13 Buying the skill

    "Hey Miss Reed, what are you doing" Mr.Foster shouted. Mia, on the other hand, was so shocked that she couldn't even hear anything. She was just looking at the boy with eyepatch. Mia wanted to look away or act like nothing had happened but the boy's gaze was so frightening that gave Mia goosebumps all over her body.

    Rebecca punched Mia's feet and pinched her to take her attention back to reality. Suddenly Mia realized the situation "Sorry teacher, I...I was just lost in my thoughts."

    "Hope your thoughts doesn't involve falling in love." Mr.Foster said and after a moment continued "Hope you all have a good day. See you next session...and please be on time." While saying his last part of the sentence, Mr.Foster looked at Mia and Rebecca.

    "Im sure he is talking about us. Lets go to the cafeteria, I need you to get that skill for me. Come on" Rebecca grabbed Mias arm and took her out of the classroom.

    While Mia was being taken out of the classroom, she glanced at the boy to see his reaction. He was just sitting there, looking back at Mia with murderous eye. Mia looked away and she knew she must be scared but she wasn't, every time she looked at him, her heart would beat faster.

    It didn't take them long to reach cafeteria. It was a circular room in the middle of a garden beside the main building. The rooms wall were glass so you had a perfect view. In the center of the room was the cafeteria and the receptionist. It was luxury to drink coffee in middle of a garden because not everyone could have a garden this big.

    "So I don't care who you choose. Just do it and complete that god damn quest." Rebecca sat on a table near the receptionist and made Mia to sat beside her.

    Mia looked around and chose a human like boy. He was slim and wore a suit. It was odd because now a days no one would wear a suit, at least not normal people. That poor boy was in front of the receptionist and was thinking about what to eat.

    With a thought of her, lust got activated. This time no pop up showed up. Mia didn't avert her focus and just looked at the boy.

    The clock was ticking and Mia was losing patience. It was at this moment when Rebecca said "look at his pants, poor boy."

    The boys erected penis was visible even through his pants. He was using his left hand to hide his embarrassment but it wasn't going to work.

    "He does have a good package down there, girl. They say never judge a book by its cover. " Rebecca said with a giggle.

    The boy couldn't stop himself and just stood there not daring to move. A gurl behind her said "hey, move. I don't have all day. Come on" she was of a race that Mia didn't know but the girl was exceptionally beautiful. Not as beautiful as Rebecca but she was good.

    The boy didn't know what to do so he turned around and said "sorry...I will choose...just a min-" he was talking but suddenly he stopped and just stared at the girls tits.

    "What the hell are you looking at? Go away" the girl shouted but it looked like the boy had been turned into a zombie, a zombie of sex.

    The boy moved at lightning speed and grabbed the girl's tits then he went to kiss her but he stopped midway.

    "Sorry about this boy madam, he is under an spell." The boy with eye patch walked passed Mia. His hands were in his pockets and his shirt was loose. His dreamy hair danced as he grabbed the boy's shirt and whispered something in his ears. It didn't take long for the boy to realize the situation and without thinking more, he just ran out of the cafeteria.

    The boy with the eyepatch was talking with the girl so Rebecca said "hey Mia, lets run. It is not safe to stay. We got what we wanted. Run"

    Both of them stood up and turned around and walked fast toward the door. The boy with the eyepatch turned around and said "what is the hurry Miss Reed? I was looking for you"

    Mia didn't know what to do and just stood where she was, closing her eyes and praying.

    The eyepatch boy walked toward her slowly and when he reached their table that they were sitting moments ago he said "Come, we need to talk Miss" and tapped on the chair with his finger.

    "Hey hey don't listen to him. Come on, we need to go." Rebecca trued hard to make her listen but Mia just turned around and sat on the table again.

    Before Mia could say anything the boy said "Why did you want to use an skill on me?"

    "I...I..." Mia was trying to think of something to say.

    "I...asked her" Rebecca stood beside Mia and put her hand on her shoulder.

    "You? You think I believe this? I can kill you right here right now because no one is allowed to use skills in a neutral land like university. " The boy with the eyepatch shouted while punching the table. Every one in the cafeteria turned to look at them.

    "Okay...Okay. It was my quest. I had to use my only skill on a boy and you got my eye. Sorry I didn't want it to turn to this. Can I go now?"

    The boy with the eye patch looked at Mia from bottom to top then left without saying anything.

    Mia and Rebecca left the cafeteria as fast as they could. They went in the Maintenance room again. The air was filled with their own smells but they didn't fancy having sex again because of the thing that happened.

    "I heard he is the prince of gandalls aka devils but nobody is sure about it. He just look like them but that eye patch is weird because gandalls are immortal. No body can harm them."

    "You mean that I have dig my own grave? Come on! I didn't want to harm him" Mia said.

    "Yeah you just wanted to make him so horny to ** all the people in the class even Mr.Foster and then act like nothing happened. I would have killed you if I was him." Rebecca said with a giggle.

    "Fuck you. Lets just buy that **ing skill and go. Our class is starting" Mia said.

    With a thought of Mia, her info popped up.


    [Name: Mia]

    [Level: 4/unlimited]

    [Age: 18 (virgin) ]

    [Sex: female]

    [Lifespan: 500 years]

    [Points: 16500p]







    [Reward System]

    [Warning: if you don't complete the quests by the given time, fifty* years of your lifespan will be given to system as compensation] --------

    "Holy Moly, I have 16500 points. how the hell did I get so much points? " Mia shouted in surprise.

    "so what are you waiting for? buy it." Rebecca said.

    Mia then opened store and searched for 'Skill Transmission' the item showed up with its price under it. Mia tapped buy and another pop up appeared. it was a description pop up


    [Skill Transmission: Transfer Skills between you and other.]

    [level: 1]

    [this a rare skill. If you full upgrade this skill you can transfer any skill from any race or system to yourself and you can transfer any skill you have to other races or system. this skill's max level is: 5. it can be used twice a month. to use this skill, you should kiss you target and their skill menu will be availabe to you for ten minutes.]


    after Mia finished reading it, another pop up appeared.


    [you have gained 1000p for completing 'Buying an skill from Store']


    and after that another pop up appared that made Mia more shocked.


    [you can level up 'Skill Transmission' to Max with 5000 points. do you want to upgrade?]


    Mia didn't know what to do and just turned to look at Rebecca. she was wondering what she had done to deserve this kind of luck? or it might be because of Rebecca. her thoughts were wandering.

    "What is it? was it succesful? come on " Rebecca asked worriedly.

    Mia was silent, after some moments she upgraded 'Skill Transmission' silently. she was still looking at Rebecca with eyes full of shock. after a moment another pop up appeared.


    [Skill Transmission had upgraded to Max]

    [new changes: 1.you can see everyone skills in a pop up on top of their head.

    2.you can use this skill unlimitedly.

    3.you can use this skill during sex and with other skills acticated.

    *warning: system might automaticly use 'Skill Transmission' when 'Fairy Mode' or 'Beast Mode' is active* ]


    as Mia was looking at Rebbeca a window appeared above her head. the window was saying:

    1.vital arts (Max)

    2.wind magic (thunderstorm) (lvl2)

    3.wind affinity. (lvl 1)

    Mia didn't hesitate and kissed Rebecca so hard that after some moments she couldn't breath. when their clover like lips parted Mia giggled live a little gorgous devil. she was happy because a pop up appeared in front of her saying:


    [which skill do you want to transfer from target to yourself?]


    Mia joyously shouted "All of them!" and every detail about vital martial techniques and a wind magic technique called thunderstorm rushed into her mind out nowhere. it just took Mia 2 seconds to be as good as Rebbeca in wind magic and martial arts.

    when Mia finished her giggeling and laughter, she asked Rebecca "What skill shoud I give you now?"
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