17 One Month of Misery

    Mia was lying on a luxurious bed in a more luxurious room, naked. The room had a glass wall which showed the space and stars blinked now and then.

    The walls were grey with cyan neon lights shining on it. The lights gave a peaceful and romantic feeling. There was nothing in the room except that luxurious bed and Mia.

    shape of a door appeared on the wall beside the bed and four naked alien men came in. One by one, they went to Mia and started to lick her and play with her. They had human like body but their skin color was cyan and all of them were bald! They didn't have any white color in their eyes and their eyes looked completely blacked. They had pointy ears that could turn to any angle.

    But the most fascinating, if not disgusting, about them was there dicks. They could have sex for 12 hours and even after that their dick wouldn't go down. They would have sex till their balls would get back to their stomach.

    Her graceful body with all those curves and all those power was now under four alien men with giant cocks. Mia didn't even blink and just laid there looking at the room. She was waiting for them to finish as they did the other days. It was all a routine. Four different men came in her room every day and **ed her till their balls were as dry as dessert.

    It has been one month since that accident happened. One month full of misery. At first it was good and Mia liked it a lot but as time flew, she got bored of it. They didn't talk to her, they didn't even look at her face, just her body.

    In this one month, her level got boosted and went to 12 from 4. She got many skills, many other features and even a transformation but none could save her from this torture because her system was restricted. Only her reward system worked and nothing except that were greyed out.

    One of the man was in front of Mia jerking off while the other one got on the bed and put his dick on Mia's mouth. The other two were fingering and lick Mia from top to bottom.

    'Ah **, here we go again. ' Mia thought.

    She moved her hand and grabbed the giant dick on her face and slowly started to rub it while giving it a slight stroke. She then opened her mouth and took the giant dick in. At first the alien did nothing as it looked he had been enjoying the sensation a little too much but suddenly he opened his eyes and grabbed Mia's head and started to ** her mouth like it was a real ass. But it WASN'T.

    Mia's expression didn't change, it wasn't her first time that she was sucking this kind of cock, she just looked at his balls with out any expression.

    She was hoping for him to cum soon but she knew hope was a childish dream of hers now. In this one month, Mia realized that it took every man 25 minutes to cum for first time and for the second and third it would go to 30-40.

    While she was deep in her thought, a dick found its way in her cunt. Although she had been sick of sex for the past month,her mind would go blank when a dick ravaged her pussy, and not any dick, an alien one.

    The man who put his dick in was the one jerking. He didn't even wait for Mia to get wet so it was painful a little. Mia was deep throating while moaning at the same time. She didn't even know it was possible to deep throat before that accident.

    The two men which were licking her stopped and grabbed Mia, then one of them went under her and the other on top. The bottom man put his dick on her ass hole while the one on top shoved his dick in her pussy.

    Mia's mind went blank and couldn't even breath for a second. There was now two dicks in her pussy and one in her ass hole. The three of them started to pound her like crazy. On the other hand Mia was shouting and screaming like she was giving birth but she didn't dare to take that dick out of her throat.

    Mia was sure that if they could, they would make it four, two in the ass and two in the pussy but it wasn't possible. The man who was getting a deep throat didn't like to be left out so he vent his anger on Mia's watermelon boobs. Slap after slap, moan after moan, scream after scream. It was all that could be heard in the room.

    The men then turned Mia over so the two on top could ** her ass hole two. The bottom one started to lick her boobs while **ing her pussy, the two on top positioned their cock on her ass hole and pushed in. It didn't go in and the two of them seemed to laugh. Mia on the other hand was screaming like hell but she couldn't do anything. The two tried again but this time slow. Slowly after some breathing Mia did the impossible.

    Now they were pounding her like mad men. After some minutes Mia gave in, Again. Her body started to reach orgasm and she felt an immense pleasure. The four men chuckled at the sight of her shaking body but they didn't stop and **ed her faster.

    Slowly some drop of tear streamed down her silver eyes. Who would have thought that a girl like her would end up in a place like this?
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