18 The Accident part1

    [you have leveled up.]

    [you are now level 13]

    [you have gained 1 ability point]

    [You gave gained 3 magic points]

    [healing will start immediately]

    Mia's body was now soaking in a gallon of cum. Her hair were sticky from all of that cum while her ass and pussy looked like a ass hole of an elephant. Her eyes were red and her lips looked injured.

    Her graceful body looked like it had taken some beating. It was red all over and had some bruises and black markings. It could shatter the heart of everything and everyone if they saw a beauty angel like this.

    But Mia didn't seem to feel anything. She was just looking at the roof solemnly. No expression no emotion, just like a dead body.  It didn't take long after those pop ups when a white light slowly healed all of her wounds and body. Her pussy and ass hole turned back to how they were, healthy and tight!

    While her skin became like her usual skin and no bruises and black marks were visible. Her shining silver eyes which were red came back to life but there was something wrong. Her eyes didn't spark that glow of life and passion. It looked Dead!

    It all started from that accident. Alex(Mia) and Emma reached their destination and they went in holding each other hands. Most of Emma's friends got surprised because Emma didn't have any boyfriend and this hot and mysterious man didn't seem familiar to them.

    Emma saw the hateful gazes of her school mates and stroked Alex's hand harder but it didn't stop those girls from trying. Because of genetic improvements nobody looked ugly so everyone looked like a fairy out of fantasy tales in parties but even those fairy had their rank!

    Alex and Emma walked around the place. It was big home, it had three kitchen, four living rooms and many rooms upstairs. All of these places were crowded with people of all races. A pool and the garden at the back if the house. Girls and boys were shouting and playing in the water.

    Alex whispered in Emma's ear "hey, I have a quest to complete. Have fun!"

    Emm didn't say anything and looked back at Alex silver eyes. She suddenly grabbed his balls and stroke them a little hard. Alex turned red but he didn't say anything and stood where he was.

    He understood what Emma meant by that and she meant 'YOU ARE MINE'. They were staring at each other when Emma heard some familiar voices. She turned around and saw her friends. Alex, who felt a heart attack, suddenly wanted to take revenge and when Emma turned around to greet her friends, He grabbed Emma's boobs from behind and kissed her neck.

    Emma turned red from embarrassment and didn't know what to say. "I'm Emma's boyfriend, Alex. Nice to meet you" Alex said while playing with Emma's boobs. She was on the verge of explosion.

    Her friends giggled and said " don't be so romantic. Lend us your girlfriend for one night. We won't eat her"

    Emma looked back at Alex and stared at him. It looked like she was going to eat him if eyes could eat! Those girls giggled and took Emma with them.

    Alex didn't know what to do because normally he was an introvert who didn't like to be with people but nothing about him was normal right now.

    He decided to go to the back yard and just relax, maybe someone will approach him and save him. He grabbed a drink on the way and went to seat on a chair at the back of the yard. He was drinking his bear, spaced out, when a woman approached him.

    "Why a handsome man like you is sitting alone in the back of a backyard in a party like this?" The woman asked seductively.

    Alex looked up and saw the most beautiful woman he ever saw till now. She was wearing a black dress with diamond straps that followed her neck to her knees. It looked so fascinating. She had a gorgeous and graceful body, almost like herself(Mia), and her eyes looked mesmerizing but the most fascinating thing about her was her hair. It was like blackest night came to life, dancing in mid air. Her hair looked alive as they moved although There were no wind.

    They looked like they had some hypnotizing power. The more Alex looked at it, the more he felt powerless. Suddenly a pop up appeared.

    ['Power and Slaughter' broke the illusion]

    Alex now understood what it was about. He got up and grabbed the neck of the raven hair girl and kissed her passionately. She didn't reject him and kissed him back. Alex said "Up stairs. Now!"

    The woman chuckled and said "I didn't see that coming this soon."

    Then the woman lead the way and they soon reached the second floor and randomly chose a room. The didn't even close the door properly. As they went in, the woman jumped on him and locked her legs around his waist and started to kiss him madly.

    Alex didn't know what was happening, he didn't care actually. On their way to the bed, they hit the wall sometimes and even broke some pots and glasses and even tables.

    Both of them had super strength. It was obvious why Alex had super strength but for that girl to be able to go toe to toe with him was amazing.

    After breaking many things here and there, they reached the bed. Alex then pushed The woman on the bed so hard that the Woman moaned. He then ripped apart his shirt and his muscles bulged out.

    When the Woman saw this, she licked her lips and jumped on him and made him fall on the floor. The Woman started to lick him like a beast playing with its prey. She bite his neck, bite his lips, bite his ears. Alex was dumbfounded and didn't know what to do. If someone saw them like this they would say they were beasts fighting with each other.

    Alex didn't let that continue and grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back on the bed.

    It was just the beginning!
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