20 The Accident part3

    [Beast Mode: Activated]

    After Beast Mode got activated, Alex's conscious went black and he could just see the outside world through a little window in that black world. He didn't have any control over anything.

    Outside of that dark world, his body started to change, his eyes turned bloody red and his body turned super hot. So hot that steam rose of his body. His fangs grew a little, it didn't look creepy at all, it looked handsome.  His skin was red and so thin that you could see blood flowing through his veins. His giant dick stood harder than before and some pre-cum could be seen on it's tip.

    A magical tail rose from his back and started to wiggle left and right. Alex now looked like a horny God came to life.

    Under a bright moonlight on a planet full of life and beauty, many women were bathing in a lake. Their body was like a sculpture came to life, full of beauty and curves and they were naked!

    There were at least hundreds of these women in that lake and at the top of that lake a woman was sitting on a throne. She was holding a glass of some red liquid in her hands and two women were massaging her feet and body.

    Those two didn't seem to do it out of order but out of pleasure. They enjoyed it!

    But the most fascinating thing about that woman sitting on top of that throne was her body, it glowed shined like a diamond under that moonlight.

    She opened her clover like lips and whispered "The King is alive."

    Back in the room, Alex was now like a horny beast, ready to ** the hell out of everything in front of him. The Woman was so shocked about this sudden change of event that she didn't know what to do.

    The only thing she could do at that moment was biting her index finger and a drop of blood dropped on her lips and then she fainted.

    The Beast in front of her didn't even notice that and was pounding her like crazy. Suddenly the door exploded and four men came in. They were wearing some type of black space suit. Alex didn't care about that and just **ed the Woman.

    Those four men said something and started to shoot Alex some electric bullets. It didn't have any effect but they didn't stop there and one of them took out a knife. The knife was made out of electricity and it could even break space and time as you couldn't stare at it.

    The man ran forward and thrust his knife in Alex's ribs. Subconsciously, Alex punched the Man and the man flew to the wall behind him and went through it and hit the next wall.

    The wound started to heal at the speed visible to the naked eyes. But it looked like those men came prepared, they took out a single red bullet and then shot Alex in his healing wound

    It didn't take long as Alex lost all the energy it had and his eyes tarted to turn back to normal. His tail vanished and his cute fangs turned normal but it wasn't all. Suddenly the system got activated on its own and deactivated 'Gender Swap'

    A beautiful and gorgeous figure fall down on The woman. The men in space suit looked at each other and then went closer and put a device on Mia's back. And slowly she got teleported away.

    They did the same thing to the woman to and then with a tap on a button on their wrist, they got teleported along with the man that got knocked down by Alex.

    In a spaceship as big as a planet, Mia woke up. Her head was spinning and her felt like a roller coaster. She couldn't stop herself and threw up on the floor. It didn't look like a normal floor. It was metallic and shone under her body. It was at that moment she understood her situation. She was naked and was lying on a teleporter. That was why she threw up.

    Although technology was advanced, people didn't need to teleport so it was a new experience for her. It felt like all of cells had fallen apart and the glued together randomly. It was a disgusting feeling.

    Mia then cleaned her mouth and tried to look around to see where she was. All she could remember was the she was at a party with Emma then a Woman came to her and they were having fun. Oh that woman!

    -what happened, augh I can't remember anything. Why does Beast mode and fairy mode get activate on their own. Stupid **ing system.

    She was looking around but couldn't see anything as the light was shining on her beautiful silver eyes and blocking her vision. She then used her hands to block the light so she can see something.

    Slowly she could hear a sound. It was the sound of high heels on a metallic floor.


    She looked at the source of that sound to see of she can see something but her body was so tired and her eyes were so heavy. She tried to keep them open so she could at least who was coming for her.

    The sound got closer and closer and all Mia could see before fainting was a pair of blue shining eyes.

    She understood something but it was too late to say anything as her vision turned black and her head hit the floor.
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