15 Party before Party

    Emma grabbed Alex hard cock and stroked it and with her other hand she played with his balls. Alex didn't stop kissing her, he wreck havoc inside her mouth while playing with her asshole. it didn't take long for Emma to become a river and drip on Alex hands. at this moment, Alex knew just playing wasn't enough so he started to finger ** Emma.

    Emma locked her hands around Alex's neck and started to moan from the bottom of her heart uncontrollably. "Alex...Alex...lick me like you miss me...finger...is...not...enough" Emma locked her legs around Alex's waist too.

    Alex didn't wait and put Emma on her bed and opened her legs. it was like the sight of the heaven. a mountain of meat and honey, just for him. he didn't wait and started to lick her legs first while fingering her asshole with his pinky. Alex didn't just lick, he would even bite her legs or spank her tits from time to time.

    after Alex got a full belly of Emma's Legs, he went for the main dish. slowly but delicately, Alex licked honey around Emma's pussy and then went for her pussy. it smelt fresh and taste sweet but a little bit salty at the same time. Alex enjoyed every bit of it while Emma moaned as hard as she could.

    Hannah, on the other hand, was making dinner for herself in the kitchen when she heard some noises and moans. it was so exciting for Hannah to hear her childs 'playing' with each other. she was enjoying the sound of love while making dinner but suddenly she stopped "why should my period happen at a excited moment like this? WHY?"

    Hannah really wanted to curse her luck but how could she? it might make her day even worse so she quietly continued what she was doing. she was mumbling 'why I can't join them? if I can't use my magic this way then what can I do with it?' and chopping some cucumbers angrily.

    in Emma's room, Alex was milking Emma with his mouth. his dick was in front of Emma's garden and from time to time he would tap it on her garden. his dick was a rainy cloud while Emma's garden was a thirsty dry garden. it was shouting for it but not yet.

    slowly Alex went up, up to Emma's neck and then he reached her lips, again. he started to kiss them like a hungry beast while positioned his dick on Emma's pussy. with a push, all of it went in. Emma didn't even try to moan a little bit lower, she was hoping that Hannah would join them. Emma moaned while Alex **ed her as fast as a rabbit.

    "cum with me...cum..." Emma said while trying to suppress her moans.

    Alex, on the other hand wasn't ready to cum but suddenly and Idea reached his mind.

    "hey...Im not gonna cum like this, just try to enjoy what I am going to do next...hehe" Alex pulled his dick out, it was dripping honey juice. he grabbed Emma's legs and pushed on to her chest. now both of Emma's hole were in front of Alex.

    "hey Alex...not yet...we have a party...come on...it supposed to be a fast on-" Emma was begging and trying to convice Alex but nothing could stop a thirsty beast.

    Alex didn't let Emma finish her sentence, he was just seeing one hole and nothing else, Her Asshole. Alex put his dick on her asshole and rubbed its head on her. Emma was breathing heavily, trying to prepare for what was on the way.

    "hey, Mia, sis. come on. it is not necessary" Emma begged again.

    "if you didn't call me Mia, I might have stopped but now you need to get punished." Alex suddenly stopped.

    then he went and grabbed two scrafs. with one of them, he locked Emma's hand on top of her head and with the other, he closed her eyes and said "now, if you make a sound you have to forget the party and suck my my cock till morning. Don't move your hand either. "

    Alex then started rubbing her clit and finger **ing her at the same time while his dick was on her asshole. Emma wasn't moaning loudly anymore, she was humming vigorously and pinching the bed with her locked hands.

    Alex didn't stop there and slowly pushed his dick in. only it's head went in but Emma couldn't stop herself and shouted. Alex put his hand on her mouth and whispered "I told you to not make any voice. now look at yourself."

    with a hard push Alex thrust every inch of his cock up her asshole. Emma's eyes turned white while she shouted but now that Alex had put his hands on her mouth, it sounded like humming.

    Alex didn't stop and started to go full speed. it didn't take long for Emma to reach climax, Alex was pounding her at full speed when she vibrated under him and sprayed honey juice on him. her asshole tightened and her body trembled. she grabbed Alex's head with her locked hands while moand like crazy. Alex didn't stop pounding her even for a second it was at this moment when alex took out his dick and cum on Emma's stomach.

    they just lay on the bed while breathing heavily. it must have been one of Emma's hardes orgasms. she was trying to embrace every ounce of that joy Alex gave her. after some moments she took the scarfs off and sat on top of Alex and bite his neck. in a matter of seconds it turned black.

    "ouch, what was that for?" Alex groand and said with his husky voice.

    "Don't ever ever again ** my asshole, not till I allow you or..."Emma was looking straight in his eyes.

    "or what?" Alex said with a smile.

    "or...or...I will cut your balls."Emma said and grabbed his balls and pinched them a little bit hard.

    Alex didn't know to laugh or to cry in pain. it was really funny to see a girl like this. Alex didn't back off and grabbed Emma's neck and bite it too, it turned black after some seconds. "you are mine too, lets get ready or we are gonna be late."

    Emma didn't say anything but her heart was beating fast. she slowly stood up without saying anything and cleaned herself with fire magic. when Alex saw fire magic, he remembered something. he used 'skill transmission' and copied whatever Emma had, even 'Mind Reading'. he didn't think about it much and just went to clean himself and wore his suit that his sister had prepared for him.

    after some minutes they both were clean and ready. they both came down stairs but Hannah was sleeping on the couch so they went out of the house slowly. when Alex stepped out of the door, a pop up appeared.

    [4000p given to you as a reward (3700p reward points + 300p having sex with your sister.)]

    [NEW Quest! : have sex in the party.

    rewards: 1.system upgrade.

    2. Transformation.

    Warning: the penalty for this quest is Death!

    Have Fun!]
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