39 Choir Room

    Me and Cora walk to our last class of the day, Econ. Its not like I hate it I don't, I get everything done pretty quickly but every other student always complains about it whenever they talk about school. Their faces when the teacher said if you don't pass this class you don't graduate we're priceless I don't know if it's true or not but it doesn't matter to me.

    After calling roll Mr. Ramirez walks to the front of the room he says "alright, I'm going to give you guys ten minutes to find your partner for the big project due at the end of this semester, make sure you pick wisely you don't want to end up doing all the work on your own, Now go." I looked at the other side of the room and made eye contact with Cora I motion for her to come over here then she came over and sat next to me.

    She says "jackpot"

    I said "really, I can always go find a different partner"

    She quickly says "No! I was just joking I wouldn't do that to you, you know I'll do my share of the work"

    I grinned and said "I know just messing with you" I laugh lightly and she pushed my shoulder lightly.

    She said "that wasn't funny, jerk" but I saw her trying to hold back a smile.

    After a couple of minutes, Mr. Ramirez says "alright hopefully you made good choices, because you can't change partners later on we'll continue this throughout the rest of the year every Friday will be a workday for your project the rest you have to do on your free time and every couple of weeks I'll check in with each of you to make sure your making progress" he then took the names of every pair for the project and wrote it down then everyone went back to their desks.

    Then he had us all get a laptop from the back and we started our second project about stocks that was due half way through the semester just about everyone groaned and complained about doing two projects at once Mr. Ramirez just laughed.


    After class ended everyone escaped right when the bell rang well tried to because right when someone tried to leave Mr. Ramirez yelled and made everyone sit down while everyone else in the school was going home and while it wasn't a problem for people in sports or clubs it was for people that had to to catch the bus that were on the other side of the campus and on a schedule.

    After a couple of minutes Mr. Ramirez was satisfied he let us go and everyone rushed out a couple people even ran out the door.

    Me and Cora said bye and went our separate ways for our own practices.

    I had to go to the music room real quick since I left my folder that had the sheet music in it during class and I needed to study them and the music room was closed after practice. After I picked it up I walked out of the classroom I was zipping up my backpack when I heard something nice I stopped and I listened and it was coming from next door in the choir room someone was singing the door was slightly open so I could hear them.

    I walked over and I looked in and I saw a short dark skinned girl and curly hair that was tied back into a high ponytail that if she let down would reach her shoulders and two strands of hair going down the sides of her face and she had hazel colored eyes she was undoubtedly a beautiful person but what I found even more beautiful was her voice it just demanded your attention and it was very nice to listen to if she had a song I could probably have it on repeat and still enjoy it.

    With that last thought I smiled getting an idea that would hopefully work out, I looked and I noticed she was practicing 1-on-1 with the choir teacher Ms. Miller.

    when I moved slightly the door creaked pretty loudly she quickly stopped 'damn they really need to oil down this door' I waved awkwardly and she blushed and got embarrassed and shy very quickly.

    I thought 'I guess that would explain the 1-on-1'

    Ms. Miller said "excuse me but why are you here Alexander?"

    I said "um sorry, I just heard her voice and I just had to listen" she nodded like she understood.

    Ms. Miller said "so did you need something from me? Did you want to join Choir? It would be amazing to have someone like you.." she started excitedly talking about my videos then started pointing out what I could work on to improve which was actually very helpful but.

    I said "Ms. Miller?"

    She said "oh I'm sorry, I just get excited when it comes to singing"

    I looked over and the girl quickly looked away

    I said "hi my name is Alexander Rose, what's your name?"

    She said "my, my name is April Johnson"

    I said "have you thought of singing as a career"

    She quickly shook her head and said "no way, I could never I couldn't e-even sing when you walked in let alone hundreds or thousands of people"

    I said "yeah you can, I always feel nervous when I'm going to sing maybe not as bad but I do, want to know the secret?"

    She nods I say "Fake it, and make yourself appear confident and not nervous and eventually you may begin to believe it. you'll probably always feel nervous but it'll become easier the more you perform"

    She repeated confused "fake it?" Ms. Miller laughed And I nodded

    Ms. Miller went on to tell April multiple stories about famous singers feeling like she did and how they would say they 'faked it'

    Then I said "I was just asking because I have a song that I think you would be perfect for but I wont force you I'm just asking so if you change your mind about not wanting to just come find me, alright" she nods and I say goodbye and head to practice while they continue their conversation.
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