4 Time to go home

    I was woken up the next day by birdie who was walking in saying "wake up Alex it's time to go home" with my parents, Maki, and the same nurse from yesterday. Dr. Lin, who I learned was Maki Yesterday, and the nurse gave me one last check up. I touched the nurses Hand and said " you never told me your name you know" and she blushed from the contact but still said " it's Beth , Beth Benson " she turned it into a handshake until I said " ill never forget you Beth your really beautiful" her blush grew a deeper shade of red She quickly took back her hand but you could see a small smile on her blushing face while she got back to work my mom and dad saw the whole thing but they were just amused by the situation. Birdie was still upset at Beth because of yesterday and she glared at the nurse while getting closer to Alexander while thinking ' she better not steal my big brother.'

    When they were done they said everything was fine and I was good to go. They put me in a wheelchair and birdie wanted to ride with me but my mom said no and birdie look like she wanted to cry I quickly said "Hey birdie come here you can't ride with me yet wait until I get a little better but at least hold my hand until we get to the car, yeah?" She quickly nods "yes" and her little hand holds mine and we start going to an elevator so we can go down. We arrive at the van and they put me in the back with birdie I can see they have a wheelchair of there own in the back obviously for me. And they drive for the airport the drive was long because of so much traffic but at least I got to see what New York was like as I've never seen it before because of obvious reasons.


    The plane ride I don't really remember because I just slept the whole time. But now we are driving home in my dads truck and my wheelchair in the back with their bags so we can rest from the long trip. And we stopped in a drive way of a white two story house with a red front door and small ramp in front of the door for me to get in with no problem. Mom was pretty excited to show me my new room because they moved because there are four of us. before they moved it was a 2 bedroom house now we live in a 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom house with a garage and a pool. We still live in the same neighborhood but a better house I guess my parents have been working really hard because of me.

    When we got to the stairs things got embarrassing I mean come on I've got about 50 years of experience and I'm being carried up the stairs ... by my mom. She said " you don't weigh anything I can carry you like when you were a little baby" my parents and sister full blown belly laughing with tears in there eyes at my expense but I couldn't help but smile.

    She put me back in my wheelchair chair rolled me down the hallway to the room next to birdie's. She opened the door to a very nice room there was a dark grey Tribeca queen sized bed under one of the windows in the middle of the room with black nightstand's on either side, in front of the bed against the wall was a black dresser with a mirror ,and if your by the door facing the bed on the right side there is a desk, a good pc, and a computer chair that's black with grey accents. On the left side there is a bookshelf half full with books, light novels, and mangas and the other half has trophies from sports he played before the accident. Next to the book shelf was the other window this one much bigger and has a area I can sit on like a bench so I can read there or just enjoy the view outside.

    I look up at my parents and say " Thank you guys I love it, and I love you guys so much."

    Birdie puffs her cheeks and looks away I start laughing so much that she starts getting mad I quickly say "I love you the most okay little bird" she smiles and hugs me then my mom pretends to be mad like birdie was I laughed and so did my dad while birdie stuck her tongue out at my mom.

    Then I said  "mom we're is my guitar"

    Anna said " it's in the closet I'll go get it" and I'm surprised while she walks into my room and to the closet she grabs the case and comes back to me and kneels down and opens the case she hands me my Gibson acoustic J-45 standard and I can't help but smile I thought it was destroyed in the accident and I look at the case and it's scratched and has some dents but my guitar is fine.

    Then birdie almost yells "mom can I go get it"

    Anna says " yes go ahead"

    I say " get what? What's going on?"

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    Micheal answered "they got you something when I saw them bring it home I new you would love it"

    I hear birdie speed walking back to the room and she comes in with another guitar case kind of struggling and I can't help but feel excited. Mom pushes me forward after putting my acoustic next to my computer on a guitar stand. birdie and dad put the case on my bed she put me in front of it and they waited for me I slowly opened it and ...
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