12 The Starting line

    School parking lot

    I say " so your coming over right "

    Cora says " yes I really missed you so I'm taking all the chances I can get to be with you"

    I say "so which one is your car?"

    She walks towards a white 1967 Shelby GT500 with blue racing stripes and my jaw is basically hitting the floor.

    She turns her head to look at me and sees my reaction and she laughs then says "are you getting in or not?" I hurry to the passenger side and get in and she laughed even more 'god I love that laugh' I think and smile at her. I say " so you got one of the cars I've always wanted"

    She says " hey I've always wanted one too and you could still get one eventually ,though it might take awhile to actually find one in good condition and on top of that find someone willing to sale"

    I say "now that I think about it I need a job or something to make some money for that and to support my self I don't want to be a burden on my parents anymore"

    I see Cora look at me and I can see how much she cares for me as she reaches out with her hand places it against the side of my face and strokes my check and I close my eyes and I lean into her touch.

    Cora says" Alex look at me " and I look into her eyes "I care for you ,your parents care for you ,your sister cares for you we all love you okay so don't you dare say your a burden to anyone because your not we do what we do for you because we want to." I sigh and I nod my head in acceptance then I hug Cora " okay  I get it thank you for everything you ever done for me don't know what I'd do without you"

    She smiles as she lays her head against my chest and says " yeah you'd be lost without me."

    I smile and say " obviously "

    (30 minutes later)

    I say "aaannd we're finally home " As I open the door Birdie runs into the house and into my room.

    Cora says " someone seems excited about something "

    I say " yeah I told her I would play the guitar when we got home from school and she always gets excited when I play "

    Cora says "hmm I didn't know you played why didn't you tell me ,I only figured out you played when I saw the two guitars in your room so why did you start?"

    I say "I guess I just started playing for something important to me you'll find out soon"

    Cora turns away from me and walks up the stairs saying "I didn't want to know anyway"

    I look at her going to my room and I think to myself 'she just asked why didn't she?' I just shake my head and sigh. As I'm about to walk up to my room a screen pops up in front of me it says

    [Mission - Tell the girl how you feel or sing to her or whatever just get it done. Reward 25 Exp - +2 skill points ]

    'Guess it's time'

    I walk up to my room and I see Cora and Birdie sitting on my bed talking I smile at the two of the most important people in my life. I go and sit on my computer chair and I look towards them I say " alright what song do you want to hear "

    Cora says " doesn't matter to me I just want to hear you "

    I look at Birdie and she looks super excited and says " do umm Firework I love when you do that one " I smile and nod my head remembering the first time she heard me sing that so I grab my acoustic guitar and I scoot a little closer to them and then I just start playing.

    (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGJuMBdaqIw link to Firework by Katy Perry. but he sings it alongside the acoustic)

    "Even brighter than the moon.

    Moon. Moon...

    As I finished the song I looked up to see their reactions and Birdie has big smile on her face and Cora just looks completely shocked from what she just heard.

    Birdie says " Alex your a lot better I love your singing"

    I say " thanks that means a lot to me Birdie I love you " and I give her a hug.

    Cora is still quiet guess she doesn't know what to say I laugh and tell Birdie "alright go play in your room for a while I need to talk to Cora about something" she just nods and walks out the room and closes the door.

    I just wait for Cora to say something to me she looks at me and smiles " you were really good Alex and you were great at playing guitar why did you never tell me?"

    I look at the guitar in my hands and inwardly nod to myself and then look at her and say " I was waiting until I was good enough and when I finally felt ready That happened so I never got the chance to do what I wanted to do" she says " and what did you want to do Alex?"

    I look at her and I just smile and she looks into my eyes and I know she sees all the love that I have for her so I just start playing her the song that When I heard it the first time knew it would accurately explain how I feel about her.

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    (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjhCEhWiKXk Just the way you are by Bruno Mars)

    Half way through the song I saw her in tears but I knew they were of happiness so I just continued playing for her.

    "And when you smile

    The whole world stops

    And stares for awhile

    Cause, girl, you're amazing

    Just the way you are, yeah..."

    I knew I had tears going down my face too but I didn't care I wanted her to know how I truly felt about her.

    I said " I love you Cora, with everything that I am and you've always been there for me I really don't know what I'd do without you I couldn't imagine my life without you and I can't see myself with anyone but you. So, Cora Hitomi will you be my girlfriend?"

    Cora put her arms around my neck and hugged me and said " of course I will be your girlfriend I love you Alexander Rose with all my heart" I can't believe this is happening she said yes I put my guitar on my bed and I pull her onto my lap and I look into her eyes and I can feel myself getting drawn closer to those amazing lips and we kiss and I put all the love that I've always felt into it after about a minute

    Cora and I see a flash accompanied by a click and someone yelling " They Are So Cute!" And we both feel embarrassed I yell back " All of you Get Out!"

    [mission accomplished - Finally! - Reward 25 Exp +2 skill points received]

    *level up*

    [Alexander Rose - 17 ]


    Exp: (0/75)

    [ Attributes ]

    Strength: 4

    Agility: 5

    (New)Stamina: 3


    Charm: 7

    Attribute points:4

    (+1 every level until system says otherwise)

    [ Skills ]

    Guitar: 54

    Singing: 48

    Exercising: 50

    (Knowledge and ability to do different types of workouts)

    Cooking: 32

    ( obvious )

    Skill points:7

    (+5 every level)
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