34 Side story scouted

    (Hotel room in a Santa Clara Hotel)

    The door opens and a man who looks to be in his mid 50's, bottom half of his hair is gray top is black, and looks exactly his age sluggishly walks in with his luggage and he tosses his bags onto his bed.

    He sighs to himself "why did I have to get sent this time, I doubt I'll find any good lads on this trip."

    He starts to unpack his bags trying to memorize his plan, reminding himself to look up the top high schools in The area so if he has time after watching the U-18 team for the MLS team in San Jose play and the multiple USL Matches locally he'll go and see if any of the lads has some talent.

    "I can only hope" he finished unpacking his bags and laid in his bed grabbed the control and turned on the TV and flick through the channels until he saw a match pass by on screen so he quickly switched back.

    "Huh, they're really showing a high school match on national TV"

    Then he heard the broadcasters talking about the Coach Jason Carranza

    He thought 'ah well that explains it, he would have been a great one if not for that injury such a shame, I wonder how he'll do as a manager.'

    he left the game on as background noise in the beginning, then he saw IT the ability of the goalkeeper right from the first save the game was no longer background noise and he was now completely focused on the match.

    By halftime his jaw was hitting the floor to find  this kind of quality in a player unsigned at his age is unheard of.

    'why hasn't he been signed to at the least an academy or brought in for a trial anywhere, is there something severely wrong with his attitude? Does he just not want to play professionally?' He shakes his head 'doesn't matter right now, let's see... Santa Clara High school' he typed the name of the school on his phone and saw it was only 15-20 minutes away so he quickly left the hotel his tiredness completely forgotten and he got into his rental car and drove there.

    (SC Stadium)

    The second half had just started when he got there so he quickly found a seat he had to see in person just to make sure before he made any decisions. As he watched he realized that he hit the jackpot because there was also three maybe four other players with high potential on the same team 'I'll get a pay raise for sure!' He wanted to laugh out loud but he held it in.

    After the game his note book had may things written down on the 5 players and the strength and weaknesses that he's seen so far. He closed it and stood up and realized almost all the people around him were gone he looked at the pitch and saw Jason packing things up along with his assistant coaches and decided to go talk with him.

    (Jason POV)

    "Mr. Carranza?"

    I stand up straight and turn around 'huh, who's this guy?' I see a middle aged British man dead give away with his voice, closing the distance between us and he stops in front of me. Then it clicks in my mind he just gives of the felling of a scout I've talked with plenty of them enough to know let's just wait for him to confirm it.

    I said "yeah, that's me?"

    He says "yes I know, My names David Stone I'm a scout for Stevenage FC, I just wanted to ask you about some of your players?"

    In my mind I'm losing it 'did he say Some not One... Hahaha this is awesome!' I did remain calm on the outside other than the smile on my face of course.

    I say "yeah, definitely which players caught your eye?"

    He nods and opens his notebook and says "number 9, 13, 8, 10, and of course 1 the goalkeeper"

    My smile widens and I say "number 1 is Jared Carranza, 10 is Alexander Rose, 9 is Austin Riley, 13 is Raymond Riley, 8 is Greg Bradford."

    His eyebrows rose at the first one maybe making the connection but he just wrote down the rest of the names without asking he nodded and closed the notebook and put his pen in his shirt pocket.

    He asks "I would also like to know why hasn't Jared been signed or anything"

    I answered "well actually the local MLS team San Jose and some others made some offers before but he wasn't interested because he wants to play in Europe"

    He frowned at the first part but then he quickly smiled and nodded like he understood.

    He said "Thanks a lot, you let the them now I'll be keeping track of them from now on" he reaches out for a handshake and I do the same.

    "Sure thing" And he walks away after getting what he needed for now.

    I turn around my friends and coaches Mike and Tony look at me for answers "he wanted to know who some players were, that was a scout" I pick up some bags and walk away their mind catches up with what I said they yell "What!" And I kept on walking.

    (Back at the hotel)

    "Yes and finally a goalkeeper, Jared Carranza and I actually think he could join the senior squad right now and hold his own we need a young goalkeeper Daniel is 34 and not getting any younger."

    "Alright David, I want you to stay there for the rest of their season and keep track of their progress for now, don't forget about your other responsibilities finding other players as well"

    I laughed and say "yeah, yeah I got it when have I ever done that anyway"


    "That was one time and in the end he became a solid player for us didn't he"

    "Have a good night David"

    they hung up and I sighed "it's not my fault I focus on good players when I find them, I produce results shouldn't that be enough?" I get ready for bed and I think 'I hope the Mrs. won't be to mad' I cringed 'of course she will I said I would only be gone at least a week.'

    (A few weeks later)

    After the last game before their Christmas break I only grew more certain that these kids were the real deal, I even found a possible sixth young player for the Academy the backup to Alexander Rose and a local college player that will graduate this year and the team already contacted them, and they finally plan on reaching out to Jared after me constantly telling them about his ability.

    I'm starting to get worried though because 1 week after I made my first report, somehow news about him started spreading like wildfire over in England and now there's 11 other scouts from League Two, League One, and a team from the Championship just recently showing interest which is why I'm worried we won't get his signature hopefully things workout.

    'Time to head home for a bit she still seemed upset the last time we talked' I sigh and just accepted my fate.
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