3 Together Again 2

    In the hallway, NY , Same Time

    'Faster, faster, faster!' thought Anna as she walks down the hallway while holding Birdie and Michael trying to keep up.

    Then she looks into His room from the Hall and sees him sitting up in bed Long Brown Hair, looking quite thin , with his mother's gray eyes and father's oval shaped face. Then she saw him and the nurse in the room laughing and then he said something to her while smiling a little and the girl blushed and started rushing to get work done to leave quickly.

    Anna couldn't stop laughing and Michael was chuckling from behind them and birdie didn't know what happened but she still puffed her little cheeks 'big brother should be  laughing with me! .'

    The nurse opened the door to them laughing and her blush deepened.

    Anna chose to ignore what just happened and asked "can we talk with him ?"

    The nurse said "Dr. Lin said that would be fine  we already did scans and everything came back clean other then the physical therapy he would need to do he is surprisingly fine and he kept asking for you all"

    Anna answered "Thank you very much "

    Michael said "yes thank you"

    Dr. Lin came down the hallway surprised to see the whole family who she became friends with already at the hospital.

    Maki said "Anna you really did come right away!" The nurse took that moment to excuse herself and escaped.

    Anna said " yes! Now let's go in" she started tearing up a little.

    Maki said " okay go ahead " and followed them in.

    (With Alexander)

    'Man she's cute' he thought while she was walking out. than he looked out of his window he knew he wasn't in Santa Clara which surprised him especially when they told him he's in New York that's so far from his family. Then his door opens and in comes ,to his surprise ,his mom who has long brown hair that reaches her lower back, beautiful grey eyes and round shaped face, slim figure standing at 5ft 6in.

    And his Dad with his short brown hair ,green eyes that capture your attention, an oval shaped face, he's a well built man standing at 6ft 2in not to much muscle but you can tell he keeps himself in shape both of his parents are good looking people. Then there's little birdie in his moms arms facing away from him with her head on his moms shoulder.

    Anna put birdie down and she hid behind her moms leg Anna went up to Alexander and lightly hugged him with tears in her eyes and said "my baby boy your okay"

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    I said " yes mom I'm okay"

    Anna said " I really missed you "

    I said " I missed you to "

    Michael came up to his son and put a hand on his shoulder he also had some tears in his eyes said " I missed you to son you know its really hard keeping the balance without you at home it's always 2 against 1 " he laughed

    I laughed and said " what do you mean you'll still be out numbered it'll be 3 against 1 because I'm always on birdies side " him and his parents both laughed birdie was silent and  still hiding I said " birdie?" She was still hiding so I looked away and with a fake sad ( kinda real) voice I said " do you not like your big brother anymore...*sniff*... I know you are pro-" my speech was interrupted by a little weight on my lap and head in the crook of my neck little arms around my neck I look down and see my little bird hugging me and I couldn't help but actually cry and slowly hug her back and then I hear her crying and it breaks my heart.

    Birdie says in a shaky voice " I can never hate big brother y-you are m-my best friend o-okay *sniff*"

    I reply " yes you are my best friend and my little bird " I kiss the top of her head.

    Both of my parents were hugging and watching us while crying too even Maki had tears in her eyes. Then my parents started talking to Maki and they started having an argument and I could guess what it's about as they are pretty loud so I scold them " hey shhh birdie is asleep!" I tell them in a harsh whisper and she is she's curled up next to me in bed asleep. " Now what's going on?" I say

    Anna says "we were just talking about the physical therapy and we want to take you home but Dr. Lin said you should stay here for that ."

    I say " well okay then how about what I want to do since I'm the patient and you guys can't think of something because instead of doing that your arguing "

    They responded with " okay" properly scolded they were all thinking ' who's the adult here.'

    I said " well I would like to do my therapy in California since it's closer to home and I can't miss any more time with you guys there should be somewhere good to go we live close to San Francisco it's a big city even we're we currently live there should be options "  I said a lot especially for my condition and my throat was dry and I'm tired so I slowly laid down and snuggled with little birdie. The adults stood there embarrassed at being scolded by a teenager.
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