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    After we got home my mom got on the phone and called the number of a foster care agency, then she asked about adoption and Chris specifically and started the process which they skipped a few steps since to my surprise they are already certified for adoption they had their training and everything and Chris was already legally 'freed' for adoption and that meant his 'family' never came to get him back which angered my mom you could see it on her face.

    Now they just needed to wait it could take a couple weeks or months, and since they were at the back of the line for their case to be heard their was no concrete date yet. Then my mom and dad looked at me and sat me down on the couch and we had an emotional conversation as to why they were already certified my dad had an arm around mom providing support.

    she said "we went through the process for adoption b-because, we... we didn't know if you would make it *sniff* so me and Michael had a conversation we didn't want Birdie to feel alone While growing up and I didn't want to risk anything since I'll be 40 soon, so this was the only option I just hope your not mad at us" she looked at me with tear filled eyes I moved leaned over and hugged her and she started sobbing.

    I rubbed her back in circles and said "I'll never  hate you guys or be mad at you, I love you and i know you love me that's all that matters. I understand what you were thinking and any kid would be lucky to have such amazing parents care for them" she cried even more after that and it took awhile for her to calm down because she was letting go of an imaginary weight on her shoulders and the guilt she felt.


    (couple of weeks later)

    The team got two more wins and I just had X-rays done and my injury mostly healed after two weeks so they got rid of the cast now I just had a brace on my hand to keep it stable and they said I could play a limited amount of time as long as I was careful or else I could end up with the cast even longer.

    After my first day back from missing 3 games,   I was pretty sloppy in the way I played so I knew even if I was fully healed I would still need to get into football shape before playing a full game.

    I had just finished getting changed when Jason walked up to me I said "hey, have you seen Austin he wasn't at school or practice the past few days he even missed the game on Friday but Raymond has been here"

    He sighed and said "you haven't checked the group chat have you... he's on a plane to England and since he's already 18 he didn't need any permission, he left this morning he signed for Fulham so he became ineligible the moment he got an agent and started talks with them last week he said he'll be playing with the U-21 team."

    I said "woah, that's pretty crazy I thought everyone would stay for the season at least but hey sometimes you got to do what's best for you, I am happy for him though" I looked over at Raymond who was just about to leave he had this depressed aura around him I could already guess what he was thinking how would you feel if your brother is already going pro and you weren't, so I said bye to Jason and caught up to him trying to cheer him up.



    I drop my backpack off in my room when I come back downstairs my mom and Mia who is back from Germany getting things settled are in the living room.

    She said "I've checked out this Daisy person and she's a solid person, and her label Lewis Independent Records is doing good for an independent they have a handful of semi-successful artists, which is pretty impressive for a label that's only been around for 2 years but I can see why she so interested in you. on top of your talent you already have a fan base that is bigger than their most popular artist."

    I shrug "I really just want to make music"

    She gets a evil smile on her face like she has a new toy to play with and she says "just leave the negotiations to me alright, hahaha!" 'I know they desperately want you, that's an advantage for us'

    I shiver and say "can you not laugh like that it's creepy, and sure thing your the expert here."

    She says "good I set the meeting for the end of the season so you can play without any issues, and technically we haven't signed anything so I'm not officially your agent yet I'm just your aunt, just don't tell anyone"

    I say "Got it"

    After awhile Anna asks "so, can you sing us some LP?"

    I sighed and I looked at them and they said "please"

    I said fine and I told them to follow me to my room and my dad and Birdie also followed and they all sat somewhere in my room and I brought out my stool and acoustic guitar.

    I sat down and played one of their songs and they asked for more so I played some other songs acoustically and basically put on a concert for them, some worked really well and others I just stopped and moved on.

    Then Birdie yelled excitingly "oh! Play your songs! I like "US" play that one"

    I sighed and started feeling nervous my mom and aunt who have been enjoying the show started saying words of encouragement.

    I said "fine, but if it's bad please tell me the truth"

    My mom said "are you sure honey?"

    My aunt said "come on he'll never learn if we just tell him his song is good if it's not"

    I nodded and said "yes, I'm sure I can take it"


    Alexander started strumming the guitar with some difficulty because of the brace and there was still a nice sound coming from it that just made you feel good, then he started singing about a boy and a girl and their life together and how they grew up together.

    Then, the sound that came from the guitar changes and made you feel sad and he started singing about the doubt that boy felt when it came to his feelings for that girl that was his best friend and when he finally got his courage to confess tragedy struck and that boy was in the hospital then he sang about what the girl felt and her POV.

    Then it slowly went back to making you feel happy and want to work harder, he sang about how that boy woke up and his struggles to get back to full health so he can see her again, then he sang about how they both ended up confessing to each other the moment they saw each other again and how stupid they felt for their misunderstanding.

    Alexander finished the song by strumming the guitar and it ended one last note that he let play out.


    (A/N: wish I knew how to write songs might look into it)

    (A 5 minute song later)

    The song was obviously meant to be a duet but they enjoyed it anyway and everyone in his room clapped for him.

    Anna said "that was about you and Cora wasn't it"

    I said "yeah"

    Both Anna and Mia said "aww that's so cute!"

    Mia almost looked like she had dollar signs in her eyes when she nodded and said "yes becoming your agent was great idea, that song alone can become a hit when it's completed"

    Anna said "how did you get how Cora's point of view"

    I said "obviously I asked her, she thought it was weird but she still explained her side of the story for me. she doesn't know I made this song yet."

    I smiled thinking about our relationship I'm really the luckiest and happiest guy in the world because she somehow fell in love with me, I don't know what I'd do without her.

    * * * * * * *

    I'll try to at least post 3 chapters a week, if I occasionally post any more than that it will be because Stuff was just coming to me.

    Also I thought we could actually make it to top 100 guess I got to confident, but at least we tried.
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