5 Recovery


    birdie almost yells "mom can I go get it"

    Anna says " yes go ahead"

    I say " get what? What's going on?"

    Micheal answered "they got you something when I saw them bring it home I new you would love it"

    I hear birdie speed walking back to the room and she comes in with another guitar case kind of struggling and I can't help but feel excited. Mom pushes me forward after putting my acoustic next to my computer on a guitar stand. birdie and dad put the case on my bed she put me in front of it and they waited for me I slowly opened it and ...

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    There was Gibson Les Paul Studio in a wine red color brand new. I was speechless this is an expensive guitar right if you could see my expression right now My mouth would be like an 'O' and wide eyes. To my left you could see Birdie looking at her feet with her hands behind her back looking nervous. My parents though knew I would love it and I do.

    Birdie said "umm Alex do you like it I - I picked it just for you"

    I looked at her then gave her my best smile and said "yes Birdie I really love this thank you. But guys isn't it expensive ?"

    Anna said " don't worry about it when Birdie showed it to me when we were at the music store I knew I had to get it for you because we knew you would be back and okay *sniff* so you can just stop talking about prices ,to me your worth it" Anna started tearing up.

    Seeing her like that I said " mom don't cry alright I'm here and I'm not going anywhere, come here" she comes around to the front of my wheelchair and hugs me and starts sobbing into my chest I rub her back and comfort her. We all talked some more then birdie ran out of the room once then came back with another guitar stand and puts it next to my acoustic and my mom puts the Gibson Les Paul on it and the cases in my closet then Birdie drags my mom with her. While that was happening I talked to my dad some more mainly about sports and what happened while I was out and a little bit about school since I only finished freshman year in High school in this life and I should have been finishing my junior year right now my parents were worried about it. At that moment my mom came back in holding an amp a Fender Birdie came running in behind her she must have gotten tired and took my mom for help.

    Anna said " here you go" I could Only shake my head and sigh why did she spend so much money still " love you mom" " love you to."

    Then Michael said " alright time for bed its 8pm but you know it's later for us plus tomorrow Alex starts physical therapy"

    I say " yes I can't wait " the me in 3 months would slap the current me if he heard me say that.

    My Dad put me on the bed them my mom kissed me on the check and said goodnight and Birdie did the same and I told them goodnight as well and they walked out of the room.

    After they left I thought to myself 'isn't it odd for a comatose patient like me that had muscle in a state of atrophy to feel better then when I did at the hospital a few days ago' then I think 'status'

    [Alexander Rose - male - 17]


    Exp: (0/50)





    Attribute points:5




    Skill points:5

    'Okay so I'm slowly healing and my body is getting stronger that's not normal well I guess having a system isn't normal either. okay so I'll put all my points in intelligence' *try's to put them in* [host can only put 10 in each attribute] 'Holy crap 10 intelligence is great my head fells clearer than before. I'll be able to understand or memorize things easier at least I hope that's the case. Okay next I'll put my skill points In singing *puts them in* okay great I bet practice will help those as well.

    [Alexander Rose - male - 17]


    Exp: (0/50)

    [ Attributes ]


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    Att points:3

    [ skills ]

    Guitar: 41

    Singing: 29

    Skill points: 0

    After I finish looking at my system I hear the door in the next room open then close and then little footsteps coming towards my room and they stop in front of my room and stay there for a minute then I say " come in "

    I hear a little squeak from the other side of the door then she opens and closes the door it's birdie in her green pajamas with little birds on them. She's looking at her feet and shifting nervously were she's standing next to my bed.

    Then she asks " c-can I sleep in your room A-Alex"

    I say "yes of course I really missed you birdie" I smile.

    She smiles brightly to " I missed you to" she walks to the other side and gets in the bed and snuggles into my side and we fall asleep.
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