37 Unexpected


    I make it back to my seat and sit next to Cora, she looks over at me and hugs my arm and leans her head on my shoulder

    She says "it's already getting colder so you better stay still and keep me warm" I smile at this spoiled girl that I love and kiss the top of her head and rest my head on top of hers.

    Anna and Michael looked at them and smiled because it reminded them of themselves and Anna was holding her self back from ruining their moment and Birdie was busy drinking her moms soda while she wasn't looking.

    The game was stating soon and surprisingly there's more just a little more than a thousand people here which is a lot for a regular high school soccer game there's was double that at the first game but that was because it was on television.


    At the top of the bleachers in their own area all together were all the Scouts and they were sizing each other up like they were determining your threat to their chances to signing or getting someone to come in for a practice to test them some more. They were all mainly watching Jared, Daniel could only sigh feeling worse and worse about his situation even though he's had a conversation with him and he seemed really interested in the challenge of joining us he said that it really interested him to come in and help build   a League Two team to a higher level personally I really like his confidence, but I've seen a couple more scouts from the championship here today...


    'Okay, I-I got this he said I could' I think as I stand in the spot he always does and jump up and down to loosen up some more, 'what did Coach say to do again, oh no'

    Jason yells from the sidelines "Chris come here!"

    I run over and he says "Remember I want you to stay forward, make some good passes to Austin and Raymond they'll take care of the rest and don't worry about defense Greg's got it handled for you, just relax and have some fun okay?"

    I nod and say "I got it coach I won't let you down I promise" I ran back to my position and the rest of the guys pull me in a huddle and they all tell me they've got my back and Jared broke the huddle, he was wearing the captain armband today, and we all went to our spots.



    "That was awesome"

    Cora nods her head and says "only halftime and he already has 4 assists split between the twins"

    I say "yeah that gives him 2 goals and 6 assists so far on the year and on limited playing time"

    My mom said "Wow, he's such an amazing passer he just has to work on the other areas of his game and he could be really like really good but it's also Jason's game plan that is really playing to his strengths and makes up for his weaknesses" I nod seriously listening to her since she knows what she's saying.



    "Who was that kid?"

    "He has a lot to work on, but his passing alone is enough for me" 'and he's only 14 he has so much room to grow!' They were all thinking it but none voiced their opinion so as to not show a lot of interest.

    "And The keeper with those magnificent saves and reflexes" with that reminder they all got their phones out to basically demand their managers or the director of football to bring him in based off of just half of a game for some of them.


    (2nd half starts)

    The other team kicks the ball back to their midfielders and they start bringing the ball up the field they think they see an opening and they kick a pass past Chris and Austin. But he didn't see Greg behind the Two and he stopped their attack before it even got started and he sent a lob pass to our left winger making them drop back.

    (65th minute)

    Austin got the pass from Greg and started dribbling the ball to their side of the field at full speed, it was like the ball was glued to his feet because he didn't loose it the whole way there his brother Ray was running on the right side keeping up with no problem. The left back was closing in on him so he passed it to Ray and right when it got to him he passed it right back ahead of Austin but now he was alone with the keeper and Chris ran past Ray. Austin knew he would get stopped because the keeper was already diving for the ball.

    He heard Jason yell "Chris is behind you!" At the last second He lifted the ball over the keepers hands and he feel over and the ball was rolling to the right in front of the goal Chris ran full speed passed them side by side with a defender and booted it into the net.

    All the fans yelling in the stands "YYES!" Chris ran right back to their side while running he touched were his heart would be with both hands then pointed at the sky with both hands He just did what came to him but he likes it and he'll stick with it, it's for his parents.


    The game ended 5-0 and Jared got another clean sheet, now Alexander his parents and Birdie asleep in his dads arms, Chris, Jared, Jason and Natalie are all in the parking lot just talking well more like everyone is praising Chris for his game.

    Daniel walks to them he had got away without the others noticing him, they all turn and look at him and Jason says "hey Daniel, can I help you?"

    "Yes, can I talk to Chris?" Jason says "I guess that's up to him" and looks at Chris

    And he looks at me I say "yes what that's fine why did you want to say"

    Daniel says "listen I want you to come over to England and have you participate in some training sessions with the lads at the academy and depending on your performance i can pretty much guarantee you'll get in"

    Chris looks at me then everyone else I understand what he's thinking he looks like he wants to say something but is struggling I put my hand on his shoulder and I say "you can always just say no but I'll say this all of us here care for you and they won't think less of you because of your situation but it's up to you"

    He smiled and looked like he cane to a decision and he said "I would really like to take your offer and if I could I would but you see I don't have an actual guardian so since I'm underage I would need them to sign the contract and for an adult to be there with me right" he smiles sadly and nods his head "and  I would like to finish the season with my current team before I think about that stuff which is crazy that this is actually happening to me" he suddenly stiffened and slowly turned to face everyone my mom had tears in her eyes and everyone else had a sad expression he was suddenly engulfed in hug by my mom.

    Then she said something unexpected "would you like to be?"

    Chris quietly said "like to be what?"

    And with a smile she said "would you like to be adopted and be a part of our family then we could help you follow your dreams and you've already started feeling like your apart of the family recently and I wouldn't mind having another son to spoil"

    Then like a dam broke tears started flowing down Chris's cheeks and he asked in a voice so full of hope because he had given up on that idea years ago "really?"

    My dad who was surprised at first smiled and stood next to mom and said "yes really, we could start the process if you want to of course"

    "Yes!" And he hugged both of them like he was afraid they would disappear and this would be a dream.
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