened next was like a dream to her. She knew what she had done but not exactly. Mia tried to push Rebecca aside but she didn't even move a little. Slowly Rebecca opened her mouth and started to suck on Mia's melons (p.s: ** censorship) and mumbling "Againg...** me like a horse...i need a dick"

    It appeared that Rebecca was dreaming but Mia couldn't stop herself and took Rebecca's little wing and squeezed it hard. There was a story about those little wings that they could feel even a slight movement of air around them. Now imagine squeezing something so fragile and sensitive like that.

    Rebecca screamed and rolled on the floor because of pain. Mia on the other stood up and started to get dressed then She said "so the story is true, you really have sensitive wings."

    "Fuck you Mia, I was in the middle of a sweet dream"Rebecca groaned and said. She stood up and started to get dressed too. Most of their dresses were torn apart or they were smelly and wet. The couldn't go back to their classes with those so Mia and Rebecca both took a wristband out of pocket and wore them. With a tap, a full dress wore it self on their goddess like bodies. They were with clothes again, unfortunately.

    Rebecca turned tp and said "I don't why but I feel so much refreshed and I think my body had just evolved. I might be able to use magic soon. I have to ask father..." Rebecca started to think while rubbing her chin.

    "Hey lets forget about those...if you want that skill and if you want me to help you, let's complete my quests. We need to find a boy" Mia said.

    After packing their things, they both went out of maintenance room as fast as they could. The main building was empty because   it was class time so Mia and Rebecca rushed to their classes. They were absent for 2 and half hours so they only had 30 minutes to go in and choose their target or they had to wait for their next class after lunch.

    waiting behind the door of their alchemy class, Mia and Rebecca were catching their breath. they knocked and the teacher allowed them to join. although Mia lived in a modern world, their teaching technique was still old. after some changes in studying system they came to understand that only the old way was perfect but not the exact old way. it had totally some changes.

    Mia's teacher was a man named Max Foster in her thirties with beard and round glasses. his left arm was a cyber arm and it had some LED line on it. when Mia and Rebecca went in and sat on their chair, Max tapped on his glasses an after a long glance he said "you are late for 2 hours and 36 minutes and forty one seconds. open your holobooks and catch on, the clock is ticking guys."

    Mia and Rebecca sat on line 3. the class had 6 lines but most of the times only three of them would get full. For mr.Foster classes only two line would get full because he was a bit strict with the rules. Mia took out her pen and put it on her desk, a holographic display with holographic keyboard on the desk came to life in front of Mia. With some gestures, Mia opened the recording of the last 3 hours and then played it in fast forward. as she was watching, she said to herself "System - memorize"

    after some moments mr.Foster said "I believe you are done miss Reed. shall I continue? "

    "Yes, please" Mia answered. mr.Foster continued on his teaching of alchemy.

    "hey how did you do that? teach me" Rebecca whispered to Mia.

    "how did i do what? it was just a simple way to memorize things. my mother thought me this. it is one of the features of the system. now I know everything mr.Foster said from the beginning of the class, word by word." Mia whispered back and after a moment of silence she said "Fuck I forgot you don't have a system. oh there is device called Memory, with it you can memorize everything like me."

    "I believe you are done talking miss Reed. Be Quiet." mr.Foster said.

    Mia and Rebecca didn't talk. Rebecca tried hard to understand what mr.Foster was talking about on the other hand Mia was looking at her classmates. there were 23 students as she counted them. twelve of them were boys and the rest were girls, every one of them was from different races. human had less population on a single planet these days because they traveled so much and Aragon was a interstellar planet so there were many, many races living on it. as Mia was looking for her next hunt, a teenage boy got her eyes. he had grey skin with some glowing patterns on it. his light grey hair were dancing in air without any wind, it was mesmerizing. he wore eye patch on his right eye but his left eye was glowing silver. it was his glowing eye that caught Mia's attention.

    "hey Rebecca, look at that boy. he is good isn't he?" Mia whispered to Rebecca.

    "ooohhh you have a good taste lady. you didn't talk about boys like this. what has changed? " Rebecca whispered back.

    "shut up, my system also changed my personality, I think. Im gonna use lust on him. look after me" Mia said and looked back at her new prey.

    Mia focused on him and said 'Lust' and a pop up showed up. it was so shocking that send shiver down Mia's spine.

    [your Lust skill level is low to be used on your prey. he/she may or may not noticed you.]

    Mia was thinking about the pop up when the boy with eyepatch looked back at Mia with his silver eyes.
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