9 Is It Really you?

    As we were driving home I hear a noise in my head *ding* and it scared me because it was unexpected and I jumped in my seat slightly.

    Anna said "are you okay?"

    I say " I'm fine mom don't worry" I smile

    [Hmm well I guess your not as dumb as I thought you actually passed]


    [First mission finished - host better pass the test or else you really are a stupid host and you will prove me right. Reward - 25 EXP]

    'Wait! Never mind I take it back you damn system!'


    'Whatever next time wait until I'm alone to notify me and take away the notification sound'



    Anna seeing her son with an angry expression says "are you really okay Alex"

    Bringing me back to reality I quickly say " yeah mom I'm good sorry for worrying you"

    She says " well if you're sure, alright then" not sounding convinced but she let it go.

    I look at my mom and say " so why did you want to get home so fast "

    She can feel me looking at her she responds " you'll see okay" she smiles.

    Seeing her happy I can only sigh and let her have her fun I'm glad she's so happy now I don't want her to be sad anymore she's been through enough.

    We drive up to the house and I see a lot of cars parked on the side of the street that don't belong there ' I see ' I smile cause I think I know what is going on. Anna turns to look at her son when she parks in the drive way to see him smiling and she smiles to ' guess he caught on .' We get off the car and walk to the door and mom gets her keys and unlocks the door and pushes it open and I hear  " Surprise!" I smile because I see most of my family here the Mexican side of my family coming from my dad, my grandparents Maria and Alejandro Rose , then there's my tia(aunt) Leslie Cantu(39) and her husband Steven Cantu(40) along with there 3 kids from youngest to oldest lily (6) , David (9), Ashley (15). And just some neighbors from where we used to live and some from we're we live now. There's nobody from my moms side of the family she's french but her parents past away when I was younger and she was an only child and so were her parents so she must really  love her family more then anyone cause we're all she has and thinking about that makes me feel even worse for making her so worried but I smile and say " thanks guys I really appreciate you doing this for me" I look up and see a banner that reads 'Welcome Home and congratulations on recovering' my grandpa walks up to me on gives me a hug and slaps my back " I'm glad your home Mijo"

    I say " me to grandpa" I hug him back.

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    He says " now let me get a look at you hmm yes your a true Rose strong and good looking unlike Michael I still don't know how he got your mom to Marry him"

    Michael yells " Hey! "

    I laughed and so did everyone else then I see my dad in the corner squatting and drawing circles on the ground muttering about 'disrespect' and 'stupid old man' I laugh some more.

    My grandma then comes up to me and hugs while crying and just says " I'm glad your home" and hugs me for a little while.

    My tia comes up and hugs me as well and her husband shakes my hand and they are happy I'm okay and they give me their congrats on the recovery and my tia says " I bet you'll have a lot of girls coming for you when you get to school" my mom standing behind me with her eyes closed and arms crossed just nods in agreement I can only smile wrly at their actions.

    I walk up to my cousin Ashley I said " hey Ashley I've missed you how've you been"

    She look up from her phone and says " fine" and goes back to her phone. I'm confused because we used to be close not like me and Birdie but close so I try and talk to her again but she just ignores me this time so I can only sigh sadly at the way she acts towards me ' I guess 2 years is to much I hope it's not the same with her...'

    So I go around and greet everyone and just enjoy the party for a little bit then I hear a knock on the door and mom says " oh they are here" she opens the door and a woman in her late 20's walks in with a little girl about birdies age who looks familiar, she has blond hair and blue eyes like her mom, she's a cute little girl, but I don't think anything of it maybe she's Birdies friend. Until the mom turns and looks at me and she smiles and starts tearing up then I understand that little girl must be the one I saved that day. The mom walks up to me and says "hey my name is Emma Ray and I want to say thank you for saving my little girl she's all I have" she hugs me " and I'm also glad you are okay. Now come on " she says to the little girl hidden behind her leg " introduce yourself " the little girl comes out still looking down and comes up to me and slowly looks up at me I smile at her and she looks down at her hands she says "hi my name is M..Mia"

    I say " hi Mia my names Alexander but you can call me Alex"

    She nods but then asks me " is it r...really you? Your the one that s...saved m...me??"

    I can't help but smile " yes "

    Then she runs at me and jumps at me I catch her but I fall onto the couch and I just stay there while hugging her I hear a quite "thank you" I say " your welcome " the energy from before is gone and she's shy again because I start petting her head her mom starts laughing and so does everyone else except for Birdie she just glaring at Mia but I think she still looks cute trying to be mad my mom sees this and starts laughing some more. Birdie comes up to me and sits in my other leg and puts my hand on her head and I start laughing she glares at me but I start petting her head and say " don't worry your still my cute little bird "

    She blushes from embarrassment and hides her face in my chest. I stay like that for 30 more minutes then I stop and they both look up at me like I've wronged them but I say " don't worry I'll be right back I just need to put my bag in my room" they both nod at the same time and hop of my lap my mom hearing what I said grins mischievously but I don't see her.

    I walk up to my room and I see my door is slightly open but I know I closed it before I left so I open it all the way to see if someone is in there and I see... "Cora?"

    She turns around and starts to cry but she's trying to hold it back "hey Alex."
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