1 He’s awake

    (New York Presbyterian Hospital, May.28.2013)

    There's a 17 year old young man in his hospital bed ,and if you looked at his face you could see that he'd be very Handsome Though you couldn't tell because of his long brown unkempt hair that's in the way and his frail body with asphyxiated muscles that makes him look between 14-15 years old.

    Currently, there's a Doctor walking into the room Dr.Lin and a few young people who will be working here starting today. Dr. Lin walks up to the hospital bed *picks up medical charts*

    and says "Okay this is our last stop this young man here is Alexander Rose 17 years old and has been here the past 2 years In a coma, what happened to him is he was walking home from guitar lessons after school and a truck came speeding down the street and couldn't stop because the brakes were broken and it was going to hit a little girl but before it could hit her he pushed her away from the trucks path and he was hit instead"  complete silence filled the room.

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    Until they heard a faint *groan* as if someone is trying to speak they all turn there heads and saw Alexander slightly move and his eyes squinted trying to adjust to the light. Dr. Lin *gasps* and runs to his side and starts checking on him and asking him questions and yelling for the nurses.


    (Alexander POV)

    We're am I ? What's going on my head is killing me I thought I died ? Who the hell is that? I don't know that voice!

    "Okay this..... Alexander...( me? I don't think I've ever met this lady) ... 2 years in a coma (WHAT!) ... pushed her away from the trucks path." Did I save somebody I don't remember doing that. Then the worst headache I ever had hits me *groans* and the memories come back and I realized that I'm not myself but I'm Alexander Rose 15 well 17 if what she said is right and that it's 2013! Then I feel someone touching me I look and I see a beautiful Japanese-American woman looks to be in her late 20's long black hair , blue eyes.

    she says "Hey are you okay " I don't answer well more like I can't " okay blink once for yes twice for no do you remember your name?" *blinks* "are you hurting anywhere?" I give her my best deadpan Stare *blinks*  and she laughs " okay , okay do you want water ?" * blinks* she hands me a pink cup with a straw and says to drink slowly.

    She backs away and says " okay I'm going to call your parents and let them know just relax okay the nurses are going to run some test to make sure you are okay" she smiled at me she really is beautiful.

    I give her what I hope looks like a smile and say " th..k...u" her eyes wide in shock that I even tried to speak and she walks off presumably to inform my parents. Which feels weird to think about because I never had parents I wonder what that's like?

    [system synchronizing]





    Am I going crazy?










    Well What if it didn't succeed what then huh! And then I get a slight headache "ah" I scare the nurse because she thinks she hurt me " are you okay" I give slight nod now that I'm feeling okay " thank goodness ." okay how does this thing work hmmm *open*... nothing ummm yes that has to be it *status*...

    [Alexander Rose]



    Exp: (0/50)





    Average value of the stats vary between 4-5

    Attribute Points: 5


    Guitar: 41

    Singing: 24

    Skill points: 5

    I wonder if it's a combination of both are skills or if that's just one of us or does it go for the person with the higher skill ? I wonder how you get points or exp can we get other skills through this? Or is it just this screen? obviously no one can know about this or I could end up experimented on *shivers* or people would just think I'm insane and toss me in the loony bin. I just got to live this new life for the both of us kid good thing we both have the same goal to reach the top and make people happy with what we make.

    (With Dr. Lin)

    Dr.Lin is calling Anna Rose Alexander's mother  " oh come on pick up Anna! Hey yes , yes Anna it's your son he's awake we are still doing test on to make sure he's okay and that nothing is wrong you should be able to see him soon."
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