8 The Tes

    Santa Clara Therapy Center, 8:30 AM

    There is thin handsome young man in the middle of running on a treadmill. This is obviously Alexander "Alex" Rose and yes he's thin but you can see his muscle if he strains his body, and his long unkempt brown hair that reached the middle of his back is now shoulder length and wavy now that he takes care of it (A/N: see cover photo) ,and he looks healthy again and has nice slightly tanned skin ,and that brings out his gray eye color even more, and he hit a growth spurt in these two and a half months before he was 5ft 5in now he stands at 5ft 11in and he's still growing he may reach his dads height maybe more.

    'And I'm proud of my work if I do say so myself he is really a Hot- Nonono! Callie get your mind out of the gutter' she looks at him jogging and blushes but she shakes it away before he can see then she hears him.

    *phew* " Wow Callie you really know to tire a guy out" he grins at me I turn around blush and walk away.

    I quickly respond "whatever were done you can go shower and get changed your mom is probably already waiting for you"

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    He says "Callie Thank you for everything ,I know this is my last day but I hope we keep in touch so you better text me"

    I say "Ha! as if I'll ever text or call you" I walk away for sure this time knowing he's checking me out I  grin and add an extra sway to my hips.

    (Alexander POV)

    She says " Ha! as if I'll ever text or call you"

    Then I see her walk away and can't help but check her out and the way she sways those hips I blush then I * sigh * 'if only I was 18 then she would take me serious. Just one year Damn it all ...well I guess it's time to go'

    I walk to the locker room take a quick shower and get dressed I'm wearing a black vans shirt black pants and black and white checkered vans and I head out to my moms car a red BMW 328i.

    Anna says "hurry up we got to be at the school by 9!"

    I say"ok I'm going" I get in the car and she drives to the school.

    On the way there I feel my phone ,that my dad got me a month ago, vibrate I check and I see it's a message from Callie.

    [ Callie: Good luck on the test Alex ]

    I start laughing and my mom smiles and she asks "why are you laughing"

    I answered "it's just Callie being Callie"

    Then she also laughs because she knows how Callie acts with me.

    But I know I'm slowly getting through and one day she'll actually be my friend and stop acting like she isn't in public.

    We finally get to the school I went to The sign reads "Santa Clara High School" it still looks like it did 2 years ago ,obviously nothing is really going to change in 2 years ,it's big and has many buildings and areas for the different sports offered and the walls are white and has blue and yellow accents here an there which are the school colors so overall it's a nice school. We go to the office for our meeting with the principal Jason villa he's my dads friend who he went to high school with here in Santa Clara. while we are walking I ask "mom were are dad and Birdie?"

    Her eyes widen and she looks nervous about something but quickly goes back to normal and says " there both at home you are just doing tests so why would they be here"

    I nod my head in acceptance then her face looks relieved? I just shrugged it off and we continue to the office then my mom tells one of the secretary's why were there and we wait for a few minutes. Then principal villa comes to the front and calls us back to his office were there is also a councilor that I know well Principal villa says " come in you can sit here" leads to two chairs in front of his desk.

    He says" okay so I understand the situation from the many times me and Michael have talked I still can't believe something like that happened to a great kid like you why do bad things happen to good people"

    I smile and I say "thanks uncle Jason that means a lot to me but if I haven't done what I did that little girl wouldn't be alive and I'm glad she is and I'm lucky that I'm even here but I for sure had a better chance to survive that than she did."

    My mom starts to tear up remembering what happened and I just rub her back in a circular motion to make her feel better.

    Principal villa says" ok well just because I see you as my nephew doesn't mean I'll go easy on you have until 4PM to finish all the testing it's in your hands now you'll go with mr.wilson here you still remember him right he's still your councilor he will watch over you while you take them"

    I said " thanks I'll see you at 4 mom maybe earlier depends how long they take to grade my tests" I grin at them.

    Anna laughs and says " okay good luck "

    I walk out with Mr.Wilson and principal villa also laughed

    Principal villa says " I still remember when he was a shy kid I think his situation has really made him mature it's a good Change he seems more confident in himself"

    Anna says "yes he's still the same Alex but he has matured in the past two months, well I'll be back to pick him up later I have something to do at home see you later Jason."

    (6 hours later)

    'Finally done they only tested me on the core classes that I would have took sophomore and junior year and it was pretty easy I'm confident I did well' any students who heard what he said would surely cough up blood and call him a Bastard for dismissing the tests like they were nothing.

    He handed Mr. Wilson the tests and Mr. Wilson walked out with them most likely to find teachers who teach those subjects.

    I text my mom

    [Alexander: hey mom I'm done with the tests. They might want to speak with you about school so I let you know.

    [G.M.O.A.T: Thanks sweetie I'll be right there]

    I just sit there with my new iPhone and look through what apps I can use I download YouTube and some music apps and games.

    [30 minutes later]

    Mr. Wilson came back with a smile on his face and told me to follow him back to the principals office on the way there my mom joined us. we are now sitting in principal villas office and he says " good job Alex you passed them starting tomorrow you'll be starting your senior year like everyone else" I smile and I look at my mom and say " told you I would do it."

    Anna smiles and says "good if you didn't you would have been in trouble"

    I *shiver* and I laughed nervously "ha..ha good Thing I studied what I needed to well thanks for the help uncle Jason"

    He laughs at my misfortune and he said " no problem and make sure you go to Mr. Wilson first thing tomorrow morning for your class schedule I'll see you later "

    Then Anna said " okay let's hurry and get home"

    I said "why the hurry?"

    She smiles and says "no reason"

    Little did I know there was a surprise waiting for me or that I would see Her again...
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