Chapter 553: They became so large

    Chapter 553: They became so large

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    "From now on... let's take things slowly, alright?" Seiji spoke up again after he finished kissing Mika.

    Although he just heard such astonishing information, it wasn't so easy for him to comprehend it so quickly. He was still currently feeling indescribable feelings and didn't know what he should do in the future... he needed time.

    "Yeah." Mika nodded.

    She knew that he had his promise to Shika about not getting a girlfriend, and that he also had feelings for Natsuya Yoruhana. It would be impossible for him to instantly become very intimate with her.

    He needed time, while all she wanted was to remain by his side.

    "Next, we need to leave this place... Right, what's with your current condition?" Seiji inquired.

    Mika was mystified by his question.

    Only when he indicated towards her body and she noticed her current form did she discover to her astonishment that she had transformed!

    "I... how did I become like this!?"

    Her figure had changed, her hair had changed, and her entire physical appearance had changed! No wonder she had been feeling strangely, especially in the chest and hip areas...

    "This is the phenomenon of synchronization. I suspect that it was caused by you and Mashiro-chan combining together," Seiji explained.

    "Mashiro..." Mika hurriedly took out her Spirit Talisman and squeezed it in an attempt to summon Mashiro.

    There was no response.

    Mashiro wasn't inside!

    Mika thought back to what she experienced.

    She was mysteriously summoned to this strange place and attacked by fearsome monsters. Mashiro had done her best to protect her.

    However, there were too many enemy monsters. After a series of continuous battles, Mashiro started showing signs of evident fatigue. Mashiro was then injured by a monster!

    Mika clutched Mashiro and ran for her life, but some giant monster blocked her way... then Mika didn't know what happened after that.

    When she finally regained her senses, the monster disappeared, Mashiro that she had been hugging disappeared as well, and she was burning up all over and her head felt dizzy... and then she finally saw Seiji.

    Mika told Seiji everything that she could remember.

    "It would seem that when you were in danger, Mashiro combined herself with you so that you could unconsciously use power to defeat the monsters." Seiji pointed at the dark-red mist swirling around her. "Then, you ended up collapsing due to a shortage of Mana. That's when I found you."

    Mika looked at this mist. It was indeed one of Mashiro's powers.

    "Mashiro is within me..." Mika touched her own chest. "How is she currently? Can she be restored to her original form?"

    "Yes. Mashiro should currently be in a deep sleep within your body. When she wakes up, that should cancel your synchronization and she'll leave your body," Seiji replied.

    "That's good, then." Mika felt reassured.

    Her face started reddening again as she continued touching her own chest.

    "Seiji, don't look at me for now."


    "Turn around for a moment," the silver-haired girl said with a red face.

    "Oh..." Seiji did as he was ordered.

    After he turned around, Mika turned around as well and reached into her own clothes. She slowly took out the bra she was wearing.

    Upon checking its condition... the clasp had indeed snapped, as she expected!

    Her breasts became so large... her hips as well. Her panties felt really tight and uncomfortable.

    As she thought about how her current appearance and even hair color was different... Mika felt rather complex inside.

    "Seiji... what do you think of my current appearance?"

    "I think that it's quite beautiful," Seiji told her honestly.

    "More beautiful than my original appearance, right?" Mika asked softly.

    "Honestly, yes. But this doesn't mean that you weren't beautiful to begin with," Seiji stated seriously. "You were originally beautiful as well. It's just that you're even more beautiful in this form."

    Mika's complex feelings were assuaged by his sincere words.

    "As long as you think I'm beautiful... that's good, then."

    "Of course I think you're beautiful," Seiji continued speaking sincerely. "In my eyes, you've always been a brilliant beautiful girl."

    Mika felt rather embarrassed inside to hear him saying this out loud. It gave her a sweet feeling.

    "In my eyes... you used to be nothing more than a depraved NEET," she spoke in a cute voice.

    "In the past, that's indeed what I was." Seiji chuckled. "My apologies."

    'The me from the past probably never would have guessed that I would fall in love with this former depraved NEET, to the point where I can't even be without him,' Mika thought to herself as she looked at him again with a gentle expression in her eyes.

    "You can turn back around now."

    Seiji turned back towards Mika to discover that she was holding her own bra in her hands, causing him to pause in surprise.

    "My breasts became too big, to the point where it broke my bra's clasp... so I took it off," Mika explained it to him with a red face.

    Her breasts became bigger to the point where it broke her bra... that seemed so ero to Seiji!

    Just how many bra sizes was she upgraded by in this form?

    'No, no, I should stop thinking about this!' Seiji forcefully prevented himself from going along this train of thought. However, his eyes couldn't help but stare at her newly enlarged chest.

    Mika easily noticed where his attention was and spoke as her face continued reddening, "...Would you like to touch them?"

    "N... not at all!" Seiji hurriedly denied it.

    He was still currently under stimulation from the hot kisses just now. If he kept thinking about anything more along these lines, he would probably end up on a real rampage!

    "If it's just a little, you can touch them." Mika felt that his reaction was rather cute and couldn't help but tease him.

    "Stop... stop joking around! It's time for us to leave." Seiji averted his gaze and did his very best to stop himself.

    Mika felt like she really wanted to tease him some more, but right now in this location was indeed a poor timing to be teasing him.

    "How do we leave?"

    "We have to kill off all the powerful monsters in here. Then, we'll automatically be able to leave."

    Seiji explained the circumstances of the Inner World to her.

    Something flashed in Mika's eyes after hearing the explanation. She looked at the dark-red mist around her.

    Suddenly, as if a switch had been turned on, she could feel this power as her own!

    "This is..." The silver-haired girl slowly raised her hand.

    The floating mist suddenly started moving and speedily gathered above her hand, forming into a giant dark-red ball!

    She then flicked her fingers, causing the ball to dissipate and form into numerous dark circles that twirled around her.

    She then continued to control the mist, changing the circles into countless lines that swam, flew, and intersected with each other in the air... before finally forming into a ball again.

    "...This is a power that Mashiro has given to me."

    Mika was concretely feeling this power.

    Mashiro was within her body, combined with her! Just as Seiji told her.

    Mashiro was currently sleeping and would need a while to wake up.

    'I apologize. Mommy is too weak, which is why you had to work so hard,' Mika thought in her mind.

    'But don't worry anymore, daddy's here! With him together with us, we'll surely be able to return home safely together.' She did her best to express such a thought.

    Then, a faint voice sounded in her mind.


    This tiny response was just like an utterance in a dream.

    Mika paused in surprise for a moment before revealing a delighted expression.

    "I just heard Mashiro!"

    "That's good, then. At the very least, it proves that she's fine." Seiji smiled.

    "It's all thanks to you. It's all because Daddy Seiji arrived here in the nick of time." Mika smiled.

    Seiji was rendered speechless.

    So she was still viewing him as Mashiro's daddy!? Seiji's cheeks twitched upon finding this out.

    He felt quite embarrassed and really wanted to comment on it... but he decided to forget about it.

    "I want to battle together with you and try using this power that Mashiro gave me," Mika continued speaking.

    "Go ahead and try out your power then." Seiji paused for a moment. "Your power has the capability to absorb the Spiritual Creatures within this location. As long as you can control your own power, you'll become stronger and stronger as you battle."


    "Think of it like playing a game. Whenever the main characters defeat a monster, they'll obtain experience points and level up. That's just like the ability you now possess, Mika."
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