19 The Accident part 2

    "Hey Emma, your boyfriend is super duper hot. Where did you get him? Whats the story?" And many more questions that the girls asked.

    Emma puffed her chest and her playful boobs wiggled in front of their friends. She started to tell them lies after lies. Like how they went on a date or how they met each other and she even lied about their love for each other!

    "So tell us about your sex? Was it good? Does he have enough stamina to make you go mad?" The girls asked with a big smile on their face.

    "You know bitches, he is a god of sex." Emma said.

    Bang! Bang!


    "Oh someone is having a very very Fun night!" The girls giggled with each other.


    Alex was now on top of her, he was holding her hand on top of her head. He knew how powerful and dangerous those hands were.

    He was kissing her passionately, bringing chaos in her mouth. She didn't just stayed quiet and answered him with all she had.

    As Alex was kissing him, he run his hands on her body and from time to time, he would spank her ass and tits. Her gorgeous diamond straps dress was now like a piece of cloth on her body. It was just annoying Alex more.

    He ripped it apart and the doors of heaven opened up to him. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Her tits had pointy nipples and they were in the most appetizing condition, ripped and healthy!

    "Do you like what you see? Hehe now its my turn." The woman used this opportunity and freed her hands and with fast turn, pushed Alex under her while she sat on his hips.

    "Now lets see what you have down there, good boy" The woman giggled and slowly unzipped Alex's pants.

    Alex didn't resist and just lied down, enjoying the view with a smile. Those hard nipple were shouting to be milked but he decided to wait and see the Woman reaction.

    His dick was super erect from all those foreplay. When the Woman unzipped his pants, his dick stood like a tower reaching heavens.

    The woman didn't know what to say and just stared at his dick. If sex was a religion, she would call this man a god of that religion. Her eyes glowed with lust and she grabbed his dick and started to play with it. Th tip of his dick was touching her tits, that was how big his dick looked. She just went back and lied on his feet and with a smile started to suck on it.

    The sound of sucking and licking soon broke the silent. Alex was now in heaven. Her techniques were quite professional, even better than his mother!

    The woman used her tongue to play with the tip of his dick and playing with his balls with her hands. She stroked his balls from time to time but it wasn't painful, it gave more pleasure than anything.

    While Alex was getting used to this feeling, she suddenly deep throated him. It was so amazing that made Alex jump up. The woman giggled while deep throating, it was confusing how she did that but Alex didn't care right now. He could feel his balls explode in any minute.

    Just as he wanted to warn her, The woman stopped sucking and grabbed his balls and said "not on my watch little boy! " and went to kiss Alex.

    Alex didn't reject the kiss but inside his head he was thinking 'euwh, disgusting. Why would kiss me after sucking my dick?'

    Alex didn't like to obey things so he used this opportunity and pushed the women on the bed. Then went down to her heaven. It wasn't like her mom and sister, it wasn't hairless but it had a hairstyle!

    A V shape haircut on top of her clit made it even more perfect. Alex didn't hesitate and started to lick it roughly. The woman jumped up and said "don't be rough, it is just the beginning. Take it slow little boy."

    Alex didn't have many experience in this field but he tried his best to do. The woman taste like something that Alex hadn't taste. She didn't taste sweet or salty, she tasted rather unique! It drove Alex mad just from the scent of it.

    After some licking, the woman started to moan softly and then as she was getting used to the feeling, Alex used his middle finger and ring finger. His fingers felt like they were melting in her pussy. It was so hot and slippery that her finger made weird noises as he fingered her.

    The moment Alex started to fingering her, The woman giggled and moaned at the same time "mmmm, give me more, More, MORE!"

    Alex listened to her and sped up his fingers and soon he felt her body shaking. The woman locked her foot around Alex head and started to shake heavily while moaning loudly. Alex could tell that she was close, so close!

    In the nick of that time, Alex took his fingers out and stopped licking. The woman didn't know what to feel as her mind was turning on and off. It was like riding a super sport car at super high speed and suddenly your fuel ran out!

    Alex then slowly went toward her ear and whispered "tit for tat darling!"

    He then positioned his cock on her juicy pussy and it went in as easy as it could. Her pussy took all of his dick in. It was so hot down there that Alex didn't know how he could make this feeling last longer.

    Slowly he started to move in and out. The woman that was on the edge of cumming didn't know how to feel. She was so pleased and **ed up at the same time. Alex could feel her pussy tightening with every thrust.

    Alex didn't know what was happening and his body started to act on it's own. He thrust faster and way stronger. The woman just shouted and screamed under his godlike thrust.

    Suddenly a pop up appeared in front of Alex

    [Beast Mode: Activated]

    And Alex could just say 'Fuck'
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