6 Recovery 2


    [ Alexander Rose - male - 17 ]


    Exp: (0/50)

    [ Attributes ]


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    Attribute points:3

    [ Skills ]


    Singing: 29

    First thing I checked was if my theory was correct and it was And my charm went up to. 'thanks for the head start system but isn't it a bit fast for me to be healing this fast.'

    [your welcome Host and yes your healing 50 times faster than the average human]

    I nearly yell at the unexpected voice in my head but I remember birdie is sleeping 'well can you stop that and make it 2 times as fast I'd rather not *shivers* be experimented on by the government or something.'

    [ I apologize host for my miscalculation it has been changed]

    'Thank you now how long do you think it will take for me to recover'

    [ if host just sat there being lazy without rehab 4 months. But if host actually decided to do rehab 2 and half months]

    'Relax I was going to start today anyway. And how do I get experience to level up and get skills'

    [Host can only get experience with missions given to you by me the system but currently that's a waste of time as your to weak. And as Host uses skills you were once familiar with they will appear]

    'But how can I get new skills'

    [ as long as host can passably use a skill, it will be created ]

    'Which means?'

    [... does host really have 10 intelligence?]

    I really wanted to curse at the system ' just tell me'

    [if hosts learns how to cook something good the cooking skill will be created]

    'Well that's cool thank you system'

    [your welcome]

    'Also why haven't you talked to me before?'

    [...host only asked for status before]

    'Damn system stop treating me like I'm stupid'

    [ ...sure host I'll do that]


    I feel something moving next to me and I look and see birdie and can't help but smile she looks so cute and I forget about the system and I just lay there for an hour not wanting to wake her.

    Then my door opens and it's my mom she says "Alex it-" she sees me and birdie and wants to squeal at the sight and how cute it is but she runs out of the room.

    She comes back with her camera and takes pictures until Birdie wakes up and sees her and she quickly hides under the blanket and I just laughed at her along with mom.

    Then we hear birdie yell "stop laughing!"

    After that mom put me in the wheelchair and took me to the stairs and... carried me down the stairs 'mothers truly are strong when it comes to their family' I sigh but with physical therapy I will do it on my own soon. She put me in the wheelchair that my dad brought down and pushed me to the kitchen. After breakfast and we all took... showers 'No We Will Not Speak About What Happened I definitely needed no help!' And dressed we left the house to go see my physical therapist Callie Roberts, 24 years old , Blond hair, Green eyes, Athletic body type overall a very beautiful woman but she would be very tough on me everyday for the next 2 months the first day wasn't so hard but I soon learned that it must have been a trick for me to think it will be easy. Then when we got home Me and my parents just talked about what are plans were for the next few months.

    Anna said " so about school we were thinking of getting you tutors for homeschooling"

    I said " actually mom I was thinking by the time August comes around I could go to school again with my Class(grade)"

    She answered " I don't think that's a good idea honey you only finished freshman year plus you'll be -"

    Michael interjected " Anna maybe we should let him speak. Alex why do you feel you can do this don't forget your still in a wheelchair son?"

    I looked at my dad grateful that he is letting plead my case.

    I answered " mom dad I think I'll be able to walk on my own by the end of summer " I see my mom wanting to say something I quickly continue " please just wait and see give me a chance I will work really hard in my physical therapy and if I'm able to walk i should go to school ,and I think I'll be fine I've always had good grades"

    Michael said " I know the principal at the high school I'll ask him and see what I can do okay"

    I said " thanks dad"

    Seeing this my mom just sighs then she yells " Fine! But if you still can't walk or it's proven your behind and you need help in your education you WILL do as I say got it!" Then she gives me a sweet smile that to anyone else it looks normal but to me and my dad we know it's not.

    I quickly nod then think 'moms are really scary when they need to be'
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