16 System check up

    Alex didn't know what to say or what to do. He just stood where he was and dazed in the horizon. Emma saw him "what? What happened? What is wrong?" It was obvious that she was worried. She came in front of Alex and stood on her toes and bit Alex lips.

    Alex came back to reality in a flash. He then grabbed Emma's head and kissed her hard. Emma pushed Alex away and with a giggle she said "tell me, what were you thinking of? Sex? Me? Huh?"

    Alex blushed but he didn't know what to say. It was only 3-4 days that he had learned what sex really is and for him sex was just a way for not dying.

    "There is a quest. I don't know what to do. Just lets go. I will think about it on the way." Alex shook his head.

    Emma didn't say anything because it was a crime to talk about systems. She took cab and after some minutes it was in front of them.

    They sat in the hover car and entered the address. The AI of the cab estimated the time and said "you will reach your destination in 16 minutes and 12 seconds. Enjoy the Snapp cab service!"

    As they were waiting, Alex opened his info.


    [Name: Mia]

    [Level: 4/unlimited]

    [Age: 18 (virgin) ]

    [Sex: female]

    [Lifespan: 500 years]

    [Points: 5000p]







    [Reward System]

    [Warning: if you don't complete the quests by the given time, fifty* years of your lifespan will be given to system as compensation]


    He started to check all the features of his system. First he checked 'Store'

    When he opened it, a pop up appeared. It had different design. It had item of the day. The offers and special items. And at last legendary items. On the left side, it had categories. In included: 1.items 2.skills 3.potions 4.quests 5.other

    Alex checked them one by one. Items included swords, bow and arrows, staffs and many other things. It was weird. They actually lived in a super modern world. Why would system store have sword and bows?

    Alex thought that it might be because the items were filtered like that. Then he scrolled to see what he might find. He saw earnings, pens that could turn to anything and even nano technical suits.

    He was amazed and didn't waste any more time on items. He knew that this little time wont give him enough time to look for what he wants. He then went to skills. He saw every kind of skills but they were unavailable. Under those skills were written "needs to be learned."

    When alex read more about the error he understood that he at least needs to have affinity with the magic the skills has. There were many many skills available without the needs of magic like 'penis growth' , 'body transformation' and others. He even saw 'Gender Swap' in there it had so many bad ratings and even some reports.

    Who would like to change gender?

    He didn't know how those reports and ratings were given and he didn't care. He checked the potions and saw many magical potions for defense, offense, learning, stealth and others for a low price. He was amazed and bought two lightning magic potions for 100p.

    He then went for quests and others. They had many many things but alex didn't like them. Like killing quests and some weird items and stuff.

    He then went back and opened 'inventory'. A window appeared. It looked like a chess board. Full of squares in a dim black and white color. He knew what inventory was so he didn't check it more. he went back and went for skills.

    A pop up appeared.



    2.Lust (Twice a day)* {4:32.23

    3.beast mode (Auto)*

    4.fairy mode (Auto)*

    5.System dimension. (Twice a day)

    6.Skill Transmission (unlimited)

    7.Lust and Love (Passive)*

    8.Power and Slaughter (Passive)*

    9.Goddess body (Passive)* ]


    Alex already knew his skills but he wanted to check and have a look to not be surprised when he needed one.

    Then he went for 'Quests'. It was a little bit different this time.



    [Have sex at the party.

    Rewards: 1.system upgrade. 2.Transformation

    Penalty: Death!]

    System Quest Suggestion: Auto.]


    Now Alex understood why this was happening to him. It was all because of this Fucking little feature. Alex proudly said 'off' to turn off the Quest suggestion but the system said:


    [you can't turn this off till you reach level 20]


    "What?" Suddenly Alex shouted. Emma who was sitting beside him got scared and screamed.

    "Why did you shout idiot?" Emma punched Alex slightly.

    "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your perverted thoughts." Alex said with a scorn.

    Emma wanted to say something when AI said  "we will reach destination in 3 minutes and 24 seconds."

    Emma didn't continue and just looked at alex angrily for a moment and then went back to enjoying the view.

    Alex looked away as he wanted to know more about his system. After some cursing, Alex went for 'Lucky-Spin'


    [You have one daily lucky spin. If you want to try your luck. Say 'I'm a bitch' to activate the wheel.]

    [*you may win an skill, item, potions, Points or every thing that your system offers.]


    Alex was already angry about that Quest section and this was petrol on fire. He was furious. He breathed heavily and tried to calm himself. After some moments, he said Im a bitch in his mind.

    After that a wheel popped up and started to spin. It had 9 things on it.

    1.monkey king bar

    2.health potion

    3.Penis growth


    5.contraceptive skill

    6.sensitive body

    7.random magic affinity

    8.lightning magic

    9.sucking technique.

    Some of them made Alex eyes shine while the others made him frown. The wheel spun and spun, Alex shut his eyes and prayed for monkey king bar, lightning magic or magic affinity.

    With a ding he opened his eyes and what what he saw stunned him. He had won invisibility. He didn't know to be happy or sad. Because this skill could be used for both perverted things or survival.

    A pop up appeared with the info of Invisibility.


    [invisibility: type: rare. Lvl1\\5]

    [this skill will make you invisible for 5 hours. You can use it twice a day.

    *You can only use it twice a day and after that the remaining time will reset at 00:00]


    Alex thought "I didn't expect to get this skill. I can use it to go to public bathrooms. Hehe. Can I touch others while Im invisible?"

    His expression changed as many many more perverted thoughts came in to his mind. Emma, who was enjoying the view, turned to see Alex smiling like a devil. She knew exactly what he was thinking about.

    Emma wanted to slap Alex and wake him of his dirty dream when the AI said "you have arrived at your destination."
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