40 It’s going to be awhile

Since Austin left to do the the trials with Fulham, which he made it through with the best performance of everyone there so he's officially signed, Jason had to switch things around and he called up three players from Junior Varsity and he changed the formation to a 4-1-4-1 and Chris is now in the starting lineup right next to Alexander. They haven't lost since, they're first in the league and things have been great.

Its now a couple weeks after he offered the feature to April and he's currently eating lunch with his friends minus Austin.

Alexander sighs and says to Cora next to him "I hope she accepts it's been a few weeks and I'm starting to doubt it."

She says "I'm sure she will, just look behind you"

Cora points behind him and he sees April walking their way and when she sees the group of six people she stops for a second but then keeps going.

April stops in front of him and says quietly "c-can I talk to you?"

He says "yeah, let's go"

Alexander leads her away and out of hearing distance, behind them the group is all looking at them so he stands in front of her blocking her view of them.

He says "so you wanted to talk?"

She says "yeah, d-did you already find someone?"

He shakes his head no and says "I've already offered it to you, so I'm just waiting on your decision"

April starts fidgeting with her hands for a few seconds then she says "I'll do it."

Alexander smiles and says "great, just give me your number and I'll text you the time and my address so we can get started" she grabs his phone and puts in her number and they say bye and he walked back to the table.


Sara looks at him suspiciously and says "so what did she want to talk to you ALONE for?"

Cora puts a hand against her forehead and sighs

Alexander says "seriously Sara, I couldn't and don't want to do that to Cora. Also that's for us to know and you to find out since I already talked to Cora about it."

he sits next to Cora and puts his arm around her waist and she leans her head against his shoulder.


Alexander was in his room after a morning game on Saturday, which they won 3-1 and that was the first goal Jared has allowed in 6 games. He's sitting at his desk looking through Tweeter just thinking about music then he remembered something important he wanted someone who was better than him to produce the song so he sent out a tweet that reads,


[Hey, I'm looking for a producer to work on a song with. I have an idea but I don't have the ability, Message me serious people only please.]

He waits a couple of minutes and refreshes the page and has and has over a thousand likes and half as many retweet's, and less messages than he thought it seems like they listened.

He went through the first 20 and listened to what they sent, they were alright but that's all they were. So he just keep going and after 50 he had 2 people picked so sent a tweet that he already found someone and he thanked everyone.

Then he messaged both and asked for songs they worked on other than what they sent, the more he listened it became obvious who he would pick.

He picked the one who makes mainly R\u0026B and Pop music since the song fits with his style, they then had a conversation for awhile his name is Ben turns out he's from Fresno and still in high school.

Alexander told him that he will send him the vocals when they record them and the short demo he did so he had an idea of how it would go.

Ben said [ I'd rather work on it while your recording. I feel like I work better when I can actually talk with the artist. So if she agrees I'll have my mom drive me since I still don't have a car.]

Alexander says [tell her I'll pay for the gas for your trip here and back]

About 30 minutes went by without a response then Ben said [she said okay, I'll see you soon then thanks again for the chance. I'm a big fan so this is cool for me]

Alexander says [alright, I'll see you during spring break and thanks for the support.]

He pressed the home button and smiled because things are moving into place, he looked at his phones and then started to send a text to April.

Alexander: [Hey, were going to record in a couple months during spring break. Is that okay with you?]

April: [yeah, that's fine I don't usually have anything to do during spring break anyway.]

Alexander: [thanks again for agreeing, and here's the lyrics to the song so you can have them memorized way ahead of time] he then sent her the lyrics through text.


When April read through the lyrics the first time she slowly put down her phone and she jumped into her bed and rolled around in it with her face in her pillow screaming.

She says "it's such a nice song, can I really do it justice. I really hope so!"

She hears someone from her doorway "do what justice?"

She yells in fright "Ah! Mom, don't do that again"

She just looks at her with a raised eyebrow waiting for her answer

April says "it's just there's this boy-"

Her mom claps her hands together and smiles she sits right next to her daughter.

She says "ooh, so your finally have your first crush! What's he like?"

April blushes and says "well he's really nice and he's the captain fro the soccer te- Wait, no! It's not like that he has a girlfriend. I-it's not a crush, he offered me a feature on his song that's what I was talking about."

Her mom hugs her daughter and congratulates her then says "oh, honey for your first crush to already have someone that's to bad but you'll find someone for yourself I know it!"

She says "moooooom! It's not a crush. He's just becoming a good friend ok."

Her mom giggles and says "sure, whatever you say April."

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