14 Immortal stalker

    "Im training with a skill called 'thunderstorm'. I can't just go further in it. im on chapter two and stuck on it. if you can level it up and then tansfer it to me, I would be thankfull." Rebecca looked at Mia like a cat looking at its mother.

    "let me see" Mia answered and then opened 'thunderstorm' description.


    [thunderstorm: an ancient Mafels martial arts.

    [its a legendry skill only Mafels can use. it uses body parts to creat wind attacks and sometimes even wepones. it has long range attacks, mid range attacks, close range attacks and area attacks. after level 10 you will gain 100% affinity with wind magic.

    level: 2/unlimited.]


    "it is level 2. how much shoud I level it up? " Mia looked at Rebecca after reading the content and asked.

    and again Rebecca asked with her begging eyes "how much can you level it up?"

    "it says unlimited. lets try." Mia answered and tried to upgrade the 'thunderstorm'


    [Leveling up: Failed.]

    [Requierments: level 10 of wind affinity

    level 10 of wind magic knowledge.]


    "**, it failed. it said I need level 10 in both wind affinity and wind magic knowledge." Mia told Rebecce what she saw.

    "augh I need this skill for Mafels tournoments. can you level it up in three months?" Rebecca wanted to cry but she stopped herself and tried to remain calm and think of something.

    "I will try that. lets go the class. its getting started."Mia and Rebecca both ran for their classes.

    they were running in halway when a pop up appeared in front of Mia

    [bloodlust detected. You are in danger. RUN!]

    Mia didn't know if she had to stop and look around or just run to the class but she stopped and looked back. there, in the shadows behind the door of a class, she saw a pair of blue eyes staring at her. she couldnt saw any body parts, just a pair of shining blue eyes. When Mia noticed those eyes, they turned into smoke and vanished.

    for some reason Mia felt that the threat was still there. she was thinking when something shook her "Hey sleepy head we are in front of class come on lets knock."

    after that they attended their class it was time for them to get back home. Mia was still thinking about those eyes and the boy she saw in the cafeteria.

    "hey I saw a pair of shining blue eyes staring at me. Do you know anything about them? " Mia asked out of the blue. she didn't seem panicked rather she looked curious.

    "YOU SAW WHAT?! those are the eyes of immortals. Like the boy we met at the cafeteria." Rebecca stopped walking and shouted at Mia.

    "What does that have to do with me? I don't get it." Mia seemed confused.

    "It must have been about the accident in the cafeteria. His father is so strict that may be why some one is stalking you." Rebecca tried to remain calm and think of a logical explanation.

    "Whatever, lets go" Mia didn't care about these matters and after she got her answer, she let it aside.

    After some walking, Mia said goodbye to Rebecca but it wasn't just a normal goodbye. It was a warm and breathtaking kiss. After that Mia got on her hoverboard and went for home.

    The sun was setting and the sky was orange. Mia hadn't ring the bell yet when Emma opened the door "Come On, we are gonna be late. We need to change quickly."

    Mia had forgot about the promise she made to Emma last night. Going to a party as her boyfriend! It would sure be a long, long night for Mia.

    "Hello sweetheart. How was school?" Emma took Mia in and when they were going upstairs Hannah spooked them.

    "Mom, we are late. We need to get ready." Emma didn't let go of Mia's hand instead she dragged Mia upstairs.

    Mia was shocked because the moment she saw Emma, a pop up opened above Emma's head. It was showing the skill Emma had and besides Emma, Mia saw Hannah's skill too.

    It was good to know about their skill but the thing that made her shock was her mothers skills level. It was so frightening to even imagine have a badass mother as Hannah.

    Hannah's skill pop up looked like this:

    [Telekinesis: lvl 54.

    Water Magic: lvl76.

    Water Magic knowledge: lvl 99]

    And for Emma:

    [Barrier: lvl12

    Fire Magic: lvl9

    Fire Magic knowledge: lvl9

    Mind Reading: lvl 0]

    Mia was thinking about these pop up when Emma pinched her tit "hey, you promised me to come with me. before we go, get naked and use your skill." and then went in front of mirror and started to get naked

    Mia didn't hesitate and started to slowly get naked with a confused expression "Why naked sis?"

    Emma was in front of the mirror putting lipstick and make up while being naked "because...I dont want you to ruin your dress when you transform."

    it didn't take long for Mia to get naked. after that, she used 'Gender Swap' and turned into a perfect human male. Emma saw the reflection of Mia turning into a man and turned toward her. when Emma saw Mia's dick again, she whispered 'oh my god how could I suck that thing that night?'. she cleared her throat and said "so...ahem...we need to choose a name for you. what kind of name do you like? I mean I like to choose a name for my boyfriend. hehe."

    when saying that, Emma walked to Mia seductively. she stood so close to Mia that her breath were dancing on Mia's mascular chest. Mia knew what her sister was trying to do so she decided to play along. it was, after all, just a game of pleasure.

    "I don't know. you tell me. after all, I am your boyfriend." when she finished her sentence, Mia got closer to Emma, so close that her non-erected penis touched Emma's stomach.

    Emma giggled and looked at Mia's eyes then she grabbed her cock and starteed to play with it and then whispered with a lustful voice "you know, I always liked to have a boyfriend called Alex. can you be my Alex? I warn you, I am so needy."

    Mia didn't know what to say or what to do but her instincts told her to play along, it wasn't her first time after all. Mia didn't hesitate and went for a kiss. one of her hand grabbed Emma's ass and the other rubbed her asshole. Emma was giggeling and moaning at the same time while kissing Mia back.

    "I would love to be called Alex but only when I am a Man. you got it or not?" Alex Whispered to Emma then he spanked her so hard that her voice reached the kitchen downstairs.
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