11 First day of school 2

    In front of Santa Clara High School

    "Hey" I said

    "Alex!" Cora basically yells my name

    everyone walking by turns to look at us and she quickly walks to me and hugs me and stays there probably hiding her face because of embarrassment and partly because she wants to keep hugging me. The people around us give us one last look and just keep walking I say "hey they're gone now" she just nods still hugging me " you okay?" I hear a quiet "just a little longer" I smile and just hug her occasionally running my hands through her long black hair.

    After a little bit of time passes I say " well we can't stay here all day I have to go to the counselors office to get my schedule but we should continue this later, yeah?" She blushed and smiles at me " yeah."

    I say " awesome let's go " I hold her hand and we walk to the office. On the way there Cora and I were drawing attention and looks of jealousy sent toward Cora from girls while they were saying " who's that " "why is he with her" "yeah she super shy how'd she manage that she's not even that pretty" I was going to say something but Cora just squeezed my hand I look down at her and she smiles at me and shakes her head. *sigh* "Fine" she nods her head and she goes back to glaring at the girls which surprised me because she such sweet girl I guess previous me was spot on with his assumption which makes me feel happy 'soon' I thought.

    We almost make it to the office when we hear a voice from behind us " Hey! " me and Cora turn around and see a girl with brown hair and brown eyes standing at 5ft 6in athletic body type she's a beautiful girl but I still think Cora is way prettier.

    Cora says " hi Sara "

    Sara doesn't hear Cora because she's staring at me she's snaps out of it then walks up to me " hey who are you "

    I say " my names Alexander "

    Sara's eyes widen and says  " so your the famous Alexander that she always talks about so you want to hang out after school you know just you and -"

    Cora yells blushing furiously and also glaring at Sara " Hey !"

    Sara backs away with her hands up " okay , okay just calm down I know you want him all to your self I'll see you later " and she walks away leaving a blushing Cora behind hiding her face in her hands.

    I finally say " interesting friend I'm glad someone was there when I wasn't" I smile sadly because I still feel bad but I quickly smiled and I added " I'll also have to thank her later for telling me that you talk about me... sooo what did you tell her about me?" She turns away from me and says "nothing!" She grabs my hand and pulls me the rest of the way to the office. Before i go In I say "can I see your schedule before I go in?" She nods and says "sure but why do you need my schedule" I look over her schedule and I memorize it and give back to her and say" oh no reason " I just smile and walk in and Cora waits outside for me while I go in to get my schedule for my classes.

    (15 minutes later)

    Cora POV

    I hear the door open and Alex comes out from the office holding a piece of paper.

    He says "well we're all good got my schedule"

    I say " can I see it"

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    He says "sure" and gives me his schedule and when I look at it I can't help but laugh and have a warm feeling in my heart

    I say " we have 5 out of 7 classes together so is that why you wanted to see my schedule " I smile at him feeling happy.

    He blushed and looked away from me and said " I don't know what you mean " I can only shake my head and smile and think 'your always showing me how much you care for me and that's only one of the many reasons I love you so much one day I'll gather the courage to tell you'

    (Skip to lunch break)

    Alexander POV

    'I can't believe I have to take PE again damn it Mr.Wilson "you didn't pass it freshman year so one of your electives must be PE" it's easy for me now but its to easy and boring' while I'm sitting in the cafeteria thinking and waiting for Cora. I feel arms wrap around me and a weight on my arm I look and see Cora I can't help but smile and put my arm around her and pull her closer.

    I say " hey how was your 5th period ?"

    She says " boring it's only the first day so they only talk about rules and what they were going to do for the year ,you?"

    I say " you already saw my schedule so you know I had to take P.E. Can't believe I didn't pass it freshman year" She says " well I remember you saying P.E. Was useless so you didn't do anything"

    I say " well I regret it now. By the way we're is Sara I thought you were friends?"

    She answered with a blush " Sara said "I'm not going to be a third wheel" and that she would hangout with the other girls on the team, ... and why do you ask are you interested in ...her?" She finished with a sad look and let go of me

    I quickly said "NO! I'm not interested in her I'm only interested in... you" I said the last part in whisper and I hugged her again but I think she heard me because she blushed and hid her face from me.

    I quickly changed the topic "so your still on the team I can tell your in shape" I realize what I said and I blushed a bit and looked away from her.

    I slowly looked at her and she was blushing from embarrassment but she was smiling.

    Cora said "yeah I'm still playing your parents and Birdie come to my games sometimes"

    And we talked about a lot of other things until lunch ended and then we went to class together and the rest of the school day past by.
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