10 Cora / First day of school


    She turns around and when she sees that I'm really okay she starts crying but she's trying to hold it back she smiles and says "hey Alex."

    When I see her my heart skipped a beat 2 years have really done her good.

    Standing in front of me is Cora my childhood friend, she has long black hair and the most beautiful blue eyes hidden behind her black ray ban prescription glasses, a round shaped face, standing at 5ft 9in ,and her body has matured greatly with all the curves in the right places she most likely still plays football(soccer) because she's in good shape and you can definitely tell right now because she is wearing a red sundress and she has sandals that are a nude color by my bed ,and red nail polish on here finger and toenails and no makeup but she doesn't need it. I've always known how beautiful she was but you wouldn't be able to tell unless you knew her because she rarely dresses up like this she always wears Pants or sweats, long sleeve shirts or sweaters and shoes and no makeup and her glasses that I've seen her without and she looks amazing without them. she's really shy around people she doesn't know and likes to keep a low profile at places like school I really hope she's been okay without me.

    I've had feelings for her since middle school and the previous me knew she felt the same way even though she never told him but I was to afraid to do something about it. I was finally going to tell her how I felt that summer that's why I was learning to play guitar so I could sing her a song and tell her how I felt I had finally found my courage but then the accident happened and well it never happened. I finally saw that she was crying and I closed my door and I quickly hugged her and rubbed her back slowly.

    I said "hey it's okay I'm here now Cora just let it out I'm here"

    She slowly nods her head and I can feel my shirt get wet and I can hear her sobs and it breaks my heart I hug her a little tighter. I walk us over to my bed and I sit down and pull her on to my lap and just hug her and let her cry for like 10 minutes then we just sit like that for like another 15 minutes. I look down and I can see her blushing because of how we're sitting and she sees me looking and she hides her face in the crook of my neck. I smile and laugh because of how she's acting she says "jerk" and punches my side I over react on purpose "OW!" and make a face like I'm in pain and hold my side.

    She yells " Oh My God I didn't hurt you did I " and she starts fussing over me but hasn't moved from my lap.

    I start laughing and she glares at me and turns her face away from me "Stupid Jerk!"

    And crosses her arms but she's Still in my lap.

    So I snake my arms around her waist and hug her close her blush comes back full force and since she doesn't wear makeup I can clearly see it I smile and say " hey I'm sorry okay forgive me?"

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    She says in a low voice " fine"

    I say "what was that?"

    She yells " I forgive you okay!"

    I smile "thanks ... you know I really missed you Cora why didn't you visit me... I thought that you had moved on with your life and just didn't want to see ... me" I finished in a sad tone and a frown. She panicked and quickly shifted our position to were she was straddling me and pulled my face into her chest and rested her head on top of mine.

    Cora said " never I would never do something like that to you because you mean the world to me okay never think like that ... and I'm sorry I didn't visit until now I was in Japan with my family for the summer I wanted to come right when I found out... but my parents didn't allow it because I would be here on my own and they wanted to stay in Japan... I'm sorry Alex" I can feel her shaking and hear sobs coming from her I put my arms around her waist and pull her down into a hug and she lays her head on my shoulder and we stay like that for a bit. Then we pull back and I put my forehead against hers I say "you look really beautiful" she smiles and blushes

    Then she says " you don't look so bad your self" I smile at her compliment

    Then I say " not that I mind because this position is great but it seems we have an audience" she realizes what she did and her blush brightened then she looks at the door and sees three heads trying to look without being seen you can guess who they were and she quickly gets off of me and walks to the door.

    But I say " Cora" and she turns around "your sandals" she quickly comes back and puts them on

    She says " I'll be down stairs"

    I nod my head and she walks to the door and we hear three sets of footsteps running back downstairs. When I go back downstairs the rest of the day moves along they have a cake for me and we cut it the cake was good 'finally something sweet' haven't had anything like that all summer, and Mia and Birdie were fighting for my attention the whole party and to end my day I just sat with Cora on the couch and she was laying her head on my shoulder and we stayed like that and talked until her mom came to pick her up. And Anna was watching them and gushing to Michael about how cute they look together. Me and Cora heard her and she blushed and was saved from my moms teasing when her mom called her and said she was there and then she kissed my check and ran away like a scared cat and on her way out the door she yells "see you tomorrow!" I held my check and blushing but smiling. Then I'm confused I say " what's tomorrow " I think about it then I say " damn it..."

    (August 19, 2013 6:30am First day of school)

    Anna walks to Alexander's room knocks loudly and walks in " Get Up time for school!" And pulls off his blanket and walks out of the room.

    Alexander yells " damn it all ! "

    Anna yells from the hall " language!"

    Alexander says " sorry mother"

    Anna says in a sickly sweet voice as she stands in the doorway" you better be" while smiling then walks away.

    (Alexander POV)

    *gulps* " that was close"

    I get out of bed and go take a shower brush my teeth, get dressed ,grab my black jansport backpack ,my house keys and phone then I head downstairs to eat breakfast.

    While we are at the table I say "Birdie you excited for your first day of school"

    She says " yes I'm super excited I'm going to make a lot of friends"

    My face turns serious and I say "don't make friends with any boys okay they are all bad only Me and dad are good okay, promise me?"  I hold out my pinky

    She says " yes I promise no boyfriends" and holds my pinky with hers. My face darkens when I hear 'boyfriend' but I quickly hide it and sigh in relief but my mom sees it and can't hold it in anymore and burst out laughing.

    Then me my mom and Birdie get in the car and head to school.

    On the way there I get a text:

    [Cora <3 : cant wait to see you at school :) ]

    I see what she put her contact as and smile


    [Alex: Can't wait either you better be there at the same time as me :) ]

    Then my mom says " where here Birdie "

    And she gets her off her car seat and I quickly get off and while we're in front of the school I take a picture of Birdie on her first day of school and put it as my background photo.

    Then my mom drives to my school and I just listen to some music then I feel my mom tap on my shoulder "we're here" I get off and then she gets off with me and takes pictures of me  to I can only sigh " mom I'm not little like Birdie anymore"

    She gives me that smile and I *shiver* she says " did you say something?"

    I say " no not at all take all the pictures you want" she nods and when she's done she hugs me and leaves.

    Now I'm standing in front of the school gates and I see Cora waiting I smile but then I remember I have to go to school 'well hopefully this school year passes by quickly.'
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