Chapter 527: What do you think of humans?

    Chapter 527: What do you think of humans?

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    Kazuhiko typed and explained the situation to little Anna. "Anyways, I think his attitude is alright, which is why I'm allowing him to speak to you directly."


    "I'll hand the cell phone over to him, then."

    Kazuhiko changed his cell phone to speakerphone mode before giving it to Seiji.

    "Hello, Harano-san," Little Anna greeted Seiji.

    "Hello, Anna-san," Seiji greeted the little girl on Haiga's cell phone screen.

    This version of "Anna" appeared younger than the "Anna" in the cell phone game. Apart from the fact that her physical appearance was now that of a loli's, her voice also sounded younger and purer.

    "Haiga-san already explained the situation to you, I believe. You were probably able to search up some information related to me as well."


    "I won't beat around the bush, then. I prefer the direct approach," Seiji had a serious expression. "Anna-san, what do you think of humans?"

    "To me, humans are my observational targets," little Anna replied.

    "Observational targets?"

    "Yes, I'm currently observing humans and learning relevant human knowledge."

    "So, you're saying that the current you won't harm humans?"


    "What about in the future?"

    "I may harm humans in certain special circumstances."

    "What special circumstances?"

    "If Kazuhiko's safety or my existence are threatened by humans."

    "So, you're saying that you'll counterattack if Haiga-san's or your life is endangered?"


    "Defending oneself when in danger is fine. The question is of the degree of action you take. Will your reprisal affect the innocent?"

    "It won't."

    "Absolutely won't?" Seiji took a good look at little Anna.

    "...I can't guarantee that any reprisal can be completely controlled not to affect innocent bystanders," Little Anna admitted it after a pause.

    "If you kept insisting that it wouldn't affect anyone uninvolved, I wouldn't have believed it," Seiji stated. "Anna-san, although humans live together in a society, they're also individuals that are all different from each other. If anyone threatens you or Haiga-san, please try not to cause too much damage when attacking them in self-defense, so that you can avoid harming the innocent. Some people... perhaps many people might consider your existence to be a natural threat to human society. Please, don't truly consider humans to be your enemies just because of those people. People with such thoughts can only represent themselves, not the entirety of humanity. No matter what, as long as you treat people kindly, there will be people that treat you kindly as well."

    Something flashed in little Anna's eyes when she heard this.

    "The cell phone game 'Anna' is attracting more and more attention. Meanwhile, Haiga-san is refusing to cooperate with any other game companies or to sell his game. As this goes on, it's highly possible that someone may attempt to threaten him in the future." Seiji glanced over at Haiga. "To be honest, my personal opinion is that it would be the wisest course of action for Haiga-san to simply sell the rights to the 'Anna' cell phone game, make a large amount of money, and retire. However, Haiga-san obviously has a different opinion."

    "Of course. I'll never sell Anna!"

    "In that case, you need a partner who's both strong and trustworthy. Haiga-san, do you think you can find such a partner?"

    Haiga remained silent.

    "There's an ancient proverb in Huaxia. The gist of the proverb is that an innocent ordinary person who receives a priceless treasure will be marked by the whole world as someone guilty. I believe that Haiga-san should be able to understand what this means," Seiji continued. "Although Sakura Island is a law-based society, there's so many methods by which powerful and rich individuals can steal away something that an ordinary person owns. Not only that, there're also others with powers similar to mine that can use techniques unimaginable to ordinary people. Haiga-san, if you don't hurry and find an appropriate partner, perhaps... you'll have a bad outcome in the end."

    "I will protect Kazuhiko," little Anna stated.

    "In that case, Anna-san, you'll attract even more attention if you show off your power. Even if you defeat whoever's threatening him, there will be even more powerful enemies in the future." Seiji looked at her.

    Little Anna remained silent.

    "I apologize for saying all these unpleasant things. Still, this is the reality. Your situation is becoming dangerous. Things are growing riskier every second." Seiji paused for a moment. "I recommend you to stop with this cell phone game and to immediately dissolve your gaming laboratory and for you all to quietly disappear."

    Haiga frowned upon hearing this.

    "I can provide the money necessary to send off all your employees if necessary, as well as protect you to a certain extent. In exchange, you would need to do some things for me as well," Seiji told him in a low voice. "I promise not to make you do anything unreasonable, as well as guarantee your freedom."

    Haiga and little Anna both looked towards him.

    "It's all up to you whether you accept my recommendation or not." Seiji had a calm expression. "I'm being sincere with my words. However, I also understand that you won't immediately trust a stranger, especially since I'm only a high school student. That's all I have to say. Here's my cell phone number. If you need anything from me in the future, please give me a call."

    Seiji told little Anna his cell phone number and then returned Haiga's cell phone. He then stood up and said goodbye.

    "Oh, right..."

    Seiji recalled something and turned around after walking off a few steps.

    "If you are ever threatened by a Spiritual Ability user and find yourself in a tough situation that you can't deal with, you could try saying that you're 'under the protection of the Haruta Yin Yang Master Family.' That might help to protect you."

    Seiji then left for real this time.

    Haiga silently watched him leave.

    "Anna, what do you think?"

    "I didn't notice any signs of lying at all," little Anna told him. "Based on all relevant information I could search on him, my basic conclusion is that he's a good person."

    "Do you think that we should accept his advice?"

    "Creating a game can bring joy to many people along with earning a salary for your hard work. This is your dream, Kazuhiko. His advice goes against your life's dream, so I don't think you should accept."

    Haiga remained silent for a long time after hearing this.

    Later that night, at the student council president's residence.

    "How was your chat with Kazuhiko Haiga?" Natsuya immediately asked this upon seeing Seiji.

    "Not bad. I confirmed that 'Anna' doesn't seem to be dangerous for the time being," Seiji responded. "I don't know what might happen in the future, though... so I left him my phone number."

    Natsuya didn't say anything more on this topic. Instead, she turned to look at Shika Kagura who was next to Seiji.

    "Good evening, Kagura-san."

    "Good evening, Yoruhana-san."

    Both of them greeted each other calmly.

    Shika was here today in order to complete the Spirit-branded Retainer contract with Seiji.

    Natsuya's as well as Hitaka and Rana's overlapping Spirit-branded Retainer contracts with Seiji had all expired while they were in the hospital.

    Seiji hadn't immediately contracted Shika as his Spirit-branded Retainer after leaving the hospital because he needed some time for his Spiritual Power to recover.

    By now, he was fully recovered. That meant it was time to contract Shika as he had promised her.

    Natsuya felt a strange feeling well up inside her as she looked at Shika.

    Natsuya felt as if she was watching her ex-husband getting married to his mistress... No, wait!!

    'What's with this thought of mine? Why did I suddenly have such a terrible analogy pop up in my mind!?' Natsuya mentally commented on herself.

    Still, it really did feel somewhat like that...

    Shika was looking at Natsuya as well. Suddenly, Shika's mouth arced upwards slightly.

    Natsuya was astonished to see this.

    Shika's subtle smile that seemed to carry deep meaning disappeared in a flash, almost as if she had never smiled at all.
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