36 Suspended


    I'm just sitting in the office holding an ice pack to my eye when my mom walks in looking like she's ready to fight I quickly got up and she walked passed me and towards the principals office pulling me with her by the arm.

    She opened the door and walked straight in without knocking she said "Jaime Why is my son being suspended!"

    Jaime calmly said "he hit another student, we have a no fight policy"

    She yells "and what about the ones who did This" she points at my face "to my son, and did you know he punched that kid because he was harassing a girl and was going to touch her without permission what about that!"

    Jaime who was listening frowns at the last part and says "the security just left to get those two after he told us and they'll be suspended as well, now why didn't you tell us about the other thing Alex?"

    I said "I was trying to but that teacher seemed dead set on not letting me speak so I just waited until my mom came because I knew she would want to speak to you maybe he thought he could intimidate me, who is he anyway"

    Jaime sighs and rubs his temples because it seems he has a whole other issue to deal with

    He answered "That was Mr. Hill also The head coach of the football team, who was the person you punched."

    I said "Preston"

    he sighed "okay, I'll be looking into this trust me Preston will be suspended I may even consider expulsion for this I won't tolerate that behavior at this school. But you will still be suspended for getting into a fight nothing I can do about that" 'I may even fire the coach for trying to sweep what his player did under the rug'

    My mom nodded in acceptance "that's fine, let's go Alex"

    I grab my backpack when we walk by the seat I was in and we walk out of the office building and I saw Cora there waiting and when she saw us she walked towards me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and says "thanks for protecting me" I hug her and say "always."

    We started walking to the exit and she said "but I was about to kick him between the legs before you got there"

    I cringed "ouch, that probably would have hurt more especially coming from you"

    We got to the gate and we said bye and I left with my mom.

    When we got in the car she said "want to get something to eat?" And smiled.

    I said "I'm not in trouble, I did just get suspended"

    She shook her head "not at all, I'm proud of you for protecting Cora. So, are you hungry?"

    I smiled "yeah, I didn't eat lunch"

    We stopped at a diner and I ordered breakfast because I could and a milkshake seeing what I got she ordered the same.

    After finishing our food,

    I said "I just realized I won't be able to play today since I'm suspended..." I looked at my hand that started to bruise "worth it, but I better call Jason"

    Anna gasps and grabs my hand "you may have broken or fractured something we need to get you checked out"

    "Okay, let me call Jason first"


    "Well it looks like I'll be starting Chris today"

    Alexander said "I don't think you have anything to worry about with Chris. Also depending what the doctor says about my Hand he may have to play more than one game anyway see you later"

    "Wait wha!-" *beep*

    "Hahaha, he freaked out" Alexander said while holding his stomach with his good hand.

    She giggles then grabbed her bag and we left.

    (At home)

    I walked in first with a cast that went past my wrist almost to my elbow turns out I could actually mess up my hand punching three guys in the face, who knew.

    By the time we got out of the hospital it was slightly past the end of the school day. So my dad was already home with Birdie and she ran up to me and grabbed my hand "woah, what's this can I get one?"

    I shook my head "hopefully you'll never need one, it's called a cast it'll help fix my hand"

    It looked like she had stars in her eyes why do little kids like these so much...

    Cora came over after school so we could all go to the game and right when she saw my hand she started fussing over me and I couldn't help but smile at the care she was showing... then she got violent out of nowhere and started swatting me on the good arm calling me an idiot for getting hurt, so confusing. Of course I'm not sure if I'm allowed but I'm going to go anyway I'll be wearing a sweater to hide my face to make sure.

    (At the game)

    My family was in their seats and I snuck over to where the team was in the locker room.

    Jason says "I knew you would come"

    I got nervous but then he grinned "I won't say anything if you won't" I grinned back "alright"

    I showed him my hand and his face paled but then he sighed "well can't do anything about that but maybe you could help us with Chris when he didn't see you come in the locker room he started getting nervous it only got worse when I announced the lineup, he's in the bathroom"

    I nod my head and I go to the bathroom in the locker room and I can hear him before I get inside... throwing up.

    "Hey, (Knocks) Hey Chris come out"

    He quietly says "Alexander?"

    "Yeah it's me, you know you can't play if your in here throwing up the whole time" I hear him groan "hahaha, you know I felt the same way you did when I first started a high school game but at least Jason told you beforehand. Him and our coach at the time decided to wait until we were on the field before we started to announce it. I'm pretty sure it was his idea because the coach didn't seem happy at all but he was grinning like an idiot and just sent me on the field with a push to my back."


    I smiled and said "yeah, I hated him at first for it it's crazy that he's now one of my closest friends. But that game taught me a lot and I gained a lot of confidence in myself and I finally felt like I belonged on the team afterwards. He must have know how I felt beforehand and that's why he did what he did. What I'm trying to say is if I could do it so can you now get out of there you have a game to play just believe me when I say you can do this."

    he slowly came out of the stall he wiped his eyes then his mouth and he went to the sink and rinsed his mouth. I pulled him in for a quick hug 'geez he's still such a kid it really does feel like I have a little brother, it's pretty cool' he pulls back and I ruffled his hair "go their going to go without you then coach might make you run after practice, I'll be watching alright" he smiled then paled and quickly ran to get ready he yelled "thanks!" I smiled and watched him go and I walked back to the stadium to sneak back into the seats Jason gave me a nod on my way out of the lockers.

    Jason looks back at his team specifically Chris and he sees determination on his face while he's putting on his cleats.

    'He's a Captain alright, don't know what he said but it worked'
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