2 Together Again 1

    Somewhere in Santa Clara, California in little 3 bedroom house.

    "Hello?" Anna answered

    "Hey"  Dr. Lin answered

    "Is everything okay?" Anna fearfully asked

    "Yes" Lin said

    "Why did you call Maki ? Is my son okay?!" She asked

    "Yes" Maki said "Anna it's your son he's awake we are still doing test to make sure he's okay and that nothing is wrong you should be able to see him soon." She added before Anna could talk

    "No I'm going over there right now I need to see him I'll be there soon." She hung up and started to cry tears of happiness her baby boy was awake. her husband Michael ran into the room and thought something was wrong until she said "Michael its Alex he's awake , he's awake Michael finally."

    He was speechless and didn't know what to say they were just there for his birthday a week before today, so he just ran upstairs to use get his laptop and came back to the kitchen and starting to get plane tickets to New York. While this was going on the cutest little 6 soon to be 7 year old girl , Brown straight hair like her mom , but had her dads green eyes , and the moms cute round face came down stairs this was obviously there daughter and Alexander's little sister Birdie Rose.

    She said " mommy what happen are you okay why you crying for "

    Anna answered " it's your big brother he woke up from his long nap baby you can play and talk with your big brother again."

    Birdie was so surprised and with tears in her eyes to she said " Really ...*sniff*... Alex...*hic*...will play with me this time " in her little head she was thinking ' I really miss big brother .'

    Anna seeing her little girl like this couldn't take it anymore and scooped her up and started kissing her cheeks " ohh Birdie Alex loves you very much okay he didn't mean to ignore you he was just very sick okay." Which is true before the accident the two were inseparable she would follow him all over the house and he would play with her and play her songs on the guitar and they would sing together well they would try after all Birdie was only 4 after all, and Alex loved spoiling his little sister.

    Birdie said "okay mommy lets go see Alex please!" she looks at her mom with her green eyes a few tears still in her eyes from crying.

    Anna could never say no to those eyes she said " were already going anyway Daddy is getting the tickets " and Birdie cheered and Anna had one of the biggest smiles she showed in a while her baby boy was okay everything was finally okay again.


    The next day , NY , 1 PM

    Back with Alexander who was currently contemplating everything that has happened and has decided that he will be a combination of both, since he has two sets of memories. He will still be a well mannered and nice boy and instead of shy like his previous person in this body  he will lean more towards friendly and can hold a conversation with a stranger like his self from the future with the experiences from the both sides. when it comes to memories he will lean more on the previous owner's because he didn't really have anyone of importance to remember so his don't  really mater unless of course it has to do with songs that he could use for himself to help his dream come true, or which movies will be big well if he ever gets to act here. but yeah now i remember my mom Anna and my dad Michael and of course my cute little sister ... Birdie since me and the previous owner are one now im just me Alexander Rose, And i feel so bad leaving my little sister alone like that we did everything together , we sang, played house, played with her toys , I Had just started teaching her how to play guitar before the accident even if the guitar was to big for her she was so stubborn... I really miss my little sister hope she doesn't hate me.

    My thoughts interrupted by a door opening and young nurse who came in to check on me again.

    She said " hey Alexander you feel good nothing wrong"

    He said " no im feeling great as a person who was in a coma can be haha" he laughs a little

    She couldn't help but laugh to

    He said while flashing a smile " you know your laugh is really cute i could listen to it all day."

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    she blushed  while looking at his smile and by his compliment she quickly checked the machines were working and said " okay ill be back later to check on you again just don't push yourself to hard so soon" and quickly walked to the door still blushing.
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